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This beautifully shot film is also jam packed with heart-warming stories of cats who  take care of their owners, who save lives and who have survived against the odds. Our ten week cat-cam pilot study to investigate the wild diets of our cats, their foraging habits and general behaviour has given us several interesting insights into the world of our cats. Domestic cats are creatures that live so closely to us, and yet – in NZ at least – studies have been limited. The study – initiated by postdoctoral fellow Heidy Kikillus – followed the lives of ten cats living around the neighbourhood near the sanctuary Zealandia (Northland, Highbury, Kelburn, Karori).
Each cat has been fitted with a motion-sensitive camera that was turned on either during the day or at night by their owners to give us a two-hour snapshot of their behaviour.
I analysed approximately eighty hours of footage and the behaviour of the cat was coded into a variety of categories – from predation to locomotion, grooming to ingestion.

Despite predictions, no bird or rodent slaughter footage was captured on camera  – although we did receive a report from one owner of a bird and a mouse being brought home by their cat off camera. Our study didn’t mimic the results of overseas studies which have showed a higher kill rate however this could be put down to the small sample size, the limited 2 hour recordings and the fact that the camera may have acted as a hunting deterrent – much in the same way that cat-bibs have been shown to reduce predation.
If we can source more funding, we would like to embark on a larger more comprehensive study that will allow us to use GPS trackers to find out the range of our domestic cats and to see whether they stray into conservation areas. Additionally with the use of a smartphone application, owners could monitor their cat’s kill rate over a longer period to help us build a database. Given that technology is becoming cheaper, lighter and increasingly bespoke, no doubt there will be a range of tools that we can use to build a rich picture of our cats secret lives in the near future. As we witness the astonishing transformation a new-born kitten makes when growing into a fully-grown cat, we discover the amazing, secret life of cats..

No matter whether your cat’s the latest pedigree breed or common-or-garden household moggy, brand new filming techniques uncover the awe-inspiring qualities each and every one of them possesses.
Although there was no predation of birds, tracking behaviours like this and even the presence of cats will deter birds from nesting. Four lizards were caught and eaten on film (3 skinks and 1 gecko) and we also received 2 separate reports of a lizard being brought home off camera during the study period.

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