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I have never watched Secret Life, but I have seen all 7th heaven episodes and are a true, fan so I have to se this!!
I love ruthie she was cute groing up on 7th heaven and I hope that will be the same with secret life and hopes she make it big with this as she did with 7th heaven as well known Ruthie….
ABC Family’s Secret Life of the American Teenager is laughably bad both in quality and in the messages it sends across about teen sexuality. When Amy was pregnant by a guy she’d slept with once and wasn’t dating, what did she do?
The show was created by Brenda Hampton, the mastermind behind long-running family series 7th Heaven, which had plenty of ridiculous storylines of its own.

When you masturbate, you should put rose petals all over your bed and listen to romantic music. On Secret Life, when Grace decided that masturbating was a good alternative to sex, she had a romantic scene where she led herrself upstairs by the hand to a bed with rose petals strewn all over it and popped a CD into the player. Getting married in high school is not only adorable, it’s something your parents will approve of and encourage.
Accept a proposal from geeky Ben, who was in love with her and prepared to raise the child as his own. This could have been a nice storyline in a romcom, but Amy and Ben were both fifteen years old.

Not only that, but their attempted marriage was portrayed as sweet and endearing, plus Ben’s dad (more about him later) was completely on board with the idea.

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