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A great majority of people believe that it is wrong to be too specific when they set goals. Well, anyone who has achieved an objective through traditional goal-setting methods is well aware that including specific details is the key to its attainment.
However, if you set your aims too high, or make your goals unrealistic, then the Law of Attraction will work against you! Remember that when you reach for a goal to generate as much positive thoughts and feelings you can as they will ad power to your efforts through the Law of Attraction thus attracting more and more things to you that will get you closer and closer to your objective, until finally it falls in your lap! What Is Wellness Of The Mind?Healthy Grief, Unhealthy Grief10 More Ancient Alien MysteriesBe Happy! You have studied with so many teachers, who all sound right whenever they talk about applying the secret Law of Attraction, however if you are not manifesting happiness and joy in your life, you’ve missed the secret. But, the secret law of attraction continues to be working in your thoughts before heading to sleep. Never waste a desire on something you already don’t believe since this will give you more evidence to dis-believe which the Law of Attraction works. Most people only think to ask for health when they don't have it, but you can intend great health at any time. Live your dream in your heart and let the Universe move everything to bring your dream to you.
Essence numbers are complex calculations (so bear with us!) that are used to describe important transits in an individuals life. There are two words that, when spoken, have the most unfathomable power to completely change your life. When you exist in the great state of gratitude, you become a person who only wants to give. The belief that you should let the Universe decide how to bring you your goal seems to conflict with planning your goal strategy. After viewing films like “The Secret”, which is wonderful and enlightening, some people have the false belief that being specific is the wrong approach.

They fully realize that being as specific as you can increases the likelihood of achieving your goal. When these teachers talk of not getting caught up in the specifics they do not mean the goal itself.
You must also ensure you do not get frustrated if it appears that you may not reach your goal in the time-limit you specified. Once you become proficient at goal-achievement you can start to stretch yourself a little more each time. It’s not that the Law of Attraction was a secret, however the successful guidelines is a major secret. This is exactly why you could have to consciously believe of the good thoughts before you go to bed.
When you accept that you’re a loser, or if you believe that you will never have $1 million dollars, you will end up be right. Find something you can believe because if you are not believing, you’re doubting therefore you will not be able to utilize the Law of Attraction when in doubt. Many teachers in this movie guide you towards allowing the Universe to decide how you get what you want. These specifics should include completion date, a plan to follow that will lead to the achievement of the goal, stepping stone goals and highly specific details of the goal itself.
The Law will respond to this and your attraction vibration will be the opposite of what you want.
So, by setting goals and working a plan to achieve it you are actually focusing your energy, thoughts and emotions towards that of the desired objective.
As you begin to see overwhelming evidence that the Law of Attraction exists and that it is working in your favour you will be able to set you goals higher and bigger until there is nothing you cannot achieve.
So if we follow this approach how does setting a goal, complete with a plan for its attainment, fit into this attraction process?
For example, you may set a goal to have an increase in turn-over of $10,000 by the end of the quarter.

By having set time-limits for the achievement of each step of your goal and the goal itself your thoughts, energy and feelings are also focused in that direction. Even so, if you take a closer look at this statement you will see that the key word is poor.
You immediately devise a plan to increase sales and begin to build your goal steps by setting smaller goals that will lead to bigger goals that will lead to the attainment of your desired outcome. But by setting realistic goals, that do still stretch you, you can fully utilize the Law of Attraction to your advantage. Thus you are following one of the fundamental rules of the Law of Attraction – what you put our attention on expands. In order to attract wealth, you do not want to emanate poverty, because what you emanate, is exactly what will come back to you. So how does this fit into ‘The Universe knows the best way’ approach offered by most law of attraction experts?
So if you get specific in your goal and even set time-limits for specific tasks then the Law of Attraction is responding to those thoughts and the feelings associated with them.
By staying focused on the specifics your desired outcome and feeling very positive emotions about it and the attainment of it, you are adding tremendous power to the workings of the Law of Attraction. As long as you don’t feel negative about your goal, or the plan you have devised, goal-setting like this can be very powerful.
You can still be specific about your plan but remain flexible and look for other opportunities.

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