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Fly-on-the-primary-school-wall series The Secret Life of 5 Year Olds (Channel 4) has been a surprise ratings hit. Somewhere in south-east London, the President of the United States was taking a phone call.
Channel 4’s highest-rated single documentary of the year, The Secret Life of Four Year Olds, is back.
The series has been supported by The Wellcome Trust, who worked with the production company on its development to help make the science and scientists an integral part of the format.
Their funding support also enabled the production company to spend more time exploring the areas of science of interest to audiences and to include this within a collection of short online films which support the main series. Channel 4’s highest-rated single documentary of the year, The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds is back. Some familiar faces return in this Christmas special as the children from the original Secret Life of 4 Year Olds - Skyla, Jessica, Christian, Cuba and friends - reunite to put on their own version of the Nativity play, joined by some of the children from the new series. How do young children make and break friendships and learn to share, stand up for themselves, and find their place in a new social group? Children from the original programme and the series team up to put on their own nativity play. You might not remember being five-years-old, but The Secret Life Of 5 Year Olds reveals it's actually far more complex than you might think!Following on from last year's hit show, which gave a fly on the wall glimpse at life for four-year-olds, this year's heartwarming series follows four, five and six-year-olds as they socialise with each other - and it's as amusing as you'd imagine. When the five-year-olds come back in tonight's episode, after two weeks apart, Alfie and Emily are both overcome with excitement and run towards each-other crying 'I Love You!' in a ridiculously cute moment.Alfie likes Emily so much he keeps surprising her with pecks on the cheeks.
Another cute pairing are Beatrice and Elvin, who decide to "make a Minecraft world" and write sweet letters saying good-bye. In order to deliver a personalised, responsive service and to improve the site, we remember and store information about how you use it. The programme that lifted the lid on the riveting, uncensored drama of life in the nursery returns, this time in the form of a seven part series.

The programme shows how the children cope with the pressures of auditioning in front of their peers, as well as the excitement, nerves and disappointments of the casting process and the challenges of working together in rehearsals as the children try to make sense of the Nativity story. The scientists witness the processes children go through between four and six, teaching them how to care. Elvin feels rejected when Beatrice starts spending more time with Elouisa; can Beatrice and Elvin repair their friendship?
George takes the other children's rejection of his family's 'Essex Noodles' recipe to heart.
The pair invented their very own game called 'Rolling Disease', which is essentially rolling down a hill screaming. Exasperated, Emily tells the group "that's the fourth time he's done that." Alfie is delighted with himself.
Home-schooled Cuba struggles to cope with working collaboratively with his peers as he explores and tests boundaries. There’s been jealousy, feuds, tears and tantrums, alongside some sweet and funny moments.
These cookies are completely safe and secure and will never contain any sensitive information. We see them take their first steps towards independence, learning about friendships and social interaction with all the ups, downs and humour that this entails.Forthright Tia adopts a leading role amongst the group and is not afraid to express her opinion and teach the others right from wrong. Five-year-olds Emily and Alfie rekindle their fond friendship, and are both due to play sheep.
George, like everyone else in Channel 4’s latest fly-on-the-wall documentary triumph, The Secret Life of Five-Year-Olds, was a child spending a week at a nursery while cameras filmed his every move and utterance. When Emily has serious stage fright, Alfie offers to wipe her tears away and reminds her he'll be by her side. These are simple text files which sit on your computer, and are only used by us and our trusted partners.
However, Tyler is more interested in buses and numbers than joining in with the group, something he keeps a distance from.

Elvin lands the important role of narrator, but the responsibility soon begins to weigh heavily on his shoulders. His reluctance doesn’t deter Theo, who is committed to making Tyler his friend, whatever it takes! As performance day arrives, the week's ups and downs must be put to one side as the children take to the stage in front of family and friends, with just one chance to get it right. Channel 4’s series focusing on 4, 5 and 6 year olds is therefore fascinating, as its group of subjects get older and older. The Secret Life of 6 Year Olds continues the show’s winning blend of cute antics, surprisingly honest observations and amusing conversations.
When the group is asked to vote for the best, he starts to understand why the girl he painted is upset.
One boy, who grew up wearing shiny shirts on stage, testifies loudly to a crowd, while his dad tries to sell DVDs in the car park outside. Obscenely rich people, who pay through the nose for outrageous (and outrageously expensive) food.
Give any male a whistle, clipboard or barbecue and he’ll grow several inches taller. It’s hard to know whether the programme is meant to be celebrating the audacious cuisine or laughing at the swine on screen. But with Tracy-Ann Oberman’s narration over the top, the parade of excess becomes wonderfully grotesque.
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