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This report aims to provide a deeper understanding of Patient Commando’s position as a provider of patient story, narrative and experience. To many patients, hospitals are like mysterious, isolated villages, with a foreign culture detached from their own experiences. It seems that we hear daily about another doomsday prediction that “the system is unsustainable.” A host of think tanks and pundits repeatedly tell us that the economic pressures just cannot accommodate the present model of delivery of care. Buried under the mountains of paper documenting all of these numbers is a creeping recognition that the system isn’t just about numbers, dollars and cents, or economic models.
Paradoxically, many who are so affected by the silence are among the first to turn to strangers to share their experience, whether in a waiting room or treatment room or support group. In the years that have transpired since Terry Fox’s remarkable journey, we have witnessed a health care system undergoing transformation. Part of this transformation is driven by an understanding that starts at the very top, that the patient voice can inform practice change. Meanwhile, patients are saying they’re prepared to play a bigger role in their health care. The authors of this paper are two young women with Master of Public Health degrees who I met serendipitously in a stairwell in the shared office environment where we work.
This work clearly illustrates and highlights that the patient experience is the intersection of medicine and humanity. Our mission is to produce outstanding physician-scientists in pulmonary and critical care medicine. Through our annual Research Retreat, fellows are exposed to the scope of available research opportunities. The BWH PCCM and Channing Division of Network Medicine Laboratories form the core of our research training program. Active research programs spanning molecular to clinical research are in place in virtually every aspect of pulmonary disease and critical care medicine (see Faculty profiles) and welcome fellows to participate in ongoing projects. We are proud of the multiple ongoing collaborative research projects within our division with local and national collaborators. 5-5-15 in the book its amazing to me that her mother would buy paint supplies instead of food. Peter McKasty 4-21-15- For book club I have just finished reading In Persuasion Nation by George Saunders. In the next few chapters, the students who have troubled lives are becoming more focused in school. Symptoom behandelbaar ja Behandeling uitvoerbaar zonder > bijwerkingen Nee => refractair Ja: voldoende snel resultaat? PM,23,581,200921 Belangrijkste indicaties ? ? (terminale) onrust ? ? kortademigheid - verstikking ? ? convulsies ? ? misselijkheid en braken ? ? pijn !
Optimale palliatie door sedatie Marleen Hout-Korevaar Specialist Ouderengeneeskunde in Salem Kaderarts Palliatieve Zorg in opleiding Met dank gebruik gemaakt.
Palliatieve sedatie Het opzettelijk verlagen van het bewustzijn van een patient in de laatste levensfase met als doel anderszins onbehandelbaar lijden. PALLIATIEVE SEDATIE Yvonne van der Steen Yvonne van der Steen 14 december 2006 14 december 2006. Flossing, brushing and dodging fist fights might be the obvious ways to protect your teeth and gums, but diet also plays a crucial role. This entry was posted in Dentistry, Frequently Asked Questions on 14th August, 2013 by Smile Essential. Referred to as “Number 6”, he is subjected to psychological warfare to extract information from him and turn him into a compliant, docile, informant. From insurance numbers, to “take a number,” to room numbers, bed numbers, chart numbers, file numbers, blood numbers and test numbers, our health care system seems more like a math quiz than a place of caring for a suffering human being. As the authors of this paper point out, the direct cost of providing care for those with chronic illness is $160 billion. This recognition is starting to come from doctors, nurses, social workers, frontline workers, hospital administrators, politicians, universities, medical schools and patients.
Families share a patient’s terrifying fear, pain and loss of body functions we all take for granted.
Patients and caregivers enter a period of stress affecting relationships and communication. It feels safe talking to strangers who share the same experience, feel the same pain or understand the source of a pain you experience. Both are starting their professional careers while I am 30 years into my unplanned career as a patient with a chronic illness.
Patients who share their experience on stage, on video, through poetry, song, or prose, are inspiring a new level of discourse about the meaning of illness in our society. The very act of telling our story is an act of conscious liberation that reminds us that we are not numbers. The depth and diversity of ongoing research at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and in the Harvard Medical Area represent a major strength of our training program. At this two-day event, investigators present their research from bench to bedside in a disease-specific manner.
Fellows can pursue areas of clinically-relevant basic investigation, and clinical or translational pathways in virtually every aspect of pulmonary disease and critical care medicine (see Faculty profiles). We have several Program Project Grants that allow for exciting translational research studies. One of the key reasons I decided to read Night was because over spring break I traveled to Europe and while being there I had the chance to visit the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam and got the opportunity to learn more about the Holocaust. Some of my favorites are, "When people stop critiquing you, that is when they stop caring about you." and "Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted". Representative in Georgia (This could really be one big memoir, and I am going to refer to them as if they were one, because it goes in sequence without any gap between the periods throughout his life that he wrote about). KIM ACEVEDO- I have posted on this book in March book club and I am finally almost done with it! Cheryl discovered so much about herself on her trip and really came to terms with her mother's death and her divorce. Cath has become more adjusted to her roommate and they get along a lot better than they did at first. He shares with Cath that her mother, who has been out of the picture and left the family, wants to reach out and spend time with Cath and Wren.
They are developing a close friendship bond and Cath feels guilty for it because she thinks her roommate, Reagan, likes Levi. Wren decides to spend Thanksgiving with her mother and Cath is not happy about that at all. She went into college with a negative attitude, wanting the leave the second she got there.
I picked up the book last night thinking that I was going to have to force myself to read 50 pages in time for class, but that wasn't the case at all. Not only does this book give you messages about finding love, but also about the lives of others.
She starts the Memoir referencing Tim O'brian and "The Things They Carried" and how horrible war is. Jeannette is working at a The Phoenix, when her family come to new work to say they are premaritally moving there to be a family again.
It is hard to understand and follow the complexity of the Bokonon religion, but after re-reading I understand better.
It takes a lot of patience and re-reading because it gets confusing, but it is totally worth it. From what I’ve heard beforehand from Bill in book club and on the Wiki post, this book is a great read and that’s what got me to reading it. This book is getting more and more mysterious and more like the crime novel is it meant to be. This book is very similar to The Hunger Games in the theme that between the ages of 13-18 something extremely dark and twisted happens to kids and they must fight against it. Unwind to me is a typical YA story of a dystopian society that places a law and kids trying to fight it.
The three main characters Conner, Risa, and Lev have began to interact more and there is more character development. They all (for the most part) continue to center around the mysterious play about “The Yellow King.” Throughout the reading I have noticed a different tone and diction that Chambers uses that is varying from what authors use in the present day.
The last few stories did not involve “the Yellow King” or mention “Carcosa,” which I found to be slightly disappointing.
This is a collection of short stories, and many of you may recognize the title from the excerpt we read for class. This book is a biography of one of my favorite artists Anthony Kienis, (isn't it Kiedis?)  who is the lead singer of the band The Red Hot Chili Peppers.
If anyone doesn't know the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I highly recommend you listen to a song or two.
Modoc and Bram were born on the same day and hour in Germany, and in the first 7 chapters the reader gets to see the growing relationship between the two.
It seems this story will contain a coming-of-age for him since he is now 16 and traveling as a stowaway on a boat to America. Om het te downloaden, raad, alsjeblieft, deze presentatie aan je vrienden in de sociale netwerken. It’s found in kale and other green leafy vegetables, pistachio nuts, dairy and meat products.
Vitamin D, which you can get from fish oils, butter, eggs and liver helps to stimulates calcium’s absorption. Add to this a daily dose of quercetin (a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory found in garlic, onion, fruits and vegetables and blue green algae) and your gums and teeth will thank you. His struggle against the many fantastic attempts to brainwash him is a gripping parallel to patients in an ever increasingly complex health care system. It is a growing recognition that this $160 billion is not an expense squandered on new technologies, massive concrete infrastructures, wonder drugs, overpaid or underpaid clinicians and inglorious bureaucracies at every stage of service delivery.
Families struggle with fear for their loved ones’ well-being, worry over their care and hope for recovery.
Many face cultural, educational, language and even gender barriers that negatively impact a patient’s vital understanding of, and participation in their health care experience. You can be anonymous and give and take comfort from others who are nonjudgemental, who can provide unencumbered sanctuary and relief for a few precious moments. Yet we as patients know and understand that the people who make this system work, who care for us every day, are dedicated and committed to one objective – getting us better. If you listen to the CEO’s and executives at the highest levels of care you’ll hear many of them saying the same thing: The patient experience will drive change.
Increasingly patients are ready to take a more active role and a chief motivator has been the encouragement and experience of other patients.
At one time patients were “brainwashed” to behave in a certain way, the same way children are expected to behave in some cultures – seen but not heard.
I was inspired that their unrestrained enthusiasm for health care could create a document that would explain how a patient initiative focused on patient storytelling can be employed to benefit humanity.
The stigmatization of people with illness is being overcome by patient leadership and the participation of other stakeholders in the health care system.
The research portfolio of BWH Pulmonary Division faculty members includes more than 60 million dollars of research funding. Additionally, fellows participate in discussions ranging from career development pathway to choosing a mentor, opportunities for research funding, as well as in depth conversation regarding the keys to success in publishing one’s work. There are extensive opportunities for collaborative investigation between basic science and clinical-translational science laboratories. We have a variety of regular research conferences that provide fellows and faculty a rich environment for the exchange of ideas and promote the creation of new collaborative projects. The shah was taken out of power because the people believed that he was becoming too westernized and that they were going to lose their traditional ways due to this modernization. Honestly I learned more key facts while visiting the house than I did about the Holocaust in most of my time in high school.The memoir starts off with the basic information of the protagonist of the story, Elizer, a 12 year old Jewish boy. It is  a young adult book and a very easy read so it only took me a few days to finish it. Within these two memoirs John Lewis shows the struggles in which he and hundreds of thousands of African Americans went through during his early life, from being sprayed with fire hoses, to beaten by people for their public NONVIOLENT protests, such as: sit-ins, boycotts, and marches. The protagonist, Esther, falls into a state of depression and ends up in a mental hospital.
It is the story of a young Haitian boy who was shot and was in a hospital when it collapsed and he is now trapped. All the time she spent alone, with nothing but the trees and her thoughts, she was able to forgive herself and her mother. Date of publication? Author?) The first 50 pages of this book already have me interested. Although her and her boyfriend recently broke up, she has developed a strong friendship with a boy in one of her English classes. Cath figures out that Levi has trouble understanding reading and has trouble comprehending it, so it is interesting to her that he loves listening to her fanfiction so much. After they talk, they decide to go back to how they were before and Cath begins reading some of her fanfiction to him.
She had no interest in meeting other people or becoming friends with anyone else but her sister. Francis Peabody quotes that, "the secret of care of the patient is in caring for the patient." This quote stood out to me because from what I have read for this week, it didn't really seem like many of the patients in Willard State Hospital were cared for instead a lot of the patients needs were just blown off.
She referenced how in one of the things he wrote two cadets had to peel their friend off of a tree who was blown up and she feels as if she is doing the same for her father. Jeannetts tell her mother that he has to leave her father because he is a drunk  and that he is just holding them back financially.
Her parents can't help themselves and get kicked out of 3 places before they move in with her sister. Cat’s Cradle is a lot more interesting and easier to read, although it has a very confusing story line.
Burnham's struggles with building the fair and Holmes' struggles with keeping his illegal actions hidden from everyone makes for a fantastic juxtaposition within in the novel, telling two stories about one man trying to create something beautiful for the city and another man using that beautiful creation for something truly horrific. I really enjoy Holmes' plot line more than I do Burnham's because Holmes is simply more exciting.
But in Shusterman's book, instead of them being put in an arena and fighting to the death,they can be unwound.
James Patterson's Maximum Ride series and The Hunger Games are stories that are synonymous  with this type of story. The three short stories titled “The Repairer of Reputations,” “The Mask,” and “In the Court of the Dragon” all have similar references to the mysterious and terrifying play The King in Yellow.
This collection encompasses an extremely strong message, and it effectively criticizes society and how our generation is effected by society.
Wilde is looking to get them over this road bump and get them a fresh start in their lives.
He is the epitome of a rock star and lives his like exactly how you might think the singer of The Red Hot Chili Peppers would live his life. It is instead recognition that this $160 billion is an investment in humanity that needs to extract a return not from the technological equipment and caring workforce that delivers the care, but from the human equipment that is receiving the service. This group hug can last seconds, or longer, and be shared by a simple nod of acknowledgement or the patience to listen to another’s entire life story because that is what that person needs. As agents of change, they tackled a difficult project and have delivered a well documented report.
Our major objective is to facilitate and support the growth and progress of our fellows as they develop into independent investigators. Given the large number of physician-scientists on our faculty, fellows will have the opportunity to gain exposure to a range of research opportunities during their first year that will enable them to focus on an area of advanced study beginning in Year 2 and beyond. Within the Channing Division of Network Medicine, fellows pursue training in epidemiology and genetics with the goal of conducting quantitative research in respiratory biology with a particular focus on COPD and asthma.
In addition, our fellows have the opportunity to present their work at the annual American Thoracic Society Conference as well as at other national and international venues, including the American Heart Association Meetings, Gordon Conferences, and Keystone Conferences.

It all takes place during World War II, the time of the holocaust, the genocide of millions of Jewish people in Europe. This is told from the first-person perspective of John Lewis as he flashes-back to his early days that helped spark his desire to be a leader in the civil rights movement of the mid-1900s, as well as his political career.
As I have previously mentioned, Cheryl goes through several hardships including the loss of her mother to cancer and a divorce. She was able to let go of the pain she had been feeling which is incredible because that was the purpose of her trip. Reading about Cath's experiences with adjusting to a new life at college and distancing herself from her twin sister reminds me of my first semester at college.
It seems a little weird to me that she didn't cry when her and her boyfriend of three years broke up.
Still not speaking to Wren, she gets a call from her mother saying that Wren is in the hospital from drinking too much alcohol. In the end, Cath develops a physical relationship with Levi and realizes she does not want to live without him. In the first 50 pages, the narrator explains how it (not specified whether it is a male or female yet) wakes up in a different body. The book is about some of the patients that were institutionalized at Willard Psychiatric Center.
She is older now but was about a young teenager when it happened and she goes back and says how horrifying it was and she felt as if she had to hide her paid because her mother felt so alone. Jeannette was the only one in the family who still had love for her father so when her mother heard her say this about her father she was heartbroken. Its pathetic to think that all their lives the children played more of the parents roll then Rex and Rosemary. It’s about a man named Jonah who is writing a book about the personal and not physical events around the Hiroshima bomb and what happened that day. When John goes to the island of San Lorenzo, there is no violence and no criminals; besides Bokonon. Whenever I read the chapters about Holmes, there's always a sense of excitement and you wonder if Holmes is ever going to be caught by Detective Geyer.
Apparently there was a civil war between the people who were pro-life and pro choice and they compromised with children between the ages 13-18 can be aborted or 'Unwound" and their body parts will be used to help amputees. I have taken interest in the book and I am very curious to see how this story because they have to be on the run for basically 3 years at least because they are 15 and cant be unwound after turning 18. It is a collection of short stories all centered around “a play that leaves only insanity and sorrow it its wake. It is shown in all three stories that those who read this play end up losing their minds and going insane.
I also noticed similarities between the writings of Chambers and Lovecraft while reading this book. The stories are often exaggerated and somewhat nonsensical, but this method is effective in getting the point across.
He gets into coke and heroine (??) at a very early age and ends up in the hospital multiple times. Bram naively thinks it will be easy to leave his family behind, sneak onto a boat, and go live in America with his elephant. As Canadians learned more about the journey of that patient, Canadians shared their love and concern for a young man who had the courage to share his dreams, his hopes, and determination.
BWH PCCM faculty members are internationally recognized for their research contributions to the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases and have been honored with election into several honorary academic societies of medicine, such as the American Society for Clinical Investigation, American Academy of Physicians and Interurban Clinical Club. In the planning stages and throughout the laboratory experience, fellows meet regularly with their mentoring committee, which is comprised of the program director, the division chief, and faculty mentor plus two or three additional faculty advisors. Fellows who engage in basic science investigation can participate in a “Models of Disease” course run by the BWH Department of Medicine. Her parents took part in the Iranian Revolution because they did not agree with Khomeini’s ways. Eliezers town is occupied by the Nazis, German soldiers, and they are forced to evacuate and are sentenced to Auschwitz concentration camp. Throughout this text John Lewis illustrates the atrocities committed on African-Americans during the 1950s-1970s, by some police, white civilians, and displays the struggles that these men had to face in order to achieve the basic rights of citizens within the United States.
The social worker, Denis Daigle, makes certain that Michael knows that the boy has problems.
What is the most interesting about her character is that she doesn't go crazy in a dramatic way.
What interested me the most about the memoir was Cheryl's hike itself, aside from all her emotional revelations. When she talks to Wren about it, she is thinking about giving her mother a chance and meeting up with her. As soon as Levi takes her to the bar, Wren tells her there is no emergency and the text was meant for Wren’s roommate. It is tough to see Cath struggling with her first year at college because I had a tough time adjusting at first, too.
Her sister Wren wants to live with her next year, but Cath wants to live with her old roommate, Raegan.
The story takes place because there were more than 400 suitcases that had been found in the hospitals attic. Jeannette and her father had a special kind of love, they were the closest and she loved her dad. Maureen leaves NYC to go to cali and she doesn't say bye, Jeannette thinks she let her down because she didn't keep her promise to take care of her.
It is against the law to be a Bokononist, and if you practice the religion you get the hook. Despite the intensity of Holmes' story, Burnham's plot line is still very enjoyable to read. I don't understand how that is a solution let alone a thought that government officials have. The protagonist are literally running for their lives and I am intrigued as to where the story will take them, especially when they turn 18 and no longer have to be on the run. Lev is being tithed which means he is being sacrificed and thinks it is his duty to give his life. It tempts those who read it, bringing upon them a vision of madness that should be left unseen” (Chambers).
In the story, “In the Court of the Dragon,” the main character actually gets to the point of such insanity that he believes that the King in Yellow and his followers are out to end his life. I plan to continue reading through the summer as I have ordered a new book series written by Andrzej Sapkowski. I love listening to old vets talk about their deployments and talk about what they have been through.
Considering the fact that I just got finished with Outliers; the story of success, this book is a perfect transition.
Another thing about this biography that interested me is that Anthony Kiedis grew up in Fairfax California witch is a place I am very familiar with. Modoc is playful with Bram, throwing him jokingly into the river kicking and protesting, stealing his bottle and keeping it just out of reach when he was a baby, and splashing him with water from her trunk. This is a childlike notion, He knows nothing of the hardship of the outside world or what he might face there.
Described as “a very ordinary young man” by his mother, he demonstrated that one person’s voice is powerful enough to change the world. The BWH is proud of its rich tradition in respiratory research and for over 30 years with the Channing Laboratory our academic community has maintained two NIH funded training grants to support three years of fellowship research training. The major purpose of these committee meetings is to efficiently guide the progress and growth of our fellows as they develop into independent investigators. They also will have access to courses at Harvard Medical School, the Harvard School of Public Health, and the Harvard Catalyst for Clinical Research.
He wanted to keep Iran as traditional as possible and to follow all of the Rules from the Quran. Through his journey to the concentration camp as well as his experience in the camp I question how a human could be treated in such a way as well as how a 12 year old could even completely understand what was going on. He wrote this for his students and his children after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
Patty is forced to be the mother of the family, but she also always has to do what she is told by her father.
I feel as though this book is directly applicable to the United States now, with the race issues and the seemingly never ending inequality that minorities face within the United States. Michael later learns that the child, who Michael names Adam, suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. This wasn't hi first time being shot, his father had been killed when he was younger, and his sister had been kidnapped by a rival "gang" in a neighboring territory, just to name a few things he endured in such a time being alive.
She is now experiencing new types of hardships that have helped her forget all of her emotional problems. She decides to give the rest of the year a shot and stay home next semester if it doesn’t turn out how she plans. Every day when it wakes up it will either be in a male or females body always the same age until a year as gone by. Rex gives Jeannette $950 for school, this shows that Rex is a good father that just made mistakes. There is a part where he goes to see Felix Hoeniker’s wife’s grave and ends up in the gravestone store with his taxi driver.
But the funny thing is, everyone on the island is a Bokononist, even the president who is so against it. It was awesome to see the invention of the Ferris Wheel take place during this time, an invention made to outshine the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I am intrigued by this concept but extremely scared because, how did this become the way of thinking. I chose to read this because the HBO show True Detective has many references to these stories as the show says things like Carcosa, the Yellow King, and “take off your mask.” So far I have read one short story from it where a man has read this terrifying play. I found this story to be the most interesting, because at the end we find that the main character’s mad ravings were all just dreams and inside his head. One part of the story that I really like so far is when the main character talks about his Basic Training. No one ever found the body, and it was just transported away, slowly breaking into pieces, just like the thoughts in the narrator's mind. The collection commences with a story in which a man is speaking to a customer about his company's new product called "I CAN SPEAK". I anticipate that a lot of Malcolm Gladwell’s theories on success will come up in this biography. So far he is already starting to realize that people aren't all as nice and forgiving as he thought.
From the time of matriculation, fellows meet regularly with the program director, division chief, and research director to begin the process of developing plans for an area of focused research.
The BWH has an exciting ongoing collaboration with the Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico that allows for multidisciplinary investigations that include development of complex animal models of respiratory research. This led to many females being suppressed by being forced to wear headscarves and if they were seen on the streets without them they would get in huge trouble. When I think about my life and what I was doing at such a young age I could never survive to live such a way the way that Eliezer did.
John Lewis faced similar problems of inequality within his memoir, and his ways of dealing with them are what led to change within the United States, much unlike the modern, often violent way of protesting. The story begins with a foreward written by Louise Erdrich, the woman who Michael Dorris eventually marries.
As he is laying in the rubble, he is constantly trying to feel around and call for help, until he loses the energy and begins to get too dehydrated. She has gotten lost several times, ran out of water for periods of time, and lost her hiking boots leaving her with sandals held together by duct tape. She lost 6 toe nails on her trip due to her uncomfortable hiking boots, carried a backpack that weighed probably as much as she did, went weeks without showering, and nearly doubled her daily mileage by the end of her trip. I personally think that not getting along with your roommate is not a smart way to start off your first semester at college. It is interesting to see Cath adjusting more to college and I am interested in seeing what happens with Cath and Levi’s relationship. Cath finds out that Nick handed in his paper that Cath helped write and took all the credit for it. Cath begs her father to keep Wren home and out of school but her father says she can go back if she stops drinking.
I really enjoyed reading this book because it reflects a lot on the experience I had coming to college. The body is telling me there is only one way to fix this, only one way to end the pain, only one way to feel better” (pg. It seems like many of the patients could have been discharged but instead the institution found ways of keeping the patients in the hospital in which many of the patients died. She came to Willard with a number of physical complaints that got dismissed as hypochondria which ended up leading the doctors to ignore symptoms that she had of real injuries.
Her grandmother had prayed that they would be able to get enough money to send Doug, another one of her sons, through college. I’m only a few chapters in but I can’t wait to read on and learn more about these two characters. He finds away to escape but he gets in touch with his Pastor who has been a mentor to him and tells him to run. As a result it has driven him insane as he believes in order to become “King” he must exile or murder his own cousin. However, the madness doesn’t end there for him as the story concludes with this man hearing whispers of The Yellow King. The books are still coming out in America, as they are currently being translated into English.
This product is a mask that goes over a newborn's head and has a speaker that will play words in response to conversation in the setting, giving the illusion that the baby in fact speak. Not only does Anthony gain success in unorthodox ways, but he also makes unorthodox music that I love.
The easy going attitude that Fairfax possess is an attitude that Kiedis is very passionate about.
At its core, this trend of enlightened patients + the recognition from health care system + the focus on patient-centred care = more engaged patients and better outcomes for everyone. Fellows who pursue clinical-translational science and genetic epidemiology frequently complete the Summer Program in Clinical Effectiveness at the Harvard School of Public Health followed by additional coursework resulting in a Masters in Public Health degree. Another thing that the government at the time was very harsh towards was people becoming westernized.
At the point where they arrive at the concentration camp they are separated, men, women, and babies. They do not work out their differences but they both do a lot of self healing between therapy and hearing other teens' stories about the difficult lives they've lived. John Lewis acknowledges within this memoir that nonviolence is NOT the answer, and throughout the entire memoir makes this very clear, displaying many situations in which he is beaten and mistreated yet never reacts with violence, only the power of his word. Louise recounts a day when Adam has a seizure in the snow and she rushes to hold him and help him through it. I am eager to finish the book because I want to know if the rest of the hike will go by easier but I find it interesting how her physical difficulties have helped her overcome many of her emotional issues.
All of her physical feats really kept me reading but it was also interesting to read another memoir about personal redefining, similar to another memoir I read, Eat, Pray, Love.
I really get along with my roommate, so I can't imagine what it would be like to be in Cath's position. In the first chapter, it wakes up as Justin and the soul that inhabits the body finds himself intruding on Justin’s life.
The book states that out of the 126 years of operation of the Willard Center, there was over 54,000 people that were institutionalized.

The money from Karen's dad's insurance was able to make that happen after his death and she wished she had never prayed that. I like this story though its interesting to see how the kids evolve into successful adults. I just got to the part where Jonah writes to Newt (the youngest) and asks him what he remembers from that day.
The taxi driver wants to buy it and put it on his mother’s grave, but the owner will not allow it because of how rare the masonry is. An overlapping theme and similarity from all three stories that really interested me was the constant reference to a place named Carcosa where “the black stars [hang] in the heavens” (Chambers 62). I am excited to begin this new series which should keep me occupied for at least the first half of the summer! Of course, the Army and the Marines are different, being that the Marines are tougher(haha), but I can still relate to the basic training aspect of it. The speaker states that the parents will love the baby more due to the fact that it will be able to articulate. I know he will face many more obstacles in his journey with Modoc, I just have to keep reading to find out what becomes of them. Overall, the BWH research program is constructed “without walls” with numerous ongoing collaborative projects with colleagues at Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston Children’s Hospital, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Broad Institute as well as other departments and neighboring institutions. For example, when Marji was wearing pins with famous Americans on her jean jacket, which was also very westernized, she was stopped by two women and almost got into very big trouble. Elie was separated from his mother and three sisters, and at that very moment was that last time he would ever see them. The ending was to be expected, both boys end up getting better and seem to live happily ever after. The inequality and racism today is much more subtle than it was then where beatings and violence on minorities was a much more commonly acceptable answer to dealing with protesting minorities. She also talks about her marriage to Michael, how Adam immediately accepts her as "mom" but that there are many difficulties. As the time passes, he begins to have encounters with Toussaint L'Ouverture, a historical revolutionary slave leader in Haiti.
If you give it a chance and go into a new situation open minded, the outcome will be greater than expected. It falls in love, or I think it is love, with Justin’s girlfriend the real Justin does not treat right.
This is a powerful part of the book because it shows how people struggle to get through the day. She recalls her dad's funeral how he looked like a wax figure and she didn't even think it was him and that they had the wrong family.
Jeannette gets accepted to a very good college, this is before Ivy league colleges let girls in, if they did she would have been there. Newt was six so he doesn’t quite remember much, but we learn about how peculiar his father is. As it turns out, John’s last name is engraved on it because his great uncle had it made for his wife.
Lev is amazed by the words his pastor says but ultimately decides to continue on this journey with Connor and Risa.
Another overlapping reference throughout the stories is another place from Carcosa, a lake called Hali. I haven't gotten to the point where the title comes into to play, but I am interested in what exactly the yellows birds are. Although this scenario may seem illogical, the point definitely gets across that Saunders is trying to represent our generation's emphasis on materialism. I am interested in seeing how Bram's character and his relationship with Modoc is further developed.
In addition, schools were becoming separated; boys and girls were no longer in the same classrooms. However, I am glad I read this book because I feel it would be a good book to have my students read when I become a teacher.
Throughout this memoir John Lewis does refer to people such as Malcolm X and expresses his strong opinion as to why he feels violence is not the answer to the problem of inequality. I want to know so much more about her, her life, where she will end up, if she will be okay, etc.
She is also very flustered about the idea of not having her twin sister by her side everyday. The story was sad because the man could of been discharged but it seems like the institution kept him around because of the work that he did at the institutions cemetery. She also complained of back pain that she had since birth and that was also dismissed by the doctors until she ended up having a x-ray that showed evidence of scoliosis.
She was still young at the time and not understanding so she continuously asked her mother why his lips were blue.
Each character's back story is coming to life because they were thrown together on the highway.
Along with Carcosa and lake Hali, the King in Yellow is constantly brought up as the people who read the play descend deeper and deeper into madness. I do not know if they are actually yellow birds, or if this is some kind of call sign for something.
He wasn't about to rat out his sergeant, who had taken care of him for the whole deployment. This story represents that we fall in love with the facade of many things, rather than putting in the effort and loving the real thing. As the memoir goes on, they are forced to work and each person at the camp is given a number, that's how they were identified. The book included some powerful poetry and great examples of how things can get better no matter how low you feel or how bad things seem.
John Lewis feels as though following in the footsteps of people such as Gandhi are the more acceptable answer and fighting the inequality with love and dignity are the more rational answers to the problems at hand. Esther is the kind of character that a reader finds themselves getting wrapped up and lost in. She always has something new to write about and writing seems like it is her way to escape from the real world. Each new chapter is another exciting adventure but, the narrator cannot stop thinking about Justin’s girlfriend Rhiannon(a great song by the way). The narrator says, “ Race is different purely as a social construction, not as an inherent difference… The only way I can navigate through my life is because 98 percent of people are the same” (pg. The man had taken full responsibility of the cemetery and dug many grave sites and after his death the cemetery went down hill. Angela, the older sister, then took the place of the mother and mothers the kids and her father. Just as you think you know what you’re reading and understand what’s happening, Vonnegut throws you for a loop. Conner, running from the police so he can't be unwound, Risa on a state home bus on the way to the unwinding center accepting his fate, and Lev thinking it is his God given right to being unwound. I cannot wait to read more about the Yellow King and the mysterious, yet terrifying, place called Carcosa. The advanced technology is the thing that is being emphasized as important, which shows that our generation often places significance in technology rather than real things that are meaningful. Austin, I'm afraid this "star" doesn't sound like someone I would be "excited" about "knowing." Ugh! I was intrigued because it's not just another story, it's a true story (although how true it is has been contested.) I am looking forward to reading more in this book.
I have found that the way he writes Bram's thoughts makes them sound too sophisticated to be coming from a kid or even a 16 year old boy.
I believe that this is one of the biggest symbols in the entire memoir because it shows how quickly the Nazis could dehumanize the Jews and just strip them completely from their identity, they were no longer a person but a simple insignificance to the world.
I would love to be the kind of teacher to recognize a student who may need some help and if they don't feel comfortable talking to me, I can give them this book and hope it makes them feel a little better and realize that there are reasons to live and suicide is not the answer.
John Lewis expresses throughout the memoir that although violence seems like it will get things done, it will not, and should not be used as a tactic for change. I am predicting that throughout the book the narrator will try and find Rhiannon and explain to her that it was Justin that day on the beach.
I find it very sad because the story stated that today the cemetery looks more like a pasture.
I feel like in a way this shows neglect and abuse towards the patients which is very depressing.
This is a little off-putting to me personally because this style makes the story seem less realistic., especially because it is supposed to be a true story. Eventually, as we all know from our history classes, the German reign comes to an end and the Jewish people are free.
As I was reading, I was so engrossed in Esther's life that I didn't even realize it was the end of the book. I still talk to her everyday, but I can understand exactly where she is coming from when she gets upset that her sister didn't want to room with her.
I believe that David Levithan is trying to tell people that every life matters, and people have differences in day to day actions, but that all people are the same when it comes down to it. It is sad because people are still buried there and if you went there you would not even know it.
I am enjoying reading this book and cannot wait to read more granted it is hard to get through because it makes me mad and disappointed in the doctors at times. Karen continues so become more understand and remembers more about her fathers death and about the times surrounding it. Hoenikker sounds like the father from Fun Home, there’s not really a relationship between him and his kids.
My favorite part of the book so far is when John meets a woman on the plane over to San Lorenzo. Some of the stories will even make you think about your own behaviors and values in your life, as it did mine. Even though the people failed to take control from the harsh rule of their new government, the Revolution was a major event in Iranian history.
Adjusting to college took a little while and I'm interested to see how the rest of Cath's experience is.
I am really enjoying this book so far and I cannot wait to read the stories of other patients that had been institutionalized at Willard. It keeps getting more and more interesting because it follows pretty much 4 different story lines. Through all his hardships I am able to see that he truly is strong and so is anyone else that had to go through what he did.
What really got to me was when they are in the limo and her younger sister gets sick and they have to open the windows for her and they see all the people they pass bow their heads, take their hats off, or stand up to honor the fallen soldier.
Once they land and come off the plane, they are surrounded by natives that are “welcoming” them. Bokonon predicts that he will climb up Mount McCabe with his book, use is as a pillow, take some ice-nine which freezes men like statues, grin horribly, and thumb his nose at God. It follows the soldiers in Iraq, the soldiers before Iraq, the soldiers immediately after Iraq, and the narrator in his cabin after the war. I highly recommend this book because it just shows you that not everyone has it easy and we all face struggles in life but there is no reason to give up . You might want to move away from YA lit and read some serious literary fiction or non-fiction. I would like to read this book as well but it would be very difficult for me to stomach it. They are all thin and sickly looking, but the woman says she’s not afraid because they are Christians. Cat’s Cradle is really hard to describe because it’s so broad and in-depth, but I strongly recommend it.
This is kind of hard to follow at first, but once you realize what is going on, it becomes a very good story. She becomes closer to her brother in the event of her fathers death which I understand seeing the unity in my own family in the event of death. I still have no found out what the "yellow birds" are and am itching to find out what that means. At first she started to date this boy named Derek, but then her father found out so she was sent to live with her Aunt. Her father had asked his brother to take care of his family in case he didn't make it home from vietnam but he failed to keep his promise.
I’m almost finished, but I would definitely recommend Slaughterhouse-Five first before this novel. Another question I had was why the narrator is still a private, the lowest rank in the army.
Even though there was plenty of fighting going on around the country the police and government officers were strict about the laws. I believe this truly helped Patty discover who she was without the stress of watching her father abuse her mother. Her mother didn't expect anything less but karen felt let down which any child would and he would have to carry that with him for the rest of his life. I'm glad you've read Slaughterhouse Five as well as I would have recommended it if you hadn't. Marji attended a party with alcohol when she returned back to Iran and when the officers came they had to quickly rush to throw away the alcohol and get rid of the guys because the consequences would have been severe. Usually, most men rank up and get promoted almost immediately after basic training, but apparently not this soldier. People often moved because they did not want to be in danger due to their opinions of the government, Marji had a big mouth and strong opinions which was very dangerous at the time, she moved in order to escape the oppression from her government. However, no matter where she went she felt as if she did not fit in, so she also faced an identity crisis wether it was in Iran or the other countries she moved to. After a series of events, Patty must go back home and witness her now younger sister getting abused. I was sure glad to have read this book for it was even better than I thought it would have and for sure my second favorite this semester, next to the disinherited, I suggest anyone who already has an interest in historic conflicts, or people who are developing an interests in one.
In the end, the family is in a car accident (with the fathers friend) and both Ethan and the baby die. She became a news reporter and after getting married and having four kids she began to track down veterans that had known her father so she could interview and talk to them about what had happened the day of his death and things about him. It was touching reading about all the things the veterans had to say about her father and how he was a leader for them and a goof man.
I find it incredible the things she did and her determination even through all the pain she went through continuing to bring up the memories.
She had the opportunity to go to Vietnam where her father had been, it cost her her journalism job but she went anyway.
She had blamed Vietnam for her father's death but after meeting peter a North Vietnamese he stated how he didn't blame the Americans for his fathers death he blamed communism. There was one part when she was in Vietnam which was incredible where she found the spot where her father had taken a picture with his army buddies and village children and she created a stone monument and left his picture there with sand from fort brag where he had trained and sand from the Hawii beaches where they had lived among other things.
She was terrified to go and terrified of planes but she said it was "A way to demonstrate my decisions in life are not ruled by fear." Her final interview was of her mother. Karen stated how proud she was to be the daughter of her hero such an amazing veteran and of another hero, her mother.

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