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I was in a record store Saturday, and I noticed this CD in a pile of recent trade-ins on the check out counter.
I remember this record only because I got it from a library when I was a kid and the song about venus flytraps scared me. I've always been intrigued by Secret Life because I remember back in the day critics referred to this as Stevie's Tales from Topographic Oceans. Was always amazed that those albums are chock full of synths (Kurzweils, if I remember correctly).
LOL, if Stevie hadn’t had all those hits and won all those awards, Berry Gordy would never have let him release this! The song Overjoyed was originally meant to be on the album (its ambient sound effects are a clue) but ended up a hit single a few years later. The records that Robert Margouleff and Malcolm Cecil produced indeed used TONTO (that would be half the point of working with those two, wouldn't it?). I'm not sure about pianos or organs, but I know Kurzweil produced one of the really big samplers of the 80's, the 250, which cost like 10 grand. The World woke up this morning with the shocking news that one of the most beloved artists of our time had lost his 18-month private battle with cancer. We will reserve our judgement on this one, but invite you to let us know what you think in the comments. In the spring of 1985, there were two types of Prince fans–those who boarded the violet-hued bandwagon years before Purple Rain (both the album and the film) became the pop culture sensation of the year, and those who were recent converts to the church of soulfully spooky electric funk. Although Prince’s success had been in motion since 1978 when he was an Afro wearing teen riding his bicycle to go meet Cynthia Horner and posed for the cover of Right On, his debut For You was an alright album that barely hinted at dude’s forthcoming genius.
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On Saturday September 27, 2014 The Rooks took the stage at NYC’s Mercury Lounge and did the almost impossible: They convinced this cynic that the next generation of musicians is keeping good, pure soul music alive, one song at a time.
With Garth Taylor slaying songs on vocals, Gabe Gordon killing it on keys, Louis Russo grooving on bass, Graham Richman getting down on guitar, Spencer Hattendorf doing some backup singing and slaying the sax, and Nate Mondschein doing the damn thing on the drums, The Rooks showed and proved that listening to their mom and dad’s records have really rubbed off. In continuing with our celebration of Stevie Wonder’s birthday, we present this concert.
Without overstating the importance of this, the world of soul music is forever indebted to Stevie Wonder! Born on May 13, 1950 in Saginaw, Michigan as Steveland Hardaway Judkins, this man would endure many obstacles in his young life, all culminating to the point where he would become the greatest musician of his generation. Celebrating one of the brightest soulstars would be incomplete without giving a taste of her music.

Note also that one of his producers at this time, Malcolm Cecil, later worked with Steve Hillage (on Motivation Radio, which also featured the rhythm section of Stevie's live band).
I'm not sure if that meant there is anything proggy about Secret Life or whether that meant only that it is pretentious, but who cares? I think Stevie was one of the only musicians to use one on a commercially available recording. I read in Keyboard magazine back in the 80's that Secret Life Of Plants is considered the first album to use digital sampling. I think at that point, TONTO mostly consisted of Moog and ARP stuff, though subsequently bits from other manufacturers were added. If I remember correctly, Robert Moog was involved in R&Ding it, and they were actually advertising it for like a year before it was finally introduced properly. The month-long observance was first declared in 1979 by President Jimmy Carter, with the encouragement of legendary songwriter-producer Kenny Gamble, broadcaster Ed Wright and media maven Dyana Williams. What was once a cult had seemingly overnight turned into a crowded congregation of fans who were turned out by the haunting beauty of the single “When Doves Cry,” which was in constant rotation on MTV as well as Black radio; the release of Purple Rain in theaters two months later marked a new age and millions of new listeners. A fan since my Baltimore high school days when I discovered him while kickin’ out the jams in my cousin’s bedroom, where “Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad” and “Bambi” changed my life, I’d always admired Prince’s chameleon styled quality. Gonzales, Michael Jackson, Nona Hendryx, Prince (musician), Singing, Songs in the Key of Life, Stevie Wonder, The Voice (U.S.
This sister’s sound invokes the refreshing simplicity and natural beauty of the genre we all cut our teeth on: rhythm and blues.
Musical genius and sound pioneer of a generation, Stevie Wonder, will be performing in full his entire Songs in the Key of Life album. His presence helped to shape the genre in the 70’s, which was one of its most formidable decades. As though Stevie hasn’t given us much and more, for his 39th birthday he performed a full concert, Live at the Wembley Arena in London. From his annual House Full of Toys benefit concert, to his designation as a United Nations Messenger of Peace, Wonder has lived a life of service and humility. On Chaka Khan’s 61st birthday, we wanted to bring you this concert looking at her early solo career. This documentary, directed by Walon Green, was based on " The Secret Life of Plants" book by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. It was monophonic and apparently had to be interfaced via another synth (I think Stevie used his ARP 2600 to control it). Over the years, Williams, herself a respected Philadelphia-based broadcaster and current president of the Philadelphia chapter of The Recording Academy of Arts & Sciences (as well as the ex-wife of Kenny Gamble), has kept the torch of Black Music Month lit and in the minds of the masses.

Playing her song “Feels So Nice”, you can’t help but to feel the warm invitation to have a lazy Sunday afternoon swinging on a porch.
Not only is she bringing remarkable vocal skills, but the soundbed accompanying her is majestic, stylish and simply compelling. But as you let it resolve, you realize how complex all of those elements are, and you are swept away by the finish.
Though the 1978 album was his eighteenth album in his very prodigious career, it is easily one of his most lauded and easily recognizable.
The young Womack would take the lessons of his mentor to heart, such that he could learn how to be a legendary soul star in his own right. This full length feature demonstrates Stevie in rare form, reviewing his whole catalog through the late 80’s. I suppose it got lost in the long shadow cast by the massively successful Songs In The Key Of Life, but it sounds like a great album to my ears! Using the base formula of R&B and jazzing up the tracks with a certain flair and joie de vivre, you can feel the presence of the classically trained musician on every track of her debut LP Vintage Heart. With shades of Ledisi, Phyllis Hyman and even Fertile Ground, this EP is refreshingly pleasant to listen to and we look forward to hearing much more from this musician. Indeed, after the band dissolved, Womack continued singing, as well as playing guitar and songwriting. Of course, before Stevie Wonder comes in we wade through an only customary, salacious birthday greeting from movie’s most bromantic couple of them all- James Franco and Seth Rogen. At last year’s annual House Full of Toys benefit concert in Los Angeles, Wonder did perform all of Songs. Notably, he has worked with artists such as Aretha Franklin, Ronald Isley, and Stevie Wonder. The funk of the guitar and drum snap is so rock, but the vocals are so R&B, but the groove is so funk.
But this new tour is set to have some embellishments while playing the album straight through.
It’s like Lenny Kravitz, John Mayer, James Brown, and Bob Dylan just all crammed themselves into one band and, voila, The Rooks.

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