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One of the great things about writing, is that we can gain inspiration from anything and everything around us. So today, I took the time to research a little bit more about the Chinese New Year, and the Chinese Zodiac.
In case you’re interested, Chinese astrologers say that the focus of this year leans towards reviving the arts and culture, getting finances in order, cultivating intimate relationships, and building family and community. I don’t follow astrology all that much, but aside from being entertaining, astrology is also a great resource for creating Characters. I picked several birthdays, then looked up the personality traits listed for persons born on those day. A lover of good conversation, reading, and intellectual discussions, the hare is sincere and are often gifted healers, herbalists, and doctors.
The Chinese have many strange legends about the Hare, one of them is that they inhabit the moon, together with three-legged frogs. As writers, we should make use of anything that can spark our creativity (which is basically everything).

And while you’re at it, check out articles on Chinese New Year traditions or on the Chinese culture in general. Gong Xi Fa Cai! (Kung Hei Fat Choi)! May the Year of the Rabbit be a great year for everyone! Aside from the fact that the Chinese New Year is a great excuse to eat mooncake, it also is a great opportunity to learn about a different culture.
They base their predictions on certain elemental energies, as well as planetary alignments. Sure I have their archetypes all set (hero, mentor, etc), but in order to make my characters come alive, I needed to give them certain sets of personality traits. Traditionally associated with clear-sightedness, the Hare is an excellent judge of character and has a certain ability to recognize when others are lying. Another legend has it that the Hare possesses the secret recipe for the elixir of immortality. So whether we are believers or not, we can make use of Astrology to help us flesh out our characters.

They exchange gifts, enjoy festive decorations and eat symbolic foods to bring them good luck for the new year.
Now I not only had a set list of traits, I also had my character’s birthdays!  (Of course I didn’t stop there. A Hare’s home is typically a beautiful one, and they take great care and expend a lot of energy making it comfortable. I’m just grateful for all the other writers out there who share their tips and techniques to amateurs like myself. I also gave my characters certain quirks, and gave them the three most important things for any character to have: goals, motivations and conflict). So whenever I discover something useful in my own writing, I make sure to share it with others in case it helps them in some way.

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