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David Lynch Is Falling Back In Love With Film, But Keeps Movie Plans Top Secret --> Welcome to Twin Peaks, filling the jelly doughnut-shaped hole in your heart. Johnny Depp stars as Mort Rainey, a recently divorced author who decides to take some time off at his cottage.
Unfortunately for Rainey, John Shooter (John Turturro), an unbalanced wannabe writer, tracks him down, claiming that Rainey plagiarized his work.

Dutton, and Timothy Hutton, Secret Window is the second story from Four Past Midnight to be adapted as a film, the first being 1995's made-for-television The Langoliers. Last year, he shot a music video forĀ Nine Inch NailsĀ on a Canon 5D Mark II and the Hasselblad Lunar. Y’all are stuck in a nostalgic reverie that says more about yourselves, and your inability to continue on through life and enjoy and discover new things, than it does about the particular pieces of art or entertainment in question.

Apr 29, 2016 Twin Peaks Actor Marvin Rosand Passed Away Shortly After Filming The New Series.

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