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Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas went on a fun double date in London, England.
The sweet duo cashed in a cool $146 million in the past year, compared with Bey and Jay’s $110.5 million!
Welcome To Fire Power Deliverance Ministries With Dr Stella - God's Warrior Princess. I remember the day I first met the Thief, I can't recall his name, it seem to change with each story he told me. I don't normally hold long conversations with strangers, but there was something intriguing about this character. Curious about why he felt the need to confess these sins to me, I ask him what kind of thief was he, were there anything he was particularly drawn too; as if he had anticipated the question, he begin to tell me the most amazing stories.
Pitting two people against each other was a specialty of his, he stated, it didn't have to be of anything of importance, all he had to do, is bring up something from their past that would stir up the emotions that they felt then, and attach them to the present situation, and sit back, and snatch away their love right before their eyes. He started talking about Kingdoms and Nations he destroyed by repeating the same old tricks that he have been using for years, the feeling he got as he snatched a soul forever, it was his trophy, as he boasted about the billions he had showcased at his place.
He said his biggest obstacle was those who knew what he called a€?the trutha€?, words that always uncover his lies, but he wasn't to concern with that, because many of those who knew this truth, he had found away to keep them entangle in the cares of this world, and their own self-interest. All I could do was shake my head, and told him I had to go, he just laid back, started to laugh, and said, I'll see you later. I wrote this book out of my own journey with God, from getting saved to living a life of victory. Helloooo, people do not wanna be saved primarily for two reasons: 1) because obviously they are not drawn by the Holy Spirit unto salvation (a€¦no man comes to Me unless he is FIRST drawna€¦), and 2) because of their own wickedness in their heart. The bible says that we (The Bride of Christ) are to take captive every thought and bring it into subjection [to the name of Christ] and be ready to PUNISH EVERY ACT OF DISOBEDIENCE ONCE OUR OBEDIENE IS MADE COMPLETE [in the Lord or God].

Going back to the whole judgment thing, whether you ladies like it or not, the Scriptures are replete with commandments to Christians to hold those (even ourselves) who claim to be of the faith, accountable to the standard of CHRIST not the world. There was nothing special about that day, I was just sitting around with nothing much going on, I felt hungry, so I went out for a bite to eat, when he appeared seemingly out of nowhere. He was dress to impress as they use to say back in the day, I couldn't identify a flaw on him, from the slanted hat he don on his head, his dark shades, white silk suit, and snake skin boots. He proudly boasted that he was foremost a a€?thief of heartsa€?, he said that people are so easily fool, if you plant a thought in their minds, by just using the words they don't realize have the power of life and death, and sit back, they will self-destruct. I thought a€?how terriblea€?, but he kept going; Oh, I have don't much worst, I have stolen families, wealth, friendships, and much more.
I ask him wasn't he afraid of getting caught, he laughed, and said, he already knows he probably will be caught soon, but it won't help those souls that he have already stolen, it won't repair the broken hearts thata€™s been destroyed, or families torn apart. As I walk away, I could still hear him laughing, I thought, what a weird experience, as I walk into my house, I notice something had changed, Where was my family? They love their darkness so much that they can't stand the light because it exposes their deeds.
Therefore, if we a€?the sheepa€? are counted as the righteous before the Father, then we have a MORAL OBLIGATION to first examine ourselves to see if we are of the faith and then with humility rebuke sin.
And according to Us Weekly, the “Shake it Off” singer has evidently moved onwards and upwards in her own love life! As he began to talk, his words was timely, he seem to know exactly how I was feeling at that moment, it had the taste of lemon and honey in the early morning hours. But my most prize possessions where the lives and souls of mankind, I thought to myself, a€?okay, I've heard enough, I'm talking to a nutcasea€?, but the serious look in his face told me there was something more twisted about this character then any I had encounter before.
On Friday, June 26, Taylor and her Scottish boyfriend were crowned 2015’s Highest Paid Couple knocking Beyonce and Jay Z off the top spot.

He was careful not to dwell on the topics that he somehow knew would cause me to become upset and end our conversation. He wanna keep on sinning and he hates it when righteous folk tell him that his behaviors are not of the Lord. There are many believers that are living in iniquitya€”they have never really come to the Cross where their sins get washed away. He told me up front he was a thief, my first thoughts were a€?really!!a€?, he chucked, among many other things, he continued, as if he knew what my thoughts were.
Granted there may be some perpetrators, some who are self-righteous, but for the most part that is not the case and they don't really address their comments to that segment of people, he is referring to those who truly stand for righteousness.
Then I begin to hear that cynical laughter again, and realize, while I was having that conversation with the thief, he was stealing everything that I held dear, right in front of my eyes, it was then, when I truly realize the importance of not living by bread alone, but by every a€?Word of Goda€?. Like David said, their spirits are overwhelmed and they dona€™t know why things are not working.
If you tell me that all I have to do is send you $50 to get healed and become prosperous also teach me how to keep my healing or my prosperity.
My faith will fail if I lose my blessing one more time.a€?This book is a guide to spiritual recovery from the catastrophic "hurricanes" which can occur in the lives of believers.

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