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The Secret Moon Base is universally known in the security establishment and its existence is considered top secret. The Secret Moon Base was officially discovered by Apollo 10 astronauts who photographed it after establishing orbit around The Moon. The Secret Nazi Moon Base was constructed in the late 1930s by the Third Reich as a potential fortress for Hitler’s brain and the Reich in exile should the planned German expansion into Western Europe fail.
With all media controlled by worldwide security establishments, information about the Secret Nazi Moon Base is unreliable at best. Since Napoleonic times, people have made claims about being taken to a Secret Moon Base but in recent times that number has increased considerably, especially since enactment of the Patriot Act in America. Above Top Secret • Albequerque • Armenian Genocide • Atlantis • Atheism • Bermuda Triangle • Big Bang • British Moon-landing • Caddyshack • Calculators • Calvin Coolidge • Christopher Meloni • Christopher Monckton • Colony of America • Conspiracy theorist • Conspiracy theory • Cthulhu • ECHELON • Egypt • Enemy of the CIA • Evil Atheists • Gay agenda • H.
Secret Moon Base is a videogame podcast featuring a few of your fellow community bloggers here on Destructoid - Corduroy Turtle, knutaf and Occams electric toothbrush. It was established on the dark side of the moon by persons unknown and the date of its construction is equally ambiguous. This discovery posed numerous problems for US national security and all non-essential personnel that knew of its existence were secretly disposed of. After this incident, information started leaking to the public through the Daily Planet, which ran lengthy front page articles about the presence of a Secret Base on the dark side of the Moon.

The secret rocket science of the Nazis produced the Foo Fighters, prototype Flying Saucers which carried the men and materials to the lunar surface for construction. All of the stories from Secret Moon Base survivors are disturbing but some are more shocking than others. Don't count on it though, becuase the "Underground Goverment, or the Shadow Goverment", the one's that truly run the world, would not allow such a thing to happen. We talk about recent announcements, chat about what we've been playing lately and tackle a different videogame related topic each episode.
In an effort to make your Monday suck less, I have a brand new episode of the Secret Moon Base podcast for you! The presence of a secret moon base was predicted by both Sir Isaac Newton's Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica and the teachings of Barack Obama. Superman leaked the information after being fairly irritated by the continuous invasion of his privacy from curious people looking for the Fortress Of Solitude.
In the 1940s, when defeat seemed inevitable for the Nazis, they retreated to the Secret Nazi Moon Base and began operating the Reich in exile. This means they control the oceanic tides of the world and can strike any coastal country at any moment.
Numerous witnesses from the 70's have reported being drugged, waking up at the Secret Moon Base and being confronted by Margaret Thatcher in an interrogation room.
This time around the guys and I are joined by the all-powerful Mr Andy Dixon as we take a look back at some of our favorite childhood videogame memories.

The monotonous routine of constantly having his solitude interrupted and having to kill anyone that wandered into the Fortress' no-fly zone had taken its toll on the man from Krypton. The Secret Nazi Moon Base is currently believed to be responsible for the "Boxing Day" Tsunami in Southeast Asia, global warming, destroying the World Trade Center and the Credit Crisis which is currently consuming markets worldwide. A few reported that Thatcher grabbed them by the collar in a brutal choke hold and lifted them off the ground until they lost consciousness. Fortunately, after the existence of Secret Moon Base became more public, intruder issues at the north pole dropped off significantly as people became more interested in Secret Moon Base. The Secret Nazi Moon Base is also alleged to be recording and analyzing all human thoughts by taking advantage of a technology collaboration with the Sony Corporation. More recent witnesses have reported being forced to act as targets for Dick Cheney in a human shooting gallery of suspected dissidents.
Elvis didn't really die he lives on the moon base!(The moon base)That's where he lives cause he was an alien! Use of the Secret Moon Base for interrogation and torture of political opponents and dissidents has been attributed to many of the world's movers and shakers.
Seriously though they all got super high and flew to moon and saw elvis and partyed with him.

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