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I saw the above street art the other day and I was curious to find out more about Anselm Kiefer and why people are not digging his work. For years, we had been mystified by the Stevie Wonder album of nearly the same name, because the movie was nowhere to be found. Time-lapse photography documents the pain and joy plants experience and how they communicate it. The book was the basis for the 1979 documentary of the same name directed by Walon Green and featuring a soundtrack by Stevie Wonder, later released as Journey through the Secret Life of Plants.
Without plants, humans and animals could not survive, so it’s no wonder we long to communicate with them.
More recently, however, “plant whisperers”—super-sensitive plant lovers who talk to their lettuce seedlings or play Mozart for the orchids—have been much maligned. Four decades and innumerable scientific studies later, the plant culture wars are heating up again—with some flora lovers calling for the ethical treatment of plants.
New research has shown that plants, while lacking a central nervous system, do indeed have a sensual life. One key discovery regarding plant communication is that pea vines can signal to other peas in a field.
But maybe the reason plants don’t respond to our desperate attempts to communicate is simple: they don’t need humans.
The Secret Life of Plants explores the idea that plants may be sentient, despite their lack of a nervous system.It's much more than just about plants, and delves quite deeply into such topics as the aura, pyschophysics and the history of science.
Carsten Witte's main concern with photography is to show beauty but also with the hint of how fast it fades.
Witte has gallery representation in Germany, Sweden, Turkey and the United States and his other projects may viewed on his website. Os traigo este disco de Stevie Wonder, Estebita Maravilloso para los amigos, con el que pase muchos ratos en mi tierna juventud. Es un disco extrano para su epoca (salio en 1979) cuando la fama de Stevie Wonder era maxima en Estados Unidos.

Stevie Wonder hizo un disco en gran parte instrumental con muchas mezclas de sintetizador convirtiendose en unos de los primeros disco grabados digitalmente.
Aqui os dejo unos tutubos, espero que lo disfruten, ahora yo recomiendo escucharlo entero y dejarse llevar por el. Efectivamente cuando la he publicado he estado tentado de incluir el tutubo de la aventura de las plantas.
Por cierto, al hilo de la aventura de las plantas -si no recuerdo mal lo mejor era la cabecera, porque despues era un pestino, ?o recuerdo mal?- esa musica suena completamente Vangelis, ?es asi? Now, with the power of the internet, we have discovered this fascinating unreleased and rare movie, The Secret Life of Plants, which features a mysterious soundtrack by Stevie Wonder.
The book, which is generally regarded as a pseudoscientific work, discusses the alleged unusual phenomena regarding plants such as plant sentience, as well as alternative philosophy and alternative farming methods. The film made heavy use of time-lapse photography (where plants are seen growing in a few seconds, creepers reaching out to other plants and tugging on them, mushrooms and flowers popping open, etc.).
Many past civilizations worshiped plants and have tried to converse with them through rituals and other means. Even Prince Charles, a fanatic gardener, says he has been called “loony this, loony that” for his habit of talking with trees and plants. Researchers at Ben-Gurion University found that pea plants exposed to drought emitted chemicals from their roots that caused nearby non-exposed plants to defend themselves against the same dry conditions. Recuerdo como lo escuchaba sin entender muy bien aquella musica pero que se quedo grabada en mi memoria. Conforme lo escuchas vas recorriendo el mundo envuelto en una capa de sensaciones acusticas, desde la creacion del mundo y pasando por todos los lugares donde habitan las plantas . Por cierto, la simultaneidad en la publicacion del post ha sido producto de la casualidad ????.
This modern form of plant whispering came onto the cultural scene in the 1960s and ’70s, in large part due to The Secret Life of Plants, a best-selling book purporting to prove that plants are conscious beings with emotions capable of communicating with humans.
This is just one of many studies that suggest that plants can- not only learn from information, but also react and remember.

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