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Miss Miyuki decides to rearrange the students in her class according to their class rankings. Akhirnya Black dan Molly jadi pasangan kekasih tapi hubungan diorang jadi masalah kepada kumpulan Black Storm.
She was a finalist for the Best Story Comic Golden Dragon Award in the 2005 Oriental Animation and Comics Competition. Kaoru continues to work in comic production, and is currently a screenwriter for the Candy Meow series. Just one costume short of true superherohood.My Secret Identity was a Canadian live-action TV show that ran from 1988 to 1990.

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Bila berhadapan dengan konflik antar Black dan ketua kumpulan Black Storm, Flame dan Mickey cuba sedaya upaya untuk lindungi hubungan lima bersahabat sejak kecil. It starred Jerry O'Connell (who would become better known for starring in Sliders) as a teenager named Andrew Clements who accidentally gains superpowers and secretly uses them to help people. Contrary to the series title, though, Andrew never actually uses a secret identity - although he likes to pretend he's a superhero named Ultraman, he never wears a costume (except in a daydream sequence) and never uses his powers in public. Benjamin Jeffcoat (played by Derek McGrath), Andrew's neighbor who accidentally gave the boy his powers while he was fiddling around with a homemade particle beam projector.

Jeffcoat felt responsible for what happened and tried to restore Andrew to normal, despite the boy clearly loving having superpowers. Instead he mostly kept Andrew grounded on reality.Andrew's powers included invulnerability, superspeed and levitation, but not superstrength or true flight, which Andrew really wanted to have.

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