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Throughout this series, we will be examining the lives of the only five women in the list of names in Jesus’ genealogy in the book of Matthew. How do you show that someone is a Gun Nut, Crazy-Prepared or just plain needs to be taken seriously?
Any properly equipped Super Multipurpose Room will have at least one of these in one of the secret compartments.
In the manga, it isn't so much a Wall of Weapons as it is a Closet of Weapons (Including the inside of both doors), but it's still there.
In Eden of the East, amnesiac Akira Takizawa is none too happy to discover that his temporary establishment in Washington DC has one of these in the closet. Homura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica is already notable for using her Magical Girl Hyperspace Arsenal to carry around not only guns, but military ordnance. A weird example can be found in Rosario + Vampire with Mizore's mother, who keeps a small weapons cache (including what appears to be an assault rifle) hidden behind a bookshelf which shocked the other characters when they saw it.
Later in the manga, recently-introduced character Fong-Fong of the Wong family apparently keeps assault rifles, handguns, and dynamite on the wall in the kitchen. The Incredible Hercules: During the "Assault on New Olympus" arc, we see part of Ares' collection. In the X-Men crossover event X-cutioner's Song, there's a scene where Cable enters one of his many safehouses to replenish his weaponry. Lord of War has a small one of these inside Yuri's shipping container, right next to the multiple passports. And again in The Matrix Reloaded, when Neo and the Merovingian's hitmen start looting the wall of weapons in his castle during their fight. Terminator 2: Judgment Day has Sarah Connor with an underground cache of weapons hidden in the desert. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles also has Sarah keep concealed weapons scattered around the house, such as a shotgun hidden behind wallpaper, and a huge trunk of rifles and shotguns under everyone's respective beds.
In Commando Arnie robs an army surplus store for the material for his Lock and Load Montage, as well as a hidden gun room with weapons covering the walls which include water-cooled machine guns and claymore mines. Hot Fuzz plays with this: The evidence room for the police station is completely empty and the room containing the emergency response gear is covered with cobwebs. Men in Black has an impressive wall of impossible sci-fi superweapons in the form of Jeebs' Jewelery.
Rosewood uses this in Beverly Hills Cop II to show he's no longer as much of a dweeb as he was in the previous film.
In Falling Down, the main character Will Foster falls into possession of a duffel bag brimming with automatic weapons, and is a menace for the rest of the movie.
Burt's basement in Tremors features a literal Wall of Weapons, which he and his wife use to devastating effect when a Graboid breaks through the wall opposite.
In Tremors 2: Aftershocks, Burt's wall of weapons is shown again, and later, he rolls in a massive truck loaded with double rifles, machine guns and a huge anti-tank rifle, plus enough explosives to level four city blocks.
Burt (Sitting against the side of his truck, surrounded by dead Shriekers and spent shells): I am completely out of ammo! In The Crow, Top Dollar pulls his katana from a pleasantly mounted wall-cabinet full of wonderful toys. In The Mummy Trilogy Rick is frequently shown to have numerous guns nearby at all times, in case he has to blow off some mummy's head. In the first movie, during the boat voyage down the Nile, Rick startles Evy when he thunks down a heavy duffle bag right in front of her, then unrolls it to reveal that the duffle is stuffed with weapons.
Captain Englehorn in Peter Jackson's King Kong (2005) not only has a rack of rifles on the wall of his ship's cabin, but also keeps a stash of Thompson submachine guns under his bed.
The Boondock Saints features a Basement Room of Weapons, up to and including a DShK heavy machinegun.

It looks like all they took were four suppressed Beretta 92s (and maybe a Franchi PA3), a knife and some rope, since we never see them use anything else. In Kick-Ass Big Daddy and Hit Girl's safehouse has every wall covered in high-powered firearms. In the first Wayne's World film, Wayne averts this trope after getting a present from psycho-hose-beast Stacey. Future War has a rather anemic one in the police station (with a whopping three weapons) which the MST3K crew mocks. Mitchell has a burglar shot by the homeowner while standing near a gun cabinet fully stocked with weapons. An Anachronism Stew version appears in Angels & Demons with the Swiss Guard armoury, where modern assault rifles are racked next to medieval halberds and crossbows.
In the Kitty Norville series, hired gun Cormac has an entire shed full of weapons specifically designed to kill werewolves and vampires. Mara Jade Skywalker kept a Wall of Weapons on her personal starship back as an assassin, as shown in her eponymous comic mini-series. Roarke in the In Death series has a very extensive collection of weapons from the medieval to the modern. The cover art for The Unbeholden shows a major character standing in front of his Wall of Weapons. Narrator: The child-sized weapons were helpfully placed on the bottom shelf, so kids wouldn't have to climb to reach them. A highly overpowered disposable assault weapon forms a key part of the climax of William Gibson 's All Tomorrow's Parties. When Michael Vaughn goes to Jack Bristow for help in Alias, Bristow shows him his underground bunker, where every available surface is covered in guns and other assorted weapons. In Supernatural all hunters have a hidden wall of weapons in their home, vehicle, or house of worship. Angel keeps a cabinet full of many different weapons, ranging from swords and crossbows to a sharpened baseball bat. Buffy has one, too, in her training room at the Magic Box (after Willow turns evil, she uses them as a Flechette Storm with her telekinetic powers).
Each woman had a secret and each of their stories challenged the perception of how God would rescue the world.
But then along comes the finale, when she finds herself facing Walpurgisnacht alone, and we get a look at just how much stuff she actually has◊.
She mentions she always wanted be a spy when she was little and took up gun collecting as a side hobby. Given that he's the heir of the biggest and baddest youkai gang in Hong Kong and the family house is like a castle, it makes a little more sense.
Among dozens of handguns, rifles and grenades there are also several movie shout-outs such as the sword from Conan The Barbarian, a lightsaber and the minigun from Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
On the wall are dozens of futuristic guns (which, given his origin, actually are from the future), many of them even larger than he is. The first was given to him by an old man and his apprentice Bruce sent him to train, the second came from Lady Shiva.
Yu Shu Lien is using a Wall of Weapons to try to defeat Jen Yu who wields the legendary sword Green Destiny. Later, after Angel raids a farmer's enormous Barn of Weapons, they're stored in the police station, until Angel returns for a Lock and Load Montage. Part of outfitting their fancy apartment on the upper floor of the shopping mall includes installing a row of rifle racks on one wall.
Curiously, a pair of pimptastic Desert Eagles (and gold watches, a pager, and two moneyclips full of large denomination bills) is sufficient payment for a whole duffel bag of guns.
Mortimer (Lee Van Cleef) has a rolled up blanket on his horse, which is unrolled early in the movie to reveal a large number of rifles and pistols.

Winston Churchill has one of these in 10 Downing Street, giving him a chance to demonstrate that Authority Equals Asskicking. Lily is shown packing weapons for her Professional Killer boyfriend from a wall of weapons inside a locked wallsafe, ranging from knives to a sniper rifle.
However, Mitchell notices that all of the guns in the cabinet except for one lying near the corpse were unloaded, and the burglar wasn't tall enough to reach said gun - leading Mitchell to think that it was a murder instead of a burglary.
Klaus Schmidt in his wood-paneled office filled with books and antiques, then a reverse shot reveals the opposite wall is made of glass, leading into a white-painted surgery lined with sinister instruments. The Hong Kong hitman hired to kill the protagonist has all his weapons laid out for him on the bed. After finding a fellow agent tortured and murdered in her apartment, Wesley's Snipes character ponders the broken wall mirror from where she had her head smashed into the glass, breaks another mirror panel with his pistol and removes weapons and equipment from behind it. The Monoc headquarters deserves special mention for containing multiple floors of armories, stocked with everything from sharp sticks to state-of-the-art anti-tank weaponry, and enough of each to outfit a small army. It's heavily implied in the Legacy of the Force series (grown into an Action Mom by this point) that she still keeps weapons and other such equipment hidden around her family's apartment in case there's a need to go Mama Bear, as there's a scene in Sacrifice where she's preparing such equipment, with Luke half-surprised that she managed to hide some of this stuff from him for all this time (although he probably just didn't bother to look out of respect for privacy).
The brobdingnagian spaceship Nostalgia for Infinity has a warchive containing examples of over four million hand weapons — spanning twelve centuries of gunsmithing from blunderbuss to plasma rifle. Salvatore's Drizzt Do'Urden novels, when Zaknafein is beginning his teaching of Drizzt and reveals a massive wall armory, telling him to take his pick and find out which ones he prefers. In his case it's less an indication of being Crazy-Prepared and more another way to demonstrate his membership in the Fiction 500, but he does demonstrate his proficiency with several of the firearms all the same. Dickson novel Lost Dorsai (part of the Childe Cycle): the titular hero has wall of musical instruments displayed as if they were weapons which convinces the narrator that he truly has become a pacifist.
Its not quite as big as Larin Moxla imagines at first glance, but the sight of so much clean armor, weapons and ammunition is enough to almost make her weep.
In Season 5 he starts keeping what is probably an entirely different set on the wall of his CEO office at Wolfram & Hart. Before this, her Watcher kept them in a cabinet inside the cage holding the restricted book section of the school library. This can range from a literal wall covered with weapons, to a pile of various weapons laid out on a table or floor, to a shot displaying an arsenal of guns and other weaponry on his person.
Unfortunately, Erik's powers aren't controlled enough to use these as actual weapons; they all get thrown harmlessly against the glass. Chesterton's The Man Who Was Thursday has weapons on every single wall — guns in the outer passageways, bombs in the central chamber.
And if that isn't sufficient, the warchive can sift its blueprints and custom-design and build a weapon for your exact needs in minutes. In the second book, they have weapons embedded in literally every wall in the house, as well as an underground Walmart of guns, flamethrowers, and lasers. Generally, any shot or scene displaying an enormous range of firepower, intended to show how well-armed or crazy a person or group is, fits under this trope.
Even he eventually runs out of firepower, but then goes on to state that he was expecting weapons requiring penetration, not predicting the need for full-auto. The only drawback is its simpering artificial persona, which causes the heroine to empty her gun into the warchive once she's got the weapons she wants. Note that there will rarely be any sign of sufficient quantities of ammo to load all of these marvelous toys.

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