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Scholastic News Online is a free resource with breaking news and highlights from the print magazine. Upgrade your Leveled Bookroom with the all new Leveled Bookroom Conversion Kit Grades K–3!Shipping April 15, LBR Conversion Kits will revitalize old bookrooms at a wildly affordable price! Duke Ellington was hailed as the "King of the Keys." This is a most fitting tribute to a great man who proudly celebrated the history of African-Americans from slavery to civil rights struggles. Available for grades 1-6, Scholastic News magazine brings high-interest current events and nonfiction to millions of classrooms each week.Additionally, our subscribers have FREE access to Scholastic News Interactive, an exclusive online learning tool featuring digital editions, videos, interactive features, differentiated articles, and much more. I'm a big, big reader, and I just love the way words make me feel and the way they transport me to new worlds.
The thing that really drew me to it was the fact that it's an individual, unique story.

She definitely wants to give her heart; she wants to be free to do that, but her past has kind of made her cautious about the way she does it. I know music theory, and I play the piano, so it definitely gives me a foundation, but it's totally different to play a stand-up, huge, wood, beautiful cello than to play a piano. That was a big challenge for me, especially because of the time restraints we were under and the pieces that the director wanted me to learn.
So it was a great energy and everyone kind of stepped up to the plate with a boldness and a confidence and a certain gentleness too that just made it really human. So I think that, overall, it was just a very enriching environment, a very exciting environment to see everybody transform—because we all transformed to the time period and these people. I tend to attract people that need a lot of love because I have a lot of love to give, so that's what I tend to attract.

I love that book, and I love the symbolism within it and the way it, while I was reading it, it made me think so much and think about a certain time period in America and how it affected people.
I read that when I was pretty young, and I just remember the visuals that were painted in that book were just so moving to me. As I became more and more into writing, those kind of books made me a better writer because it made me visualize images with the clarity that the person wrote it in. I remember reading that book, and at the end of the book I couldn't believe how one mind could construct such a complex story and made it simple to the point where I got it and fell in love with each character and was moved and connected to every part of the book.

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