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This is the true story of Delaine (Ashley Jones), a stay-at-home mom whose husband Robert (Scott Gibson) disrespects her.
Because Delaine somehow has plenty of time on her hands for hook-ups even though she’s now a single mom raising two kids under the age of 10, she immediately starts talking to her friends about what her next step should be. Oh I know it’s based on a different book, I was just saying that Lifetime seemed to be advertising it to play into the Fifty Shades obsession. Looks like Ashley Jones, who played the lead trainwreck, is a Lifetime repeat offender, having played Mrs.
Kelli Garner and Susan Sarandon star in Lifetime’s two-part miniseries The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, based on J.
It seemed to be aimed at people who are waiting impatiently for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

But oops, looks like he does, as Delaine learns from a fellow single mom who knows the baby mama. How safe or sane is it to let some man you “met” online order you to do things like take your clothes off in front of an open window when your neighbors are nearby?
Before she gets a chance to confront Graham about the fact that he was being unfaithful to her while she was being unfaithful to her husband, she makes sure to slide down a wall with her face covered in mascara tears.
I ask god that why the hell her secret was ever revealed for us to suffer through that…. As far as I know she had become happier after the divorce to a disrespectful man and it points out how co-parenting in separate homes is healthier than parenting in a unhappy marriage. So obviously Delaine starts hooking up with her bestubbled Enrique Iglesias lookalike acupuncturist Graham (Jeff Roop).

And if you understand anything about submission you would know its liberating for both parties. But alas, I’m afraid people tuning in for hardcore sex and scandalous dirty talk would have been sorely disappointed by all the introspective voiceover narration and chaste tumbles in the sheets.
Their affair is accompanied by a plethora of guitar riffs and a dangerous amount of sexytime candles. But in the grand scheme of things, her life wasn’t as bad as say a single mother having to raise two children by working like two jobs or some shit like that.

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