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If you’re nearing retirement, you might be thinking about finding a less demanding job with a better work-life balance: One with fewer hours, less responsibility or reduced travel demands. But when you’re ready to apply for a less-stress job for less pay, how do you communicate that effectively to potential employers?
But when you reverse direction and want to take a step downwards, employers tend to react with skepticism. When reviewing job listings that fit your target position, analyze the keywords and incorporate them into your resume and LinkedIn profile. Select a resume summary statement or LinkedIn Profile headline that reflects your desired position, not your current title. It will be far easier to downshift if you apply to employers that are open to flexible work arrangements.
Instead, look to small businesses and new companies where hiring managers might leap at the chance to hire a seasoned pro from a larger organization and save some money in the process. Potential employers are bound to wonder why you’d be willing to accept a lesser job for lower pay.
If you come across as confident about your decision to downshift, the employer will feel more comfortable, too. Cohen says her firm has had professionals use these words almost verbatim in interviews and get hired. After you secure an offer (congrats!), re-confirm your understanding of the expectations regarding hours and responsibilities.
If you've been searching your whole life for the fountain of youth, look no further than a chicken's ass. Be sure to subscribe to the weekly Laughspin Podcast on iTunes or on SoundCloud for all the latest comedy news, audio clips and more! Chris Rock, Rosario Dawson signed ‘Top Five’ posters, Laughspin giving some away! No one lives a made for the movies life that wraps everything up in a perfect package in mere minutes. She’s the author of the Secret Society of Happy Peoples Thirty-One Types of Happiness Guide, writes the Ask Pamela Gail: Where Happiness Meets Reality blog and speaks to groups of all sizes. I like the part when Jimmy Stewart, just rescued by Clarence the Angel and told he had never been born, suddenly realizes he can again hear out of his deaf ear.
I LOVE this movie and ADORE your parallel here – there are so many different levels to this movie, little nuances and remarkable thoughts on life and all its rough and amazing glory!
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7 secret's of warren's buffet for living a happy and simple life. In this world full of the rich and famous, Warren Buffett remains the greatest investor ever born not due to his acumen for the wise investments that he has made during his life but more for exemplifying the greatness with simplicity.

Are you sold on the fake notion that owning possessions is the touchstone of your self-worth? More to the point, how do you do so without seeming like you’ve lost your competitive drive? We are taught to approach the career ladder as a forward climb — one that leads progressively upwards to positions of greater status, pay and responsibility.
Reformat your job search materials — resume, LinkedIn Profile and cover letter — to be in alignment with your desired job.
Target employers and industries that are receptive to midlife career changers and flexible work schedules. Prepare yourself to effectively address the employer’s concerns during the interview process. Then, highlight in your resume and profile only the specific skills and accomplishments that most closely match your desired role.
The standard reverse chronological version might not be your best bet when trying to downshift, since that format emphasizes career progression and job titles. A carefully crafted cover letter gives you an opportunity to address your reason for downshifting. Many nonprofit employers are accustomed to hiring older workers looking to transition out of the corporate grind into encore roles.
Your network can help you identify employers receptive to flexible working arrangements and midlife job seekers.
So you need to be able to convince them that you are not only willing to do so, but that you will be happy and effective in this new role. Emphasize that if you were hired, it would be a win for everyone: The employer would get a seasoned and skilled employee and you’d gain the flexibility you desire.
You want to be certain that what you and the interviewer discussed will be exactly what you’ll wind up doing — and not more. Stephen Colbert pondered the reports that the high pontiff sneaks out at night to help the homeless on last night’s Colbert Report.
Usually, I just tune in and out of it since I’m familiar with the story line, but for some reason this year my intuition compelled me to watch it from start to finish.
When we achieve a goal, it certainly creates satisfaction, but our wonderful life usually happens in the journey towards attaining ours goal. Some things will be better than we could ever have dreamed and others will be more challenging than we could ever anticipate. We can cling to the happiness we planned to find on an untraveled road or we can embrace the happiness we actually experience on the road we travel.
Our lives are full of the unexpected and unplanned that ranges from unwanted chaos to unexpected happiness, and we have to remember that both the chaos and happiness contribute to living our own version of It’s a Wonderful Life.

Some of the things that make her happy are tasting new wines with friends, doing social media, cooking for her dog Tater, practicing yoga to discover new muscles, and reading paper books while acclimating to Kindle ~ plus sharing her own happiness and helping others make the most of theirs.
I love the scene when that bell rings in the tree and the whole family realizes the miracle that just experienced….thanks! I saw it by fluke many years ago, was not interested really but was compelled to finish it. I like it when you stated that our lives are full of the unexpected and unplanned that ranges from unwanted chaos to unexpected happiness.
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Eliminate accomplishments that are no longer relevant or ones that suggest you’re looking for a pedal-to-the-metal job. A hybrid resume that focuses on your areas of expertise, followed by an abbreviated chronological work history, makes it easier to highlight relevant skills while downplaying job titles. Here’s an example: “My current position as vice president for sales requires that I travel overseas nearly two weeks every month. The last thing you want is to find yourself in a situation where you’re expected to do a full-time job for part-time pay. Just keep in mind that some nonprofits have kinder cultures than others, so do your homework to find a good fit.
A strong recommendation from an internal employee can help bolster your credibility and improve your chances of getting hired. A 115-year-old Italian woman has shared with the world the exact rules to live by should you want to make it to a ripe old age.
It comes from the inspiration, hope, and motivation that leads to our actions to attain a goal.
Happiness happens when we recognize our planned and unplanned blessings and can be thankful for them. But if I had to, it would be the part when he realizes just how important he always was…great post! Remember, while you need to be truthful, you don’t need to include every last detail of every job you’ve ever held. The majority of us make sacrifices for the people we love from our families to our friends. While these sacrifices can detour us from pursuing a dream, they may also be the unexpected catalyst that allows us to live a wonderful life.

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