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We enjoy perusing the Victoria's Secret website, both to shop and to have a giggle over the many inventive instances of Photoshop scattered across the site. Most recently, Victoria's Secret appears to have used its airbrushing powers to give a model a lift -- literally. If that's the case, Victoria's Secret should definitely specify that in the product description. I knew this going into it, but I seriously had to get myself mentally prepared for a different lifestyle. And since you know that we’ve been married for 20 years this month, then you know that I ultimately decided to bite the bullet and commit to only wear the white dress once.
I had to grieve a little knowing that I would not get to enjoy all the festivities of my ancestors and their multiple diamond rings and cake cutting. But I think the joy that comes from spending your life with one person outweighs all that extra wedding cake. He encourages me to be the best at everything I want to be- a mom, a professional, and a friend. He ALWAYS buys me cards for every occasion and if he doesna€™t like what they say he crosses out the words and writes his own. He acts like he doesna€™t think I am beautiful because he is trying to balance  me- but I KNOW what he really thinks.
Hi, my name is Anna, and I'm here to share my stories, make you laugh and help you feel better about your crazy, messy, fabulous life.
I love that my husband is truly a standup and honest guy, sometimes too honest for his own good, but still he is honest.
What I took from this post is that the REAL secret to a happy marriage is for one partner to be blind and the other, deaf!

Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell have sent the media buzzing over the possibility of them having secretly tied the knot. Enjoying a romantic stroll in Venice, California on Sunday, March 25, 24-year-old Wood rocked a silver ring with a diamond, while 26-year-old Bell put on a simple gold band. Shortly after photos of them sporting the rings came out, Wood took to her Twitter account to post a cryptic message.
Wood and Bell first met in 2005 when they starred opposite each other in a music video for Green Day's song "Wake Me Up When September Ends". The company has become famous (around these parts, at least) for its liberal use of airbrushing, utilizing the tool to slim down, bulk up and carve out its already gorgeous models. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the Add 2 Cups Multi-Way Bra, part of the Bombshell collection, model Candice Swanepoel leans towards the camera and shows off her enhanced cleavage.
At least with his bad eyes, he has no idea that the shower has been pretty filmy for 80% of our marriage. While my husband and I are both on our second marriages (apparently we both attracted psychos the first time around), we both come from a line of long married people. He concerns himself with making sure everyone ELSE is having a good time and finds joy in the smiles of others. The "Mildred Pierce" actress and the "Man on a Ledge" actor were photographed wearing what seems to be wedding band on their ring fingers when they stepped out together over the weekend.
For the outing, both opted to go with dark outfits as Wood donned a black blazer over a striped T-shirt, boyfriend jeans, and ankle boots, and Bell wore black T-shirt, brown trousers and matching ankle boots. The two split in 2006 after a year of dating, but rekindled their romance in the summer of 2011. Back in November, Wood set the record straight by tweeting, "Sorry to disappoint, but I have been wearing that diamond on my left hand since I was 14.

But one side of her chest looks remarkably bigger than the other, as if the "Add 2 Cups" applied to one breast only.
Eine ungewohnliche Entscheidung der Photoshop-Experten.Glamour's November issue, she too fell victim to the photoshop madness. You see, I tend to forget things so each time he tells a college fraternity tale or a high school football statistic, it’s extra fun. I liked the one I had, and I’m keeping it for Baby Girl, but I never intend on needing it again. With your hearing issue and the fact that you often go “commando” how exactly are you sure that your farts are louder????
On the bright side, we have a LOT of mistaken phrases in our conversations that are rather funny. The potentially cute photo is ruined by a strange choice to cut off half of her arm (which somehow disappears into her leg). He makes me laugh, too, and absolutely does not allow me to second-guess myself, which I had been doing my whole life. He make look like a big, gruff guy, but he’s a softie at heart (which is how we ended up buying 3 rabbits for $150 at an animal auction).

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