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Part of the lure of photographing Lake Tahoe is the incredible colors along the shore when the water is still.
Instead, I settled for these cool looking boulders and decided to apply two filters to my 24-70 mmL lens.
The long exposure allowed for not only the silky feel to the choppy water, but also allowed me to dial back in the turquoise color that is so prevalent to this area of the lake. A Forest Service posted sign warns unsuspecting visitors that Nudes May Be Present in This Area.

The first was a Singh-Ray 8-stop Variable ND Duo combined with a Singh-Ray 5-stop Mor-Slo ND Filter for a combined 13 stops of neutral density (plus the addition of a polarizer) to allow for a 60-second timed exposure! Fortunately the Singh-Ray Vari ND allows you to dial in or out 8 stops of light, so I would see well enough to compose and focus, then dial down 8 stops, calculate my exposure, and make my image!
My answer was to apply a heavy dose of neutral density to allow for an incredibly long exposure. We did our darnedest to search out a couple of sun bathers, but came away not finding a single one.

There was very little prep work involved other than my standard RAW conversion and touching up some dust spots. I'm agree with Scott, that heavy weather in the distance makes this composition wonderful.

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