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Lily Owens is a fourteen-year-old- girl that is still reconciling with the loss of her mother.
Owning and operating a successful bee farm and honey-making business, August Boatwright (Queen Latifah) is the family matriarch running the household with a firm but loving hand with her sisters, the fiercely independent music teacher June (Alicia Keys) and the innocent childlike May (Sophie Okonedo).
After fleeing with Rosaleen to Tiburon, South Carolina, a place surrounded by mystery and a strong connection to Lily?s mother, they find shelter at the Boatwright household.
The movie began its gestation when visionary producer Lauren Shuler Donner first read The Secret Life of Bees in galley form eight years ago and could not put it down. Tackling a period film set against the backdrop of the Civil Rights movement, with a teen lead and a multi-racial cast, became not only a challenge but also a labor of love for the filmmaker. Dakota Fanning was the unanimous favorite to portray Lily Owens, thanks to her previous impressive performances, her own love of the novel and her proven history of holding her own opposite such powerful onscreen presences as Robert De Niro, Denzel Washington, Tom Cruise and Sean Penn.
As Lily Owens, Fanning portrays a teenager struggling with typical pubescent angst, but her challenges are compunded by her feelings of self-loathing and sorrow – all tied to the death her mother.
Describing her character Lily as being stuck between a rock and a hard place, Fanning enjoyed the creative challenge of portraying a white teenager in the South during the 60’s, whose only mother-figure is an African-American housekeeper.
Given that neither actress could reference the 1960’s from personal knowledge, Prince- Bythewood tried to create an environment steeped in the period. For Hudson, the closeness she experienced with her fellow actors on the set mirrored her feelings about the film itself. Ironically, however, Prince-Bythewood says that one of the most memorable scenes for her involved the opposite emotion, when Lily tells August Boatwright (Queen Latifah) she is unlovable. To handle a scene like that required a multifaceted actress who could portray August Boatwright as a loving matriarch who nurtures both her younger sisters and the two lost souls who come to her house in need of love.
A huge fan of the novel, Latifah welcomed the opportunity to work on a film with dignified and well-defined female African-American characters.
The role also struck a personal chord for Latifah, who cared for her own younger sibling just as her character, August, cares for her sisters June and May (Alicia Keys and Sophie Okonedo). Art often imitates life, and Latifah is also a huge fan of bees – a fondness that helped her immensely in bee-training school and during filming. Since bees are summer-oriented insects and the film was a summer movie shot in the middle of winter, prop master John Sanders arranged for 12 beehives to be imported from Florida – some with as many as 40,000–60,000 bees in them.
Queen Latifah had to be particularly at ease with the bees because her character does most of the harvesting for her family’s business. Latifah’s co-stars, Alicia Keys and Sophie Okonedo, each faced equal challenges in preparing for their roles: Keys had to learn to play the cello, while Okonedo had to attend cooking school.
Like her fellow cast members, Okonedo read The Secret Life of Bees and was deeply moved by the story. Okonedo is drawn to stories about ordinary people who get tangled up in extraordinary events, like her character, May, the Boatwright sister whose heart has been broken since her twin sister’s death years earlier. By contrast, the actress – who is of Nigerian and European descent – made it known to the filmmakers right from the start that she was not much of a cook. The film went into production just as Keys’ new album, “As I Am,” was released and the single, “No One,” topping the Billboard charts in record-breaking time. Prince-Bythewood enhanced the passionate relationship June shares with Neil (Nate Parker), who received critical acclaim for his portrayal of Henry Lowe in the Golden Globenominated film THE GREAT DEBATERS.
Internationally acclaimed actor Paul Bettany, whom audiences recall as the loyal, but relentlessly daunting imaginary friend to Russell Crowe in A BEAUTIFUL MIND, portrays Fanning’s cruel father, T.
It was Bettany’s chameleon-like ability to seamlessly morph from one character to the next in previous film roles that caught the attention of the filmmaking team, especially the director. With the help of a voice coach, the versatile Bettany replaced his genteel British lilt with a Southern vernacular and transformed his easy-going, off-screen personality into that of an enigmatic time bomb, T. Describing her character as a woman who marries beneath her social strata, so caught up in dating a “bad boy,” Hilarie Burton portrays T.Ray’s wife and Lily’s mother, Deborah Owens. Co-starring as Zachary, a young African-American teenager with whom Lily shares a special bond, is Tristan Wilds, an emerging young actor.
Respected and adored by the filmmakers and cast and crew alike – each can detail a story of her gentility and grace under fire – was the director herself. Sue Monk Kidd’s internationally acclaimed novel The Secret Life of Bees was born from her experience growing up as an adolescent in the South during the 1960’s.
Despite the power of that experience, it took almost 30 years for Monk Kidd’s deeply internalized feelings to surface, when she started to share her memories with her husband and when they began to crystallize into book form.
Monk Kidd grew up in a large country house in Sylvester, Georgia, where bees inhabited a wall in the guesthouse.
A coming-of-age story, The Secret Life of Bees takes place in an intricate emotional landscape that explores the psyches of its young heroine and the matriarchs who mentor her.

The novel was published in 2002 to critical acclaim and has since been published in more than 23 languages. THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES was shot on location during the months of January and February 2008, primarily in Burgaw, a small North Carolina town outside Wilmington. With the exterior in place, production designer Warren Alan Young, together with his property master and set-decorating crew, proceeded to transform the large old house into a 1960’s home, referencing magazines and catalogues from the era. One of the film’s other pivotal sets, May’s “Wailing Wall,” was constructed as a two feet by two-and-a-half-feet-wide stone wall, just large enough for Okonedo to sit on, per the director’s request. Honored when renowned African-American artist Charles Bibbs agreed to collaborate with the filmmakers to create signature artwork for the honey jars featured in THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES, the design process became an exciting and fruitful one. A highly respected contemporary artist who has enjoyed success with his fine art and popular graphics, Bibbs internationally acclaimed body of work is a fusion of cross-cultural themes including African, African-American and Native American aesthetics. Pemeran : Bonnie Wright, Freddie Stroma, James D’Arcy, Daryl Sabara, Sophie Lowe, Rhys Wakefield, Cinta Laura.
Film ini menceritakan tentang seorang pria bernama Forrest Gump yang dibesarkan oleh ibu nya dengan penuh perjuangan. Kisahnya bermula, saat seorang bankir muda yang tengah naik karirnya, Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins), divonis hukuman penjara dua kali seumur hidup oleh pengadilan. Katie (Jemma Dallender), seorang wanita muda cantik, mencoba untuk menjadi modeling di New York. Film 127 Hours adalah Film yang diadaptasi dari kisah nyata seseorang dengan petualanganya yang luar biasa. Seorang pendaki gunung Aron Ralston harus menyelamatkan diri setelah sebuah batu yang jatuh menimpa tangannya dan membuat dia terperangkap di suatu lembah yang terisolasi di Utah.
Lily is immediately taken under the wing of August Boatwright as her new beekeeping apprentice.
Moved by the story of a young girl’s attempt to find self-worth and her search for a family, the award-winning producer committed herself to bring this complex and arresting novel to the big screen. But, just as the novel attracted millions of readers around the globe, Shuler Donner believes the film’s universal themes will resonate with moviegoers. Shuler Donner joined forces with producer Joe Pichirallo, who first optioned the novel for Shuler Donner while he was a senior executive at Fox Searchlight. Lily’s one saving grace is her empathetic caretaker Rosaleen, portrayed by Academy Award winning actress Jennifer Hudson. Recalling her days as a 12-year-old looking after her infant sister, Latifah says, “You feel so protective and you love them so much. The hives were kept in a warm greenhouse in Burgaw, North Carolina, where the actors worked with them. Bee master Julian Wooten, a man with 50 years’ experience (and also a retired strawberry farmer), instructed the actors on bee biology, on how to extract honey from the combs, on how to separate honey from bits of wax and on general bee etiquette.
Thrilled at landing the role, the British-born actress, who received an Academy Award nomination along with SAG, Critics Circle and NAACP Image Award nominations for HOTEL RWANDA, felt nervous about working alongside her fellow superstar actresses.
Her pain runs so deep, her sisters dedicated a prayer wall in the woods to their late sister, much like the ‘Wailing Wall’ in Jerusalem.
Since many of her scenes take place in a kitchen, cooking lessons were arranged with two restaurant owners from a popular Southern soul food spot, Two Fat Ladies.
In casting Keys, and making the character of June much younger than she is in the novel, Prince- Bythewood had her embody the emerging African-American woman of that time, educated and committed to making sacrifices to change the world. Interested in casting Keys, Prince-Bythewood was still unsure of what to expect, given that this was only her third feature. Keys’ tour schedule was jam-packed, but her passion for the film drove her to find the time to participate fully.
Even before she’d met him, Prince-Bythewood had thought of Bettany during the screenwriting process. It was only after writing the short story in 1993, and after it drew a rapturous response when read aloud at a New York literary event, that Monk Kidd thought of turning it into a novel. These characters, so genuine and true to life, are culled from the novelist’s imagination and from impressions drawn from her years in Georgia. The novel spent more than two years on The New York Times bestseller list and has sold more than 4.5 million copies.
Much of the movie was filmed in a beautiful old house, painted Pepto-Bismol pink, just like in the book – though it took the director three attempts before she finally settled on the right shade. Following multiple design consultations and subsequent conversations, Bibbs’ initial sketches included pencil renderings, which later evolved into color, before the artist finalized his image of the Black Madonna. Also a committed cultural philanthropist and community leader, his leadership has culminated in the establishment of numerous non-profit arts and media organizations benefiting minority artists and youth across the nation.

Kevin Mitnick namanya , seorang ahli jaringan (hacker), yang selalu berhasil membobol situs atau jaringan yang dia inginkan.
This is the End menceritakan tentang 6 sahabat yang terjebak dalam sebuah rumah saat serangkaian kejadian aneh dan bencana menimpa Kota Los Angeles. Forrest sering diejek dan dijauhi oleh kawan-kawannya karena kecerdasannya yang di bawah rata-rata dan keterbatasan fisiknya.
As she imagines what tactical processes they are going through to accomplish their task, she continues in her torment. There she is given a comfortable place to explore and, for the first time in her life, just be. Together, Shuler Donner, Lassiter and Pichirallo now set about securing a screenwriter who could bring all the nuances of the novel to the screen, and also a director who could handle such a delicate yet complicated tale. Over the years her family and friends raved about the book and five years later Prince-Bythewood finally read it but by then the producers had moved on. This is something my character can’t understand.” Hudson says her character and Fanning’s were bound together by shared needs. To prepare for this intense character, Okonedo watched Spike Lee’s Oscar-nominated documentary 4 LITTLE GIRLS, which details the real-life events surrounding the 1963 racist bombing of an African-American church in Birmingham, Alabama that left four girls dead.
But when she saw Keys in a public service advertisement for Reading Is Fundamental – holding The Secret Life of Bees, she felt it was meant to be.
As one who makes her living traveling around the globe, she says she could relate to the film’s theme of leaving home, in order to find it. Ray is such a dark character, but you say cut, and Paul is cracking everybody up,” she says. The bees never left, and even years later, when Monk Kidd’s husband visited her childhood home, he woke to find the bees flying around his room.
During years of research and preparation, that took her through collage making and more contemplative periods, the author turned her attention to matters of race and spirituality. Deeply affected by the social dynamics of growing up white in the racially polarized South, Monk Kidd also benefited from her own immersion in African-American culture — especially with the character of Rosaleen, partly modeled on her own black caretaker; and the characters of May, June and the women who belong to the Daughters of Mary, all of whom called on memories of the Southern black women whose enthralling stories and kind nature left an indelible impression on Monk Kidd. Kebahagiaannya bersama istri dan anak semata wayangnya, menjadi idaman bagi adiknya, Marko, seorang polisi.
Sesi foto merupakan awal dari sebuah mimpi buruk tak terpikirkan, pemerkosaan dan penyiksaan harus di alaminya. While building maternal bound with all three of the Boatwright sisters, Lily thinks she has found the home she has always dreamed of. Lily also discovers joy in the simple pleasures of life through her deepening relationship with the Boatwright sisters and soon comes into her own, determined to enjoy the sweet nectar of life for the first time. Prince-Bythewood and the producers still marvel at their unprecedented good fortune at being able to secure the actors they had imagined for leading roles in the film. Before filming began, while on location in downtown Burgaw, a little town in North Carolina, the director had Fanning and Hudson meet at a drugstore where they were told to purchase 10 items and eat a meal. Affectionately referring to him as “the bee whisperer,” Latifah says she was impressed by his understanding of bees and reassured by his guidance. Just before Christmas, Okonedo and the other female leads were asked to travel to New York to get to know one another before reaching the set. It’s significant to see a kid who’s stuck in the 60’s, with all of that oppression, who still wants to come out and become something to help his community and his nation,” shares Wilds. Ancient statues and “archetypal feminine images” of the Virgin Mary became her focus and she set out to learn more about the origins and significance of the Black Madonna, in particular, a journey that took her far from the South and all the way to Europe. As a budding young woman who has left the place she once called home, Lily unexpectedly finds her true home and a family she has always yearned for.
Extras in the drugstore had been instructed by the director to interact respectfully with Fanning, but to ignore Hudson.
There, she found that images of the Black Madonna were symbols of defiance among oppressed women.
I really adore all of them and Latifah is hilarious!” Like Fanning and her other co-stars, Okonedo believes the blistering cold helped them bond.

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