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Henry has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Alice Valko, since the third grade, and they are very close. It is revealed that (when Madison Cooperstein calls him in Smokin' Like a Virgin that Henry has two younger brothers (that could possibly be twins) that share a bedroom with him.
In Caught in a Trap Henry comes over to Ben's house and announces (via his outfit) that instead of college (or working at his uncle's swanky hotel in the Philippines), he will be joining the army. Ben is angry and Alice shows up, proclaims her love for him, and offers to let him sleep with her before he leaves. This is a great little book for younger readers packed with interesting facts and funny sketches. Bob Fowke is a prolific writer with over sixty books to his name or written in collaboration with other writers. Intuit director Debra Kerr gives some insight into the life and works of celebrated outsider artist Henry Darger. Chinese artist Lei Lei uses 3,000 found negatives to paint an anonymous portrait of Beijing.
It involved learning to joust on a wooden horse and assessing the costume of this young Henry VIII! Ben often seeks Henry out for relationship advice when he's having trouble with his girlfriend, Amy.

Alice asked him to dance, despite the fact that they'd broken up, but Henry turned her down. Alice confronts Ben, and tells him (Ben) that Henry slept with Adrian, and Ben, enraged because the divorce isn't final between him and Adrian yet, invites Henry over to yell at him. The book is quite simple, a great way for less confident readers to get into reading as there are lots of funny pictures to look at and only short pieces of text on each page. It was pretty cute, but the target readers were probably more like grade school kids and not 26 year old women. Most of his books have been published by major British publishers, mainly Hodder Headline but also Oxford University Press, Collins and Heinemann. He tells him that he will give him a job when Henry comes back and tells him to stay in touch.
And amidst the fun there are loads of interesting facts about the life and times of Henry VIII and Tudor England. The majority of them are history and science books for children but he is also the author of The Real Ancient Mariner, about the 18th-century British sailor who shot an albatross in 1719, thus inspiring the focal point of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's famous poem, The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere. Did you know: Henry got so fat that he had to be lowered on to his horse with a rope and pulley?
He looks at Henry VIII, what lead to him becoming King, his wives and children, what men and women wore, ate and the games and pastimes they participated in.

Fowke looks at the laws of the time, crimes, punishments, what it was like to be a prisoner of the Tower of London, what people of different classes did with their time, important people within Henry VIII’s court as well as a range of other pastimes, medicines and a small section about each of Henry VIII’s heirs.
Jane Seymour (who I HATE) was practically depicted as a saint by this author, and not as the home wrecking tramp that she truly was. There were a few inaccuracies, such as the suggestion that Anne Boleyn had six fingers or that Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk was Henry VIII’s cousin. But saying that this is a book for children and children most likely would not have read a multitude of books on Henry VIII, his wives and Tudor England as I have done! Therefore I think the little mistakes can really be overlooked as children would not notice them and it is better that they are reading the text and enjoy themselves.This is a fun little book, easy to read and packed with lots of information.
I read it in one evening and found myself laughing at many of the jokes and pictures within the book! This is certainly a book for children and a great way to introduce them to Henry VIII and Tudor England.

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