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Most people think babies don’t do much more than sleep and eat, but in documentary Secret Life of Babies, this myth is blown out of the water, as we get a detailed look at the critical first two years of a baby’s life, during which we grow, learn, move and fight more than at any time in other life. This heart-warming – and often surprising documentary – tells the story of what it’s like to be a baby, from their perspective, from their preference for sweet foods, to an aversion to plants, to the fact that most will have crawled around 70 miles by their second birthday.
This programme also explores babies’ natural abilities, such as being able to swim, with a reflex that allows any water they take in through their mouth to go straight to their stomach rather than into their lungs.
This very ability is what helped Kate Cooper’s six-month old son, Sam, survive accidentally falling into a harbour, with the mother’s terrifying story told in full in Secret Life of Babies. We’ll also hear the story of Thomas Barnard who was just three months old when he was diagnosed with severe epilepsy, suffering up to 100 seizures a day – meaning his parents Andy and Julianne had to monitor him around the clock. Thomas eventually had to undergo a procedure to surgically isolate his brain from his body – and how his brain has amazingly rewired itself.
Mum Julianne explained: “When you first say that, you think ‘how can you function with just half a brain?’ But then when you look, the studies show that if there’s a good side that can do the work then it can work.
Both of these stories and many more are shared in Secret Life of Babies, on STV at 9pm tonight (Tuesday June 3). Did you enter your details correctly?If you've forgotten your details then use the 'Forgot password?' link. Now that you've joined STV, we'll be able to send you email updates about STV's programmes and services. By continuing you agree to our Terms of Use, including our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. We've sent you a new verification email.Please check your email and follow the instructions to verify your account. To submit your vote for , please enter your date of birth to help us confirm your eligibility. Please tick this box to confirm that you are a resident of the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man. Please tick this box to confirm that you have received consent from a parent or guardian in order to complete this form and submit your vote. A fascinating documentary featuring adorable babies (and a few puppies too)… what’s not to love?

Next week ITV will premiere Barny’s newest documentary, The Secret Life of Babies, which investigates the crucial developments that take place during the first two years of our lives. As Barny’s first commercial representatives, we think his unique eye and storytelling ability will translate well to shorter form projects, and we are looking forward to seeing what clever campaigns all you creatives come up with.
There's nothing like a baby to bring a smile to even the most despondent of faces, but what's going on in their little minds? Babies have a natural reflex that stops them from breathing through their nose when submerged under water. Featuring babies of all shapes and sizes, Secret Life of Babies discovers how a baby’s rapidly changing body affects its behaviour and also meets the miracle babies who have survived against all the odds. New filming techniques offer a fresh perspective on baby development, starting with newborns and moving through their growth as they become toddlers.
The documentary also shows how impressive babies are through some truly powerful and inspiring personal stories. He excommunicated all Mafiosi – but can Pope Francis’ crusade against the Mafia effect change?
Investigates financial scandals rocking the Catholic Church and the efforts of Pope Francis to clean up the Vatican's multi-billion-dollar business dealings amid accusations of money laundering, corruption and misuse of donations. Donald Trump has emerged as the clear front runner for the Republican Presidential nomination. Her Majesty The Queen's 90th birthday is a personal milestone and a celebration: of a long life, still very much lived to the full and at the head of a devoted family.
Educators can purchase many episodes and learning guides of Firsthand and The Nature of Things for classroom use on the CBC Learning website.
The first two years of our lives are crucial to development, but as we remember none of it, there are facts galore here, such as why an aversion to plants explains why it's tricky to get little ones to eat their greens! We also laugh 300 times a day – but in the first few months can’t produce tears when we are upset. It is a sequel to The Secret Life of Dogs, which was one of world’s most popular documentaries of 2013.
While Bruce Willis may have given us some insight in Look Who's Talking, this documentary will reveal what it's like to be a baby from their perspective, and places them in unusual situations, from towering over a miniature village to experiencing 100-metre heights, to capture their reactions.

Babies have more bones in their body at birth than an adult does, yet they don’t have kneecaps.
By submitting your comments, you acknowledge that CBC has the right to reproduce, broadcast and publicize those comments or any part thereof in any manner whatsoever. Historian and Mafia Expert John Dickie investigates the long and complicated relationship between organized crime and the Catholic Church. She has defined the role of a modern monarch, leading the Royal Family and her subjects through the challenges of post-war reconstruction, conflicts in South Africa and Northern Ireland and the emotionally charged days after Princess Diana's death. British journalist Matt Frei looks at Trump’s chances of making it all the way to the White House.
It destroyed homes and historic buildings, killed more than six thousand, left thousands more injured and unaccounted for.
We also discover babies' survival instincts through first-hand accounts, including the amazing story of a six-month-old boy who survived underwater for six minutes after his pushchair was blown into a harbour.
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Please note that comments are moderated and published according to our submission guidelines. The film tells the story of the quake through exclusive video and interviews with survivors on Everest and in Kathmandu.
Most impressively, babies are able to breathe and drink at the same time, and recognize every sound produced in every language of the world.
Using this new research, Secret Life of Babies reveals what happens to us all and what it’s like to be a baby from their perspective.
We grow more, learn more, move more and even fight more than at any other time in our life.

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