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When we are babies, our brains are more open to the shaping hand of experience than at any time in our lives. This episode has a parody of Batman and Catwoman, based on Possum Panda's behavior and vechihle.
A rotating spiral appears to be expanding or contracting depending on the direction of rotation. The mystery begins in the womb -- only four weeks into gestation the first brain cells, the neurons, are already forming at an astonishing rate: 250,000 every minute.
The eyes and the visual cortex of an infant continue to develop after birth according to how much stimulation she can handle.

If you stare at the spiral and then avert your eyes, a stationary object will appear to be moving in the opposite rotation.
Billions of neurons will forge links with billions of other neurons and eventually there will be trillions and trillions of connections between cells. This happens because in the visual nervous system there are cells that respond to specific directions of motion.
Infant cataracts pose an interesting challenge to scientists: How to remove the visual obstruction without compromising brain development.
So, when a person looks at an object moving downward such as a waterfall, that person's downward receptors are in action.

Let's say he stares at the downward motion long enough for those cells to become fatigued and then looks at a stationary object, like the grassy hill.

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