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Although Dylan and Cole Sprouse and Phill Lewis are present as Zack Martin, Cody Martin, and Mr. This article needs to be tidied up to meet The Suite Life Wiki's standards of quality.You can help clean up by reworking the article in general.
James Smith (referred to simply as Smith) is a super spy who only appears in the episode "The Spy Who Shoved Me." He is a parody of James Bond.
Smith is just a temporary agent to recover the lost recipe, though Bond works as a full-time spy. Smith lies to the twins about being a spy, whereas Bond doesn't generally lie to his allies. We are introduced to Zack and Cody, two identical twins moving into the Tipton Hotel with their single mother. Cody falls for a girl in a beauty contest, and ends up becoming part of the contest by dressing as a girl. Maddie pretends to be rich so one of London's friends (Jason and Kyle) so Jason will like her. Zack and Cody get grounded by Carey, and Maddie has to look after them on what could be the most important night of their lives.

Flowers are delivered to suite 2330 and it is believed that they are from Serge the Concierge, but it turns out that Carey's secret admirer is Arwin, the crazy Tipton Hotel janitor and inventor. Maddie is going to go to the prom with a guy, but Zack thinks Maddie has a crush on him, instead. Kurt Martin (Zack and Cody's father) drops in for a visit, and the three cause a lot of trouble. It was set to air as a season two episode but aired as a season one episode instead, however, it aired as a special season two episode and it is a crossover with The Suite Life on Deck.
However, after their performance, they find out the people they were disguised as stole all the valuables in all the cabins.
Moseby in this episode, it is not officially counted as an episode of The Suite Life on Deck. Zack and Cody know that it was not Esteban but when they find the right guys no one believes them.
Moseby takes Zack and Cody to a baseball game, and ends up catching the ball, making the Red Sox lose. Zack tries to get his personal effects to sell online, while Maddie and London both think they're meant to be with Jesse forever.

Zack, Cody, Maddie, London and Esteban go in there for a night and many spooky things occur. Zack sneaks into Kurt's tour bus because it's more "fun", but unbeknownst to him, Carey is going crazy with fun back home. The band is vacationing under different names to stay undercover, but when Zack and Cody discover the people the band are disgusing as are wanted by the police they are in serious trouble so it's up to Zack and Cody to let the band get on their sea legs before.
Tipton he didn't do it, and blames Iron Weasel, forcing Tripp, Ash, Derek, and Burger to jump ship, and Mr. The twins discover that Smith is actually working for a restaurant that rivals the restaurant that Red Finger works for.

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