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Unlike every other horoscope I’ve heard for my starsign, this comes dangerously close to making sense. There have been several comics this week, like Cyanide & Happiness, that have touched on the loss of Christopher Hitchens, one of the most prominent atheists of our time. I realize this is only the fifth column about the best webcomics ever, but Dresden Codak is quite possibly, for really reals, the best webcomic ever.
The drawback, however, is that readers have to wait roughly one month before seeing another update. I have to admit, I feel pretty foolish for not know about The Secret Knots until this week.
Happle Tea is a well-crafted series all around, from art, to jokes, to timely references, it’s exactly the type of strip that could be used as an example of what-to-do before attempting to create your own webcomic. If that wasn’t enough, Malki and friends are responsible for the fantastic Machine of Death collection that is very much worth your hard-earned ducats.

As always, I’m happy to find new comics to enjoy, so please continue to leave recommendations in the comment section.
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Perhaps this isn’t the best place for such an editorial comment, but while I deeply appreciate Hitchens and his commitment to iconoclastic essays, the level of which I will most likely never reach, he was also one of the most outspoken supporters of the ill-conceived Iraq war.
The futuristic setting, the incredible attention to detail, and the unique panel layout all work in tandem to create the most visually stunning comic series online. Sometimes there are on-going characters, sometimes the updates are just one-offs, but in any case, each new creation is another solid reminder that some of the most talented creators are striking off on their own instead of looking for syndication. The stories are complete and available to read for free, but be warned, they are a little NSFW, not in the way Curvy or Oglaf are NSFW, but still — cartoon breasts may disturb your boss. The most recently update is a great example of the world-building Diaz explores, not necessarily essential to the plot, but necessary for readers to get lost inside a strange place.

Make sure you have some free time before starting The Secret Knots, you won’t want to stop reading until the very end. The series is updated by Drew Mokris and Justin Boyd, both of whom are probably very talented when working with both hands.
I really wanted to highlight Bouletcorp this week (imagine Jeffrey Brown lived in Europe), but Laura Hudson just featured one of the strips so I’ll just say be sure to check out Steampunk Vader and 1% Batman. From books to t-shirts, prints to collectables, Wondermark has an abundance of high-quality merchandise that accompanies the comic, and at reasonable prices.

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