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The series cast includes Shailene Woodley, Ken Baumann, Greg Finley, Daren Kagasoff, Megan Park, Francia Raisa with Steve Schirripa. Episode Synopsis: The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 5 Episode 13 “To Each Her Own” – Amy buys a thrift store wedding dress and is the only one who likes it, while Anne discovers that her ex, David, might be the biological father of Robie.
The ABC Family series centered on a group of teenagers, portrayed Shailene Woodley, Daren Kagasoff, Megan Park and more, who attempt to pursue their hopes and dreams only to be met with roadblocks like teen pregnancy.

Woodley is perhaps the best known of the "Secret Life" crew after starring in 2011's "The Descendents" and earning a Golden Globe nomination for her performance. Ethan has his eye on the new freshman girl, Kathy, who also happens to be Amy’s pregnant mentee.
On his first day of college Ricky runs into Clementine, an old friend from foster care, who is now a gorgeous co-ed attending the same college, along with his old pals Adrian and Jack.

Meanwhile, Ben finds out he might be off the hook with the police for the school fire, but he’s not off the hook with Leo.

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