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During World War II, the United States had a program of voluntary press censorship, coordinated by the Office of Censorship.
Jack Raper, Press columnist, has returned to Cleveland following a vacation in New Mexico, where he found the following story. If you like mysteries and have a keen desire to solve one, here is your opportunity to do a little sleuthing, and if you succeed in learning anything and then making it public you will satisfy the hot curiosity of several hundred thousand New Mexicans. Of course, this is a free country and you can go where you please — if you are willing to sleep in the smoking car aisle or breathe the exhalations of your fellow sardines packed in a bus. If you have any idea that you can employ a battery of eminent constitutional lawyers and go into court and that eventually the Supreme Court of the United States will decide the case in your favor if the lower courts decide against you, forget about that, too. Not far away are the Indian villages occupied by the finest kind of Indians, intelligent, industrious, friendly, skilled in the production of art objects, many of them graduates of Indian schools. Shortly after the man who thinks he is going to the mystery city of Los Alamos reaches the level on which it is built, he will see, if he looks into the windshield mirror, a man following him on a motorcycle not many feet behind the car and he will be in the same position when the gate is reached. Then you realize that the owner of this strange city is Uncle Sam and you make no kind of protest and answer questions politely. You will be escorted to the office of the man whom you are to meet, escorted by two jeeps, one in front and one behind your car, men in each jeep armed with rifles.
When you transact your business you will be carefully escorted out of the city, taking the same route as when you entered. In support of this there are stories of the experiences of automobile drivers in the vicinity of Los Alamos. If you’d rather see it in the original spread, uploaded here is my copy of it from the archives.
If I were a spy thinking about nuclear weapons, I would find that a pretty interesting combination of things, and worth following up on.
The action of the newspaper in printing such an article shows a complete lack of responsibility, compliance with national censorship code and cooperation with the Government in keeping an important project secret. Footnote 12: The explosives heard may be related to the implosion studies, which had begun in the summer of 1943. Or they might be related to the gun tests at Anchor Ranch, though I imagine 75mm and 20mm cannon were not as loud as the explosions. We will never know whether Jack Raper or the people he was interviewing in 1944, had Murder in the Air in mind. I have also heard of such an imaginary weapon from an earlier, and less well-known, example in Wheaton, Illinois.
One day a plane about a thousand feet up developed engine trouble and had to make an emergency landing in a nearby paddock. Looking backwards, it seems clear to us what was important – but a spy for the Germans in the US during WWII would not know any of that, and might see no especial relevance to a story about a secret effort in the New Mexico desert, since there were dozens of other secret efforts going on at the same time. The complexes at Hanford and Oak Ridge did draw attention, separately, and had their own leaks.
As I understand it, the strict compartmentalization of duties seen at Los Alamos is today commonplace in many defense activities. Compartmentalization was a common counter-intelligence practice well before the Manhattan Project; what Groves did differently was to run it at a level that was unusual even for military activity, where tens of thousands of people would be working on something rather directly without much knowledge of what they were doing. Moe Lane » How a reporter for the Cleveland Press nearly had YOUR grandfather killed invading Kyushu!
Raper was a frequent speaker and a member of the leftist “Soviet Table” at the CITY CLUB OF CLEVELAND.
What I find most interesting is that it would seem that an EMP had been deployed way before Trinity. I rather assume the anecdotes are the kind of rumors that flourish in a vacuum of information mixed with an air of mystery. I’ve often wondered if the bomb would have been built faster with my grandfather since his expertise was in explosives. I recently came across references to atomic weapons which appeared in American and even German popular media and predate the Cleveland episode. Restricted Data is a blog about nuclear secrecy, past and present, run by Alex Wellerstein, a historian of science at the Stevens Institute of Technology. Noble Prize winning economist, Daniel Kahneman, says that when part of our mind is faced with a question that we cannot easily answer (without a tape measure in this case), we will unconsciously substitute it with another question that allows us to come up with an immediate and acceptable answer.
When I hear board members and staff say this, I know that what they really mean is that more people need to know about the organization’s work. Broader and deeper participation requires us to reframe the easier question exploring how the choices we are making set the boundaries of engagement. Best Kept Secret is an unrated Italian Restaurant in the area around Playfair Ave and Eugene St, where the average rating for Restaurants as of this Tuesday is 4.0 out of 5. Visitors suggest corrections, and Best Kept Secret representatives who have the option of claiming this page.
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It was, as stated, voluntary: there were no fines or threats attached to it, just stern official rebuke.
John Raper, a reporter for the Cleveland Press, while on vacation in New Mexico, somehow stumbled upon one of the biggest, most secret stories of the day. Below I reprint the entirety of the article — it nearly speaks for itself, both in its security violations and its strange rambling nature. It has fine streets, an electric light plant and waterworks with capacity for a city twice as large as Los Alamos, a service department that really services, public library, high, grade, and nursery schools; recreation centers, hospital, apartment houses, cottages, dance hall, an enormous grocery, refrigeration plant, factories and jail. It has scenery enough for a whole state — peaks and peaks and more peaks, and cliffs and colors that dim the rainbow. If you have gone through all of the preliminary red tape previously and have been notified that you will be admitted, the men at the gate will know all about you and there will be little delay after you show the necessary papers. En route you will notice that the city is fenced in and that mounted soldiers patrol it and you will see scores of buildings. The man who commands the soldiers, who sees that the garbage and rubbish are collected, the streets kept up, the electric light plan and the waterworks functioning and all other metropolitan work operating smoothly is a Col.
Oppenheimer and the hundreds of men and women in his laboratories and shops that makes Los Alamos such a carefully guarded city.
Oppenheimer may tell the newspapers about what he has done at Los Alamos, there may be another now-it-can-be-told book or the secretary of war may hand out the report made to him. Of course, it also has a healthy dose of confusion, nonsense, and just plain silliness mixed into it.
There are many rumors around town about this project since thousands of construction workers from this vicinity have been employed at Los Alamos, many of our personnel go into town for shopping and weekends, and Dr. Connell [director of the Los Alamos Ranch School] informed me several months ago that everyone in Santa Fe knew some sort of scientific project was underway at Los Alamos, but that curiosity had died down when no one found out anything more after several months, and they just accepted us without trying to guess what was done. It is hoped that some steps can be taken to deny the paper certain privileges as a result of their disclosure of this project in such an article.
Oppenheimer is working on a beam that will cause the motors to stop so that German planes will drop from the skies as thought they were paving blocks. This led to another rumour that the telescope was a new secret weapon for putting the ignition systems of planes out of action. What I mean is, this article was published in March of ’44 and we were still over a year away from Trinity. Maybe a subject for a future blog post, because there are multiple strands of information that would need to be put together if one wanted to suggest (in a counter-factual way), how could the Manhattan Project have been compromised, if the Axis (or anyone else) were inclined to do so, and had total knowledge of it? So if it became well-known a few years later that Oppenheimer was running a large secret project, how was it that thousands of professional and amateur scientists failed to guess what was going on at Los Alamos? In a sense these are less unlikely given their size and workforce; there were ample rumors surrounding these secret cities were tons of material went in and grams of material came out. So it was definitely an idea that was in the air, even if the physics doesn’t make any sense (interfering with spark plugs? It’s interesting too that, if that is the case, it was able to short out an automotive electrical system in the days before electronic ignitions and solid state voltage regulators (both systems at that time involved contact points). As far as I know, the paper I had published late last year was the first public description of the 216th’s critical role. I pulled the unbroken lace out of my other shoe and took a quick look at it to estimate its length. But if you take what they say at face value, it implies that the board and staff of the organization are purposefully (and successfully) keeping the larger community from knowing about the organization and it cause. This requires board and staff leadership to recognize the key assumptions that drive decision-making, overcoming the easier question and diving into the opportunities and challenges associated with clarifying its value proposition and the effect it has on its stakeholders.
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Press leaks and investigations have been around for quite a long time, and ever since the example of Woodward and Bernstein, this has become the ultimate symbol of journalistic power and access.
It has a population of between 5000 and 6000 persons, not more than probably half a dozen of whom can step outside of the city except by special permission of the city boss.
And who knows but that the eminent physicist may deliver an address at the Cleveland City Club or the Rotary Club? But even a ray gun that stopped airplanes, or a chemical weapons plant, might be of interest to enemy spies. Ashbridge, the military head of Los Alamos, sent a copy to Groves a few days after it was published, noting that he had heard that Groves was already aware of it and that it had been shown to Oppenheimer. There were a tremendous number of puzzle pieces out there for an enemy power to notice and put together regarding the bomb effort. Were we far enough along at this point that if Los Alamos were compromised we’d still get the bomb, slightly delayed? The trick of it, though, was that very few people at either of those two sites even knew that there were other sites, much less where they were.
There is, of course, a big difference between having a hunch and really thinking that this was being done and would burst upon the scene in only a few years.

The engineers working on the next-generation iPad may only have a part of the project in front of them, but they probably know they’re working on an iPad, as opposed to, say, a cruise missile. During WORLD WAR II, Raper published a detailed description of the Army’s “Forbidden City” of Los Alamos, more than a year before the bombing of Hiroshima.
He tells someone about this, they tell someone else, and so on, in that fashion of gossips, and sooner rather than later it gets embellished, takes on a life of its own, etc. World War II has a chapter, but the idea of defying the voluntary censorship code is not in there.
But more important, as the weeks went by, more and more details were added, leaving less certainty. He grants permission only in the most exceptional circumstances and under the most rigid conditions.
For awhile he thought about getting Raper drafted to the Pacific Theatre — a rather bloodthirsty approach to the problem. This is arguably the most successful part of Groves’ compartmentalization policy, because it meant it was very hard to put together the full picture of the entire project.
The biggest surprise of the Manhattan Project was not that an atomic bomb could be built, but that the US government was willing to commit to building it by 1945 and not, say, 1950 or later.
I would suspect that situations of Manhattan Project-like compartmentalization, where vast armies toil in completely ignorance as to the purpose of their labor, are quite rare. From my reading, I believe this can be traced back to Parsons’s insistence that all mention of the ordnance work be omitted from the Smyth report. We are the best kept secret and we made ourselves that way,” they take the first step toward addressing the harder question about relevancy and value.
These choices are based on their expertise, understanding of need, and beliefs about how the world should work. And while there is something to that, in the sense that American journalists were far more cooperative and acquiescent during the 1940s, it also projects a rosier picture backwards than ever truly existed. We know it was possible to put some of the pieces together, because the Soviets did it, and even a few others did it.
Even the Soviets got very little information about Hanford, because their men were not involved with it at all. To go from literally table-top science in 1939 to industrial-sized reactors and bombs by 1945 is by any measure improbable and astounding (especially since they didn’t really get started on it until late 1942).
I can see no other reason for an anecdotal account of these effects on some unknown motorists vehicle. My grandfather was ACoS to Generals Stilwell, then Wedermeyer in the CBI Theater from 1943-46 and was told by Gen. All of these choices are baked into programs and services that communicate a composite view of what is valuable. The reality is that not everyone is going to want what is offered. Workers at Rocky Flats knew they were handling plutonium, for example, and that it was being used in nuclear weapons, even if they did not know the specifics of the weapon designs. Marshall after the war that he had been the original selectee to head the Manhattan Project. No amount of awareness building will overcome the limitations of an organization’s chosen value proposition.
Understandably, he couldn’t accomplish that — but he pulled off just enough that, with a bit of luck, the project stayed more or less below the water line.
I am not sure I have heard of too many cases where workers were producing substances whose properties they were ignorant of, for purposes they were ignorant of. Problem was, the Army put off its decision to go ahead with the project for six months, and when they did go ahead, my grandfather had already been assigned to build three TNT plants. It is true that organizations may not put enough resources behind promotion, but even then it is a fool’s errand to invest in these activities without understanding how relevant the value delivered is to the communities that are served. Gerard Tyler in late 1944, after Ashbridge’s health began to fail because of the strain brought on by the job.
Jones, Manhattan: The Army and the Atomic Bomb (US Government Printing Office, 1985), 486, 497-498. Still, there is some irony in the fact that Oppenheimer would in the postwar take a position as the Director of the Institute for Advanced Study, in the Princeton, New Jersey, and as such effectively become Einstein’s boss. Schweber, Einstein and Oppenheimer: The Meaning of Genius (Harvard University Press, 2010). Henry Smyth once joked to the New Yorker that because he ran two different divisions in the project, he was not allowed by rules to talk to himself.
I have even read stories that have said the technology was obvious, though I have no idea what it might have been. Aside from the fact that no nuclear weapons had been set off by March 1944, the nuclear EMP at ground level is a very short-range effect compared to the blast effects, and if your car was really damaged by an EMP it would not start back up again in 15 minutes.

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