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Secret Key Sheer Light Essential Gel Sun screen (SPF50+ PA+++)Purchase this product now and earn 7 Points!
Secret Key Snow White Cream might seem familiar to you since I recently reviewed the Secret Key Snow White Milky Pack. Secret Key Snow White Cream actually works best as a primer or to be used after the Snow White Facial Mask but not as a moisturizer on its own especially if you have drier skin. A high level of niacinamide is supposedly contained in this jar which has been proven to improve skin’s elasticity and help with discolorations and just giving skin a more healthy tone. This is a thicker creamier texture but not as creamier as Etude House’s recently launched Baby Choux. As I mentioned in my post on the mask I think they use the same trick that many Korea products do which including titanium dioxide in the formula to give skin a more whiter, brighter appearance. It’s possibly an odd product for some to read about but I certainly admit to using whitening products since I feel like it addresses some of the dullness I experience with my own skin. If you’re interested in trying it you might want to check out F2Plus1 on E-bay (not affiliated) as she sells a variety of Secret Key products including this cream.
Do you know if there is a huge difference between this and the Snow White princess cream by Secret Key? If you look up Snow White princess cream by secret key it’s in a pink container with a crown on the front and advertised like a different product.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. This primer slash face cream contains a good deal of niacinamide which made it tempting enough to try. I find it does nothing in the ways of hydrating well but does act well to prime skin for makeup or as a follow up after the mask treatment. The spatula ensures you don’t have to use fingers to apply the product however, the open and closing the jar does nothing for keeping the product fresh sadly so whatever form of niacinamide they are using here will likely be rendered useless due to the packaging. After applying the pack and rinsing it away I use as my night moisturizer, sleep, and in the AM my skin looks a good deal lighter. They seem to have earned a spot on my HG (holy grail) list with no end in sight as they really do an excellent job with dullness.
I think the mask def has a little pastiness to it but the cream can be used on a range of skin tones and still looks quite natural once makeup is applied.
I’m not looking to whiten or lighten my skin merely take my more tired, duller, drier skin and liven it up and products like this do a fairly good job of addressing the issue. The effects are temporary though from my experience so my typical dullness is eased, my skin looks brighter and lighter but I haven’t noticed any long term benefits thus far.
I already ordered this version, I’m excited to venture on in the asian cosmetic world.

I have heard of Chanel le blanc line and it has lots and lots of positive reivews but yea, the price is just way too much for a student like me. Also, have you tried the pricier brands of whitening products such as The History of Whoo or Sulwhasoo?
It doesn’t leave behind the pasty finish one would expect but simply lends more of a brighter appearance to skin.
Sorry I’ve been messing around, U said in the review that Korean products always include titanium dioxide in the formula.
This in fact makes my BB Creams (or CC Cream) look even more refined and flawless after applying on top.
I find it absorbs fairly fast but doesn’t really have the benefits of a moisturizing cream so I do apply all my skincare prior to this and use it as a primer only.

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