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Episode Synopsis: The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 5 Episode 13 “To Each Her Own” – Amy buys a thrift store wedding dress and is the only one who likes it, while Anne discovers that her ex, David, might be the biological father of Robie.
Anne decides that Amy should have more responsibility now that she is almost done with her pregnancy.
Adrian and Ben independently both have second thoughts about having a baby and getting married. Meanwhile, Jack‘s dad helps Jack realize that even though a part of him wants Grace back, he doesn't want to lose Madison, and therefore he truly loves Madison. Amy's in the kitchen with baby John, making soup for dinner, when Anne walks in carrying a suspicious brown paper bag. Over at the Lee household, Adrian's trying to study for a test, but she can't concentrate because her mom and Ruben have taken over the apartment with all their lovey-dovey talk.
Meanwhile, Kathleen and Tom are on their way back from dropping Marshall off at a private airport. Back at the Lee household, Ricky stops by to see Adrian, only to come face-to-face with Ruben.
But Lauren might as well be old news to Ricky, because he's set his sights on somebody else: Grace. And of course, gymnast Shawn Johnson just happens to come back to Grant High, fresh from winning gold at the Beijing Olympics.
Adrian texts Ricky to talk to him about it but he invites his mom and her girlfriend over in case Adrian shows up at his apartment because he doesn't want to discuss it with her. And on his guidance counselor’s recommendation, Ricky shows up with flowers for Amy trying to woo her before he sleeps with her instead of pressuring her. George is meddling in Ashley‘s and Amy‘s life because he‘s tired of being single and doesn't know how to move on from his relationship with Anne.

Amy confronts Anne about the bag and her recent weight gain, and Anne reveals she's bought an early pregnancy test.
Here's what we know about her: Ben doesn't think she's exactly stepmother material, and she has HUGE breasts. But when they see Leo with Betty, Ashley's convinced that Betty's a prostitute (smart girl!).
Tom tells his mom that Grace is going to lose her virginity to Jack, which prompts Kathleen to call home.
Not only has Adrian disappeared, supposedly with Marc Molina, but Madison and Lauren are telling everybody that Ricky 's in therapy.
And with Adrian gone, he and Grace confess their true feelings for each other, but decide to take things slowly. He convinces her to live with him and his family for a trial period, and to enroll at an all-girls school. Her counselor Katelyn expresses that she doesn’t think Adrian understands the toll having a baby takes on a woman and it‘s not possible that she‘ll be back at school in six days. Ben also tells Amy that he‘s not ready to get married and have a baby, but Amy stays neutral. The girls encourage him to move on because Anne has started dating an old high school friend even though she has no intention of marrying him any time soon. Speaking of breasts, Henry brings up the fact that Amy's have increased a bit since she's started nursing, and that she's now the talk of the whole school.
But, just as Adrian's telling Ricky it might not happen tonight, Grace calls to say that tonight IS the night for her and Jack.
Adrian rushes over to the Bowman house, where Grace and Jack are ready to get it on, and ruins the mood by warning Grace that she's not ready.

Dad not only seems to have the magic touch with John, he's also brought real food (steaks!) for Amy and Anne. She urges Grace to call her father, since the two had a fight just before he left about whether she's ready to have sex. But before Ricky leaves, he goes off on Ruben about all his mistakes, especially abandoning Adrian and hurting Cindy.
But she doesn't have much time to bask in the glow because, just as Jack's about to head out, Kathleen and Tom come home with terrible news: Marshall has died in a plane crash. Ben also plans on being back to school quickly and expresses to Katelyn that they‘ll have a nanny that will do most of the “hard stuff” and that they‘ll be there to supervise. Ricky and Amy agree not to say anything and to let Adrian and Ben move forward with the wedding.
That's when Grace says she's sure that, once she and Jack have sex, he won't need to have sex with anyone else.
Ricky interrupts this chat, and the boys bicker before they leave a frustrated Amy behind, with a crying John to look after.
And, considering that a shirtless Jack is sitting on her bed during this conversation, we guess she's already made up her mind. And she isn't very happy, because she just found out that Grace told Tom all about her cheating past.
Ben's and Amy's friends went to the school, while they were having a car wash, they went to get fake Nevada ID's in order to attend Amy's and Ben's wedding.

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