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Earlier this week State-controlled TV in Russia showed plans for a new submarine with nuclear torpedo capabilities. The footage was shot over a military officer’s shoulder during a meeting with President Vladimir Putin, and broadcast on NTV and Channel One. President Putin has held four meetings on defence issues in as many days this week, reflecting the close attention he is paying to military modernisation at a time of heightened tensions with the United States and Europe over the crisis in Ukraine.
To maintain Plausible Deniability and hide from magical TV Spy Satellites, any sufficiently powerful or advanced covert organization of heroes, villains, conspirators, or military personnel needs an Elaborate Underground Base to use as their headquarters and hide their Applied Phlebotinum. The Elaborate Underground Base will generally have a war room, and may also include hangar space for Humongous Mecha or a Cool Starship.
Particularly secretive organizations may hide their Elaborate Underground Base in the middle of a city, and include lots of elevators, trams, pneumatic tubes, and other means of transportation between the base and hidden chambers in buildings on the surface. Neon Genesis Evangelion has NERV setting up shop inside the GeoFront, a massive cavern that is actually just the upper 11% of an even larger spherical cave almost completely filled up with earth and rock debris. Great Mazinger: Mykene were a civilization had lived underground for millennia, so their entire empire -an intrincate network of caves and caverns- was an Elaborate Underground Base. The manga and live action versions of Sailor Moon have an underground base under the Local Hangout . Fairy Airbase in Sentou Yousei Yukikaze is a mixed bag, in that much of the base is aboveground, but a significant portion of the facilities and hangars are located underground, such as the Special Air Force's hangar and support facilities. In Arpeggio of Blue Steel, the Japanese Navy is shown to have an underwater dock at Yokosuka Naval Base, built to protect what's left of the Japanese Navy's fighting ships from the Fleet of Fog.
The Far East Branch of AEGIS in Gate Keepers is found underneath a Japanese high school, because all the Gatekeepers in Japan are teenagers.
United Earth Headquarters in Aldnoah.Zero is a bunker located in southern Siberia that is 600 meters below ground and built to survive a nuclear explosion. The Otonashi house in High School Ninja Girl, Otonashi-san is a trap-filled underground lair that is otherwise decorated like a normal home.
The Batcave from the various Batman series, an enormous cave containing a supercomputer, garage, various trophies, and basically everything else the Batfamily needs. The original headquarters of the Justice League was an elaborate base built into the base of a mountain. PS238, the school for children of superheroes, is in an Elaborate Underground Base beneath an actual elementary school.
Xavier's mansion of the X-Men is usually presented as being only living quarters and classrooms for students and staff; the actual base of operations is underground. During the Silver Age, Lex Luthor's "Luthor's Lairs" numbered in the hundreds, and could be found anywhere. During the Hydra arc of JMS's run on Spider-Man, Peter wonders how HYDRA can build one of these in New York while it's taken the city three extra months to finish a subway extension. Warren Ellis' Hangs a Lampshade on the subject in Astonishing X-Men #34 - then deconstructs it as grotesque with the very next sentence.
In the Zorro comics written by Don McGregor (for Topps and Dynamite), Zorro has an elaborate underground base that rivals the Batcave. This is appropriate, as the Batcave was actually inspired by Zorro's hideout, both in and out of universe.
In Sonic the Comic the Freedom Fighters used Kintobor's labtory containing living space, storage areas, monitoring equipment (which left plenty of screens on which to play videogames!), a hangar for the Freedom Fighters' biplane, and the mainframe of the Kintobor Computer itself. The titular protagonist of the comic book Diabolik has a lot of these, each containing gadgets, laboratories, holding cells, spare Jaguar E-Types and loot while he and his lover Eva live in the luxury homes built right on top of them. In the Jackie Chan Adventures and Teen Titans crossover fanfiction A Shadow Of The Titans, there's the HIVE Academy like in canon, which Jade comments on being like Section 13, only with better aesthetic appeal. HYDRA in Child of the Storm probably had many, but after Operation Overlord and their being forced to retreat to one last base aside from the section of HYDRA within SHIELD, they might have one of these - it's in London, but London's a very big place and no one's actually sure if it's underground.

Gravemoss used to have a comfortable lair under the Paris catacombs, but he was forced to vacate it after SHIELD tracked him down and Harry Dresden blew a very large hole in the catacombs and the street above.
It's implied that the rebuilt MI13's new headquarters is operating out of the abandoned portions of the London Underground network. Calvin's duplicate has one in the Recursive Fanfiction The Pez Dispenser And The Reign Of Terror.
In Death Note Equestria, there's an old earth pony bunker underneath Ponyville town park that L uses as a base for herself and, later, the Kira investigation team. Jewel Of Darkness: Slade, as per canon, has a fondness for these, which Midnight seems to have picked up from him. In the Worm fanfic, Intrepid, the Undersiders get one of these for completing the armored car robbery, with five floors, an indoor park for Rachel's dogs, furnished apartments, a game room, the works.
The Pangea Alliance in the Mass Effect story Mesozoic Effect use these to the point where they don't actually build permanent structures on the surface of their planets.
In X2: X-Men United the underground base becomes a plot element when the Spy Satellites actually detect the Cool Ship in its hangar underneath the Mutant Academy.
James Bond, amazingly enough, has very few of these, despite the series being ridden with cartoon villans and conspirators. GoldenEye had an elaborate underground military bunker at Severnaya, and the Big Bad's Lair is actually below the giant pool where the cradle antenna is hidden. Hollow Man - Secret underground lab accessible by a single secure elevator, which Sebastian uses to trap his coworkers.
The Island: An underground base is used to house clones who are led to believe that the outside is a wasteland. The HYDRA facilities in Captain America: The First Avenger are above ground and in the open, and their main base is dug into the Alps, and is implied to be 500 feet underground. In Resident Evil: Extinction Umbrella has moved all their staff to secured underground facilities due to the Zombie Apocalypse.
The majority of Day of the Dead (1985) takes place in a vast bunker as the scientists attempt to find a cure for zombies.
After the End, or in preparation for The End of the World as We Know It, openly known organizations may elect to move Beneath the Earth as well. Particularly large examples may be the size of an entire city, and might include hydroponics bays for growing food or even actual fields of crops lit by sun lamps. How exactly such an extensive base can be built in secret (among other things, all the excavated rock and dirt have to go somewhere) is very rarely addressed. Not to be confused with Underground City, which is built by civilians rather than a secretive organization.
And going Up to Eleven, Terminal Dogma is an Elaborate Underground Base built below another Elaborate Underground Base. As the Earth Federation's military headquarters, it is enormous, having easily enough space for a small city, multiple war factories, and docking space and retractable launch pads for at least a dozen spaceships at once. Incidentally, secondary Macross sources list four other identical bases being built when the Zentradi launch the final attack, one of them in the same area of Jaburo.
Mineral deposits prevent sensor scans of any kind from detecting that the terrain has been hollowed, but the equipment had to be painted with a stealth coating to prevent the Decepticons from detecting it. It can be big enough to become a city of its own, which Nobita then exploit to create his own dictatorship (Played for Laughs). Frog has the home base of the Keroro Platoon which is built under the Hinata household, much to the chagrin of Natsumi and Fuyuki.
It has secret entrances in all sorts of places, and the hangar is located underneath the lobby. Considering the hammer and sickle displayed on one of the hangar doors, it's possible this bunker may be a Soviet holdover from the Cold War.

At least one of them lasted until the 30th Century, showing up in a Legion of Super-Heroes story where the outlawed Legionnaires make use of it to not only get new outfits again, but find out what caused the populace to turn against them.
I have a feeling we're going to see a classic James-Bond-Villain Crazy-Man base make itself known in a few moments. The Freedom Fighters also expanded the facility in light of their new status as guerillas, excavating further chambers for additional capacity. The Dungeons themselves, are a little more feudal, but Ami's underground bases just keep getting more elaborate and more Dungeon Punk.
Now he's living in the basement of HYDRA's last base, which may count if you squint at it a bit. Brainstorm of Calvin and Hobbes: The Series used to have one of these, and it gets reactivated by Holographic Retro in "Electric Invasion". They were originally needed to house the millions of dinosaurs that were waking from their 65 million-year cryosleep, but eventually started building them on other worlds because of their defensive potential. William Stryker uses this evidence to convince the President to okay a commando strike on the school, secretly to further his plan to wipe out all mutantkind. Mad Scientist Dr Totenkopf has a base populated by hordes of flying killer robots that is large enough to contain a brobdingnagian Raygun Gothic rocketship. The closest they ever got were the hollowed-out volcano complex in You Only Live Twice and Drax's Amazon launch facility in Moonraker.
Kananga from Live and Let Die had an underground base near one of his poppy fields in San Monique for processing the poppies' morphine into heroin.
To help with the claustrophobia the walls have a city skyline on them and are covered by blinds. The larger sizes of Elaborate Underground Base frequently serve as an Adventure Town; the smaller ones are frequently the setting for a Bottle Episode. Granted that it's only seen in a few episodes of the original series before being blown away in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, but it does get additional screentime in Stardust Memory and MS IGLOO. Or, considering the Alternate History, the Soviet Union might not have collapsed and is still the ruling government of Russia. The fact that there's a much larger portion underground isn't revealed until it launches and becomes airborne. The original Joe base, "The Pit", is hidden underneath the chaplain's assistants' motor pool at Ft. The most prominent of these was a prison block (less charitably, dungeon), and later Tekno's Workshop the home and workplace of Tekno the Canary. Although fairly likely, given that it explicitly is in the book and in the film they dine in a glass-windowed room below the waterline and thus presumably underground as well. And Cobra has a fair number of secret bases themselves, including an entire town brimming with underground evil.
Founded in 1947 to test experimental nuclear reactors and rocket systems, the research facility was built in the hills above the two valleys. It remains in the soil and water of Area Four and in some areas off-site, according to state and federal records obtained by the I-Team. And, evidence suggests that the fallout could be linked to illnesses, including cancer, among residents living nearby.Arline Mathews lived with her family in Chatsworth, downwind of Area Four during some of the radiation releases. Her middle son, Bobby, was a champion runner on the Chatsworth High School track team for three years, running to the Santa Susana Field Lab and back to school every day.

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