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What do you think of the real Belle du Jour, scientist Dr Brooke Magnanti, revealing her identity?It must be liberating in some sense to unburden that enormous secret. Do you think Secret Diary Of A Call Girl glamourises prostitution?No, we are just telling somebody’s story.
Is there anything difficult you find about playing Belle du Jour?I always find the more intimate love stuff quite tricky. Has that Dr Who interest died down a bit for you?It has and I’m quite grateful for it to be honest.
Queen Elizabeth II is frequently misunderstood as being a ceremonial leader without real influence over politics or policy, but the quietly yielded power of the royal family is explained by Chris Everard. IN this new four-part series unwitting job-seekers believe they are filming a documentary about their potential place of work.
In fact they’re being tested to their limits by a team of undercover actors intent on causing utter chaos. Meanwhile, their prospective new bosses, giants of their industry, watch everything and judge their performance.

This week two young head chefs have the opportunity to secure a job working for Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton. Mild-mannered Richard, 24, and cocky Rob, 20, have no idea that Atherton is watching their every move.
For their first test two actors are sent in pretending to be the world’s worst trainees to challenge our chefs’ management skills. At the same time it must be incredibly frightening because now people are going to recognise her as the woman who had sex with loads of men and that is going to invite the unwanted line of questioning and really straightforward opinions.
Everyone focuses their attention on you and you just want to be at someone’s wedding. I think the minute you wear nice clothes and there are lots of shots of Belle getting ready, that makes it slightly more glamorous.
It’s when it becomes about relationships, which is hard when you are acting anyway because you have to have genuine chemistry with someone. The bride is there and everyone is clamouring towards you and asking lots of questions, and she’s stood there with her bouquet and no one to throw it to because they are all asking questions about David Tennant.

The coterie of aides and ministerial secrets that get back channelled through the royals is laid bare in this highlight from the Buzzsaw interview, hosted by Sean Stone. You have to try and imagine those emotions and all this stuff, so that is the hardest stuff surprisingly. Sue Johnston plays the older version of me, and Alun Armstrong plays the older version of my husband. It is so much fun and it is so hard to resist doing it endlessly but it takes quite a toll on your life.
I decided that I was going to do it all very quickly, which I know is the not the right way to go about it, but I didn’t want to compromise those first four months with my son.
I didn’t want to have to stop breast-feeding because I had to go out on a seven-mile run instead.

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