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The Secret Keeper started a bit slow but the last third of it absolutely flew by and included a bunch of different twists. I’ve resumed Tina’s Best Body Boot Camp this week after a week off to enjoy a little variety in the form of BodyPump and BodyCombat classes in Jacksonville. I always seem to forget about split squats when I work out on my own, so I love that Tina incorporated them into yesterday’s workout. Earth Origins, a local natural food store in Ocala, sells unsweetened shredded coconut in their bulk bins and it is the perfect pancake topper.
Those pancakes look delicious- I think it’ll be a breakfast for dinner kind of night! I forget about split squats too every time I look at a bench and my mind says think of something else haha.
Glad to hear Sadie is doing well, my husband and I are both dog lovers and Sadie was in our hearts these last few days.
Just wanted to leave A quick note about the picture in this post of the guy doing the split squats- I have been doing this excercise for many years and its A good one and very challenging, the guy in the picture has his knee WAY too far out, almost beyond the end of his shoe which is always A big NO.

Haha I also stayed up late last night reading it, but I’m only about halfway through! I’m definitely too late for the book club on Monday, but now I want to read The Secret Keeper!
She’s obviously on the top of my mind so she’s been the center of my blog posts and as I sat down to blog this morning, I realized I haven’t talked about workouts at all this week! Boot Camp participants actually entered Phase 2 last week, so I’m a week behind, but I enjoyed playing catch up because the workouts have been a little different! I don’t really miss the sweetness of the sweetened shredded coconut found at most grocery stores and I still get that punch of coconut flavor. Her eyes are no longer droopy and she is still a little groggy, but I have a feeling her normal energy level will return in no time at all.
I have heard really good things about it, and I am happy to see you give a positive recommendation as well!
I’m glad you ended up liking it, I know you mentioned it took a while to get into it.

Kolla garna upp forlagets (Washington Square Press) hemsida, dar det kan finnas mer information. I love it when a book convinces you that a story is finally coming to a close, only to shock the heck out of you with a twist.
I hope you enjoy little glimpses into my life and have fun trying the sweaty workouts I frequently share and making some of my favorite recipes along the way! There have been a couple of times that I have been ready to give up, but I’ve stuck with it.

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