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Write 1000 words a day - that's about 4 manuscript pages - every day, come hell or high water, until your novel is written. I'm updating weekly-ish and whenever something exciting happens, so please come back often, browse the archived information,and use the search feature to find information!
Yesterday I worked on my plot for my romance novel, tentatively called "Snowed in with a Millionaire" (or maybe it will become "Snowed in with the Tycoon").
I've already decided that the category line I was planning to submit "Marrying a Movie Star" to (Harlequin Romance) isn't the right one - while my characters don't have sex, they have very explicit kissing and emotions - so I think if I take that to the next level and add in some romantic love scenes I can submit it to Silhouette Desire instead. I've been looking at a book I read awhile back, called "You Can Write a Romance" by Rita Clay Estrada and Rita Gallagher.

Although I did just read a wonderful romance novel by Sabrina Jeffries called "The Pirate Lord" where a woman was kidnapped by a pirate and taken to his secret island - that set up a really fun historical romance, no secrets necessary.
Usually I get my most work done when dear hubby returns from work so he can take the baby off my hands, but last night we watched a documentary online together, so there went two hours of valuable writing time. Yes, I have a literary agent now (see how it happened here), and she got me a 6 book contract with Simon & Schuster Pocket Star!
The purpose of the class, from what I hear, is to learn how to revise your fiction to make it better. My husband has been reading it since Sunday and he says "it's like a book from the book store".

But the one thing that *is* usually kept secret (at least until the end) is that one of them is falling in love with the other, and doesn't want to be, for some reason - like commitment issues, or an issue with the other character, etc.

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