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Who would believe cities were just great, big, living battle-suits we just haven't figured out how to operate yet? As the battle ensues, Jenny converts herself to her energy form and attacks the city, but is repelled. Nearby, Japan starts to shake, growing and evolving into a humanoid form, until it stands up and grabs Kansas City.
Colossal war-machines with heads and hearts and a blood-supply rushing around in the form of millions of tiny people?
Jenny is in Russia, speaking with scientists about a strange man held in a containment cube. Jenny inquires the scientists how often this occurs, and is told it happens every couple of hours.

One of Jenny’s demands is met: Gerald Ford lost his reelection and Jimmy Carter is instead elected as president. No wonder nobody breathed a word about what really happened on the night a future city with a bad attitude came back to kick the arse of the 20th century. He regains consciousness, and finds himself back in the ballpark, naked and covered in an alien substance. Going forward, everyone involved against the future Kansas City are unaware of Jack's location since the incident in the South Pacific. Jenny is taken from the lab into a hall filled with super beings who have been called in to help prevent the future threat from the 70th century.
Their intention is to evolve Jack so that he can combat a lifeforce that has already obliterated the 70th Century.

Jenny inquires about the enemy and is told that it is the city of Kansas City, now a sentient, living city. She resists at first, but quickly issues demands if she is to lead the team, stating the team needs her more than she needs the team.

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