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She was conceived during a one-night-stand between her parents in the back of her father's car.
Adrian experienced some issues with Mercy while she was in the womb, but was told everything was okay. The episode starts with teens Amy (Shailene Woodley) and Ben (Kenny Baumann) sharing that proverbial awkward moment when they are now “boyfriend and girlfriend” since their first “date,” but still have the butterflies when the other approaches. Madison and Lauren catch up with Amy to ask if she told her parents yet she was pregnant, but Amy goes for the denial approach, saying it’s better if she acts as if it “never happened.” As Madison and Lauren worry about their friend’s lack of a reality check, Ben’s friends Alice (Amy Rider) and Henry (Allen Evangelista) overhear that she had sex with Ricky. Later in band class, the inappropriate bad boy Ricky (Daren Kagasoff) approaches Amy and dumbly starts talking about how equally-bad girl Adrian (Francia Raisa) stood him up and got caught kissing the football player (Jack, Greg Finley) who is dating the cheerleader (Grace, Megan Park). Then the stupid idiot has the audacity to ask Amy if she wants to “do something tonight.” Amy tells him no, feeling that he’s insinuating sex, but Ricky acts as if he wants to just hang out, pulling the “friend” card.
Adrian catches up with Ricky, telling him he should go for someone more like himself, saying he will eventually forgive her for kissing Jack. Meanwhile, Amy’s friends are back on the kick to bring Amy back to reality and think she could tell Ricky she’s pregnant.
When Grace’s mother Kathleen comes to the nurse’s office to pick up Grace, she realizes her daughter isn’t really sick, but is upset about her boyfriend kissing Adrian, plus the humility because the whole school knows.
The aggressive Adrian then catches Jack in the hallway (lots of hallway scenes in this episode!), and pulls his zipper up, using her flirting skills to the best of her ability. Ricky and Adrian share another moment, arguing about what the other person has done to whom. Finally school is out, and Ben and his friends Henry and Alice are sharing an afterschool snack in Ben’s bedroom.
After school, Adrian catches up with Amy, asking her if she has any interest in Ricky, even saying she will stay away if she does (doubtful). Amy gets a voice mail from Ben about this time, where he tells her there’s a rumor going around that she may have dated Ricky.
At home, Amy is ignoring her friends, which draws attention from her sister Ashley (India Eisley), who wonders why she’s not talking to her two BFFs. In the kitchen, Amy’s mother Anne (Molly Ringwald) questions her husband why he is late getting home and tells him she wants to see an accountant to make sure they are saving enough for the kids’ education. Over at Grace’s house, Jack tries to talk to her, but Grace’s dad Marshall (John Schneider) calls Jack out for being such a lousy, cheating boyfriend. But Grace loves Jack (or so she thinks) and it’s apparent that she’s going to give him a second chance. Back at school, morning sickness is becoming a problem and Amy ends up in the restroom (so far only her friends are aware). Seeing Amy, Ben tells her he didn’t mean to pressure her into saying “I love you.” But Amy wants to know exactly what he heard about her and Ricky. Photo: Francia Raisa plays the role of bad-girl Adrian in The Secret Life of the American Teenager on ABC Family. By the way i’ve got a big crush on FRANCIA after seeing her movie “THE CUTTING EDGE” and wishing to her in person! You can watch full episodes of Secret Life of the American Teenagers online at ABC Family’s website.
Series finale!  And what a sweetheart!  I hope she’ll feel gamma rays and smell dark matter. As revealed in Back to School Special, when Adrian was six-months-old, Ruben married his first wife and started his own family, which produced a son.
Before their marriage, they bought the house next door to the Juergens family from George Juergens, and moved in together.

Dante is a supporting character in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, introduced in Season 4. When Dante returns, he tries to get Adrian to go out with him again, and tells her that he couldn't stop thinking about her. At first, Adrian considered abortion, but backed out and she and Ben decided to keep their child. When you add the rumor factory that ran rampant in this episode, it really was like high school.
Seeing Amy in the hallway, he gestures to carry her books to class, as Amy’s friends Madison (Renee Olstead) and Lauren (Camille Winbush) gawk. I don’t know why Ricky thinks he should be talking about his love life with Amy, who he slept with at band camp. She encourages him to come to herhouse in the evening so he can get the apology in person (anotherwords, sex). As she professes her love for Jack, Kathleen tries to get her daughter to get over Jack, but instead Grace wants to give Jack the benefit of the doubt. She brings up Amy, he brings up Jack, wondering what when on between her and Jack besides the kiss (he said Jack told all in the locker room).
While Ben contemplates professing his love to Amy for the rest of his life (he’s even talking about marriage and kids!), his friends break the news to him that Amy slept with Ricky, wanting him to date other people instead of falling in love with the first person he dates.
Amy yells out loud, “Never happened!” Grabbing Ricky, she asks if he told anyone, and he says he didn’t, but tells her to ask her two girlfriends. Amy gets rid of her, but not before Ashley says she knows she’s lying because she’s stuttering.
George is keeping something from her, because he was nervous about the “why he was late” part, and didn’t want her to peer into their finances. Adrian must have some issues about being alone, because she practically begs Ricky to stay with her. Once again, Jack uses the Christian card, “If God can forgive me, why can’t you?” Grace falls for his crap for the most part, but does want to know if anything besides a kiss happened between him and Adrian. He and Cindy were high school sweethearts, until Cindy purposely got pregnant to trap him into a marriage, then when he offered to marry her, she turned down his proposal and told him to stay out of her and their child's life until Adrian was 18, yet he still paid child support for the first sixteen years of Adrian's life, until Adrian snuck into her school file, found Ruben's name, and tracked him down. According to The Secret Wedding of the American Teenager, Ruben's son currently lives in Mexico with his mother. Cindy and Ruben married on February 6, 2010, the same day as John Juergens's first birthday, and unbeknownst to them, Adrian had gotten pregnant by Ben the previous month. Grace wanted to go on a double date with Daniel, and "the guy upstairs", implying that Dante and Omar live together.
When he suddenly doesn't call her, Adrian gets worried and goes to his apartment, where she meets Omar, Dante's older brother.
She tells him that while he was gone, she went out with Omar, and that supposedly Omar hates her because she insisted on kissing Ricky in front of him, but that she still cares about him (Omar). The next day, Adrian met her doctor at the hospital who told her the baby had passed away in the womb Mercy was delivered stillborn. Of course, Ben doesn’t know the appropriate way to send Amy off when he reaches the classroom, so he pats her on the shoulder.
Still pissed off about it, he blows her off, but Adrian doesn’t know why he’s interested in Amy, who she refers to as a child.
Ricky tells Adrian that he did sleep with Amy, though Adrian’s having a hard time believing it. This whole scene with him is excellent as he puts Jack in his place and tells him he may not let Grace date him in the future.

While watching this scene, I was guessing that someone was hidden in the restroom stall, but it didn’t happen. Her friends say it was nothing, but it sets off alarms for Alice and Henry, who think there may be more to the story. Amy and Ben are clearly an item now, so now she’s going to have to face not only telling her parents (if she ever does!) but her new boyfriend. I want to see watch the movie “Secret Life of the American Teenager” but i cant find a good source, could u please give some idea? I want to see or watch the movie “Secret Life of the American Teenager” but i cant find a good source, could u please give some idea? When Ruben found out from Leo Boykewich that Adrian was pregnant, he told Cindy and began to try and talk her out of an abortion. Dante and Omar both go to college with Daniel, but he (Daniel) only seems to be friends with Omar, going so far as to try to put his foot down when Grace asked him to ask Dante out for Adrian, by claiming that he was a player. But from this conversation, we learn that Grace’s mother Kathleen (Josie Bissett from Melrose Place) used to be married to Amy’s dad George (Mark Derwin). While Grace is in the nurse’s office talking to her mother, Jack is talking to the guy he pays to do his homework. Coming back in, Grace wants to know what Jack said, and Marshall has to explain to his daughter that Jack seems to be interested in only sex. Molina does a good job of getting Ben to see that her past is not any of his business, and that even if she did sleep with Ricky, she probably is embarrassed and wants to forget it. Grace tells him not to ever pressure her again about sex, but Jack says its conditional on how long the wait is. From the previews of the season as well as what I’ve seen of Ben’s character, it appears that he will be there to support her.
With his third marriage, he married a woman with two sons, and helped raise them from small children to the point that he considered them like his own biological children. He was firmly against the abortion and thrilled when Adrian told him she had decided not to at the last moment, but things between him and Cindy remain rocky, since she did not want Adrian to repeat her past and be pregnant at 17-years-old and blames him for Adrian not terminating the pregnancy. Omar tells Adrian that Dante went backpacking through Europe, but that it was wrong of him not to come clean with Adrian about his leaving America for a while. Some girls are more discreet about their sex lives.” Adrian calls her a band geek and doesn’t think she’s capable of having a sex life.
Grace does a great job rolling her eyes at her father throughout the scene, which really brings in the reality of talking to a teen (believe me, I have one — they love to roll their eyes!). Taking her off guard, he professes his love to her, though he tells her she shouldn’t feel obligated to reciprocate. However, after Adrian came into his life, his step-son Max began a sexual and romantic relationship with Adrian and his old feelings for Cindy began to surface, until it ended in his second divorce. He interrupts Grace and her mom talking, worried about his girlfriend, but Kathleen allows her to go home. He tells her that Jack is trying to play on her low self-esteem and that she can do better.

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