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Admin RapidRAR re-uploaded with new RAR file(s) (users who couldn't download some parts need to download all parts again). Crime investigators Jess (Julia Roberts) and Ray (Chiwetel Ejiofor) are called to investigate a dead body found in a dumpster. Ray is a dedicated FBI investigator with a crush on his District Attorney supervisor Claire and a close friendship with his partner Jess. There are more superheroes than ever in the latest Avengers movie, Captain America: Civil War. When they arrive at the crime scene, they are horrified to discover that the teenage girl who has been brutally murdered is Jess' daughter.

Thirteen years later, Ray has a new lead and tracks down the suspect, but Jess wants to serve justice her own way. However, all those whimsical circumstances are thrown out of the window when a corpse is discovered in a dumpster in LA. Ray discovers that it's the mutilated body of Jess' teenage daughter, and the devastated pair set out on a vengeful mission to find the perpetrator.
Unfortunately, the suspect they pick up - of whose guilt they are convinced - they are forced to let go when no solid evidence is found.
Thirteen years later, Ray returns with a new lead, having spent every evening since searching through the US prison system for their murderer.

But this time, they're thinking of bringing him down their own way.'Secret In Their Eyes' is the upcoming re-boot of the 2009 Argentine Academy Award winning movie of the same name based on the novel 'The Question in Their Eyes' by Eduardo Sacheri.

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