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Posted in Erin Heatherton & Candice Swanepoel: Victoria's Secret Swim 2013 Catalogue Photos!
Erin Heatherton and Candice Swanepoel show off their sizzlin' hot bikini bodies in these inside pictures from the Victoria's Secret Swim 2013 Catalogue. This past weekend, Isaiah Mustafa (the Old Spice Guy) helped kick-off Old Spice‘s year-long partnership with Tough Mudder.
Pop & Lock – Found in the Mudder Village, both participants and attendees can test their strength against the ultimate escalating pull-up bar. Before Mustafa hit the obstacle course with the Tough Mudder athletes, I had a moment to speak with him about the partnership. I saw a lot of the Mudders coming out from their cars in the parking lot, and getting ready to go. And you have to know that the Dirt Destroyer Body Wash that we have in the legendary protection campaign will definitely take care of this dirt that they will be getting into today.

Watch Old Spice’s new commercial for their Tough Mudder partnership, featuring Bob Giovanni, the latest Old Spice Guy to promote their fine product.
Kate Upton fans got whipped into a frenzy this week upon seeing Upton's face (and body) back in the Victoria's Secret catalogue. The Post adds that Upton is "furious" that the lingerie brand ran the old photo without notifying her first. Harsh words, especially considering Upton had already modeled for Victoria's Secret in catalogues. With waist-deep mud pits and slippery mounds to mount, Mud Mile is a classic Mudder fan favorite.
Achieve legendary status by using a movable pull-up bar to ascend over the structure, one bar at a time. Thank goodness, everyone exclaimed, the lingerie brand finally came to its senses and rehired the top model after disparaging her in 2012.

The New York Post reports that the back cover photo, first noticed by Buzzfeed, is actually from Upton's 2011 Victoria's Secret shoot.
In 2012, Victoria's Secret casting agent Sophia Neophitou went on the record saying she would "never use" Kate in a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
Since then, obviously, Upton's popularity has skyrocketed on the heels of her consecutive Sports Illustrated covers and high-profile Vogue shoots. That said, please do NOT go out and buy a bottle and a pack of smokes — Dorothy is obviously from another planet.

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