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A fascinating documentary featuring adorable babies (and a few puppies too)… what’s not to love?
Next week ITV will premiere Barny’s newest documentary, The Secret Life of Babies, which investigates the crucial developments that take place during the first two years of our lives. As Barny’s first commercial representatives, we think his unique eye and storytelling ability will translate well to shorter form projects, and we are looking forward to seeing what clever campaigns all you creatives come up with.
Oxford Scientific Films’ Secret Life of Babies for ITV shows how the first two years of our lives are the most critical. It is a sequel to The Secret Life of Dogs, which was one of world’s most popular documentaries of 2013.

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With exclusive access to the industry’s innovators we tell you what’s being made, who’s making it, and when. This beautifully shot, heart-warming and scientifically revealing film, narrated by Martin Clunes, brings you babies as you've never seen them before.The first two years of our lives are the most critical of all. We grow more, learn more, move more and even fight more than at any other time in our life.

We have to master the complex skills of walking, talking and relating to the world around us. We laugh 300 times a day as a baby, but in the first few months we can't produce tears when we're upset. Secret Life of Babies reveals all these facts and more, telling incredible stories of babies resilience and survival skills to boot.This film will surprise, move, amaze and delight all those who have ever come into contact with a baby, whilst taking you from the moment of birth, through to the point where language begins, memories start to kick in, and a new phase of their lives takes over.

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