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The biggest area you need to focus on when trying to obtain 6 pack abs is going to be on your diet. Next, don't be afraid of dietary fat that comes from primarily monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats such as olive oils, fish oils, a mix of nuts, natural peanut butter and avocado.
Furthermore, dietary fat will keep you feeling the fullest for the longest duration in time; longer than both protein or carbohydrates would.
Finally, when it comes to carbohydrate intake and getting 6 pack abs, you want to focus most of your carbohydrate intake around the post workout period.
The biggest reason for this is because this is when your body is going to need those carbohydrates the most and will really suck them up into the muscle tissue. Additionally, consuming carbohydrates during this period will also help to aid with muscle recovery and repair, so that means less down time from the gym for you. If getting 6 pack abs fast is your goal than each meal you should consist of 1-2 cups of raw vegetables to control insulin levels, improve absorption of your protein and flood your body with vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. So, if you are aiming to get 6 pack abs in the coming months, have a good hard look at your diet. The one singular system that leads the expedition as you track down and capture the elusive 6-pack. If you’re looking to get in better shape, get stronger, and gain confidence, you came to the right place. If you want to learn more about the program all you have to do is read over this page, it includes most of the info you need to know.
You’ll get custom workouts and meal plans that are scientifically designed to help you get the body you want. Get The 6 Pack Secret for 80% off the Regular Rate… PLUS Get all of the Exclusive Bonuses absolutely FREE. The value this book delivers is the result of years of research and trial & error on both myself and personal training clients. A brand new article by pro fitness model Jamin Thompson that will show you exactly how real fitness models get ripped fast. Hi there, my name is Jamin Thompson, I’m the author and creator of The 6 Pack Secret, and also known as “The Abs Dude”. As a trainer, author, and fitness model, my articles and pictures have been published in many of the most popular fitness websites and magazines across the world. Thousands of people from all over the world have used The 6 Pack Secret program to get into better shape…and you’d be hard pressed to find a single negative review online! Listen my friend, having ripped abs is part of my job as a full time fitness model, and I have no problem saying that I know just about every secret there is when it comes to getting (and then maintaining) a ripped six pack look. No calorie counting, no measuring, no boring reading, no scientific mumbo jumbo, no silly exercises that look like they belong on a comedy dvd, no ridiculous gimmick moves, no BS, no filler, no fluff, and no hype.
Just real workouts and tips backed by real science than you can start literally within MINUTES after you download your copy right now.
You’ll get meal plans…weight training routines…ab workouts…cardio workouts…home workouts…body weight routines…MMA style workouts…strongman stuff…a list of recommended supplements (as well as a list of supplements to avoid)…delicious recipes…and a ton more! You’ll have everything you need to build a head-turning physique that will make your friends jealous and finally get you noticed. You see the fitness models in the Magazines, on TV, on Instagram, and you wonder to yourself…what kind of workouts and meal plans are these guys & gals using to get so ripped?! You see, I designed The 6 Pack Secret program specifically to help you get ripped fast, just like us pro fitness models do. If you attempt to train like a top bodybuilder (who is using performance enhancing drugs), or a genetically gifted world class fitness model (who is already in amazing physical shape), your body won’t respond the same way that theirs does because you probably won’t be able to recover as fast from the amount of sets, reps, and volume that these guys do. Many pro bodybuilders train just about every day of the week…but the steroids they take dramatically enhance their recovery and training ability.
So unless you’re one of the few genetic elite or willing to risk cancer, small balls, and even death from taking steroids you’re just not going to have the luxury of unlimited recovery ability and limitless strength. Most of what you read in the large majority of muscle mags is targeted at people who are already have great genetics or already have a great physique. And the workouts are purposely written to overtrain you so that you so that you eventually get so frustrated that you start feeling as if you can’t succeed unless you buy their supplements. How crafty is it that the same company that owns the magazine also owns the supplement company! Oh, and by the way, none of these supplements are quality tested by any sort of governing body and most are filled with unhealthy fillers, sugars, rice flour, artificial flavors and sweeteners. So they could be destroying your body from the inside out, and actually making you sick and unhealthy…and could even kill you.
The truth is that you don’t need flashy supplements or extreme fat loss pills to get ripped. STOP wasting your hard-earned money on hyped up, expensive “fat burner pills” and other useless bodybuilding supplements! Even if you used the best ab machine or did thousands of crunches and sit-ups every night…this WILL NOT help you lose your belly fat or give you a flatter stomach. I use a unique strategy to get ripped fast and I’ll show you exactly which exercises I use to burn fat 5 times faster in just a minute. Look, there are a ton of shredded posers with websites out there who are more than willing to dish out bad advice to you if you’re willing to listen. You may hear people tell you that you will never lose your belly fat and get a six pack because you just don’t have the “right genes.” You may hear people tell you that you are “big boned” or just “have a slow metabolism”. The truth is that even if you have the “worst genes” ever, if you make better food choices and start working out smarter you can build just about any type of body you want.
I followed his eating program and ab workouts as well as incorporating HIIT on my treadmill at least 3 days a week but never on back to back days. The best part is, the simple principles taught in The 6 Pack Secret will work for EVERYONE (seriously overweight, in the middle, already somewhat lean, young, old, male, female, pro athlete, soccer mom, etc). If you’re not lean, but also not overweight, you can get your abs to start showing in 60 days.
If you’re overweight, you will need to buy new clothes in 60 days because you’ll lose so much belly fat.
If you’re obese, you can lose a ton of belly fat, drop several waist sizes, improve your blood pressure, and start feeling healthy again – in just 60 days. Packed inside The 6 pack Secret are ALL of the revolutionary and cutting edge fat burning secrets, fat burning methods, and workout strategies used by the world’s top fitness models.
It’s jam-packed with detailed food lists, meal plans, workouts, tables, charts, FAQs, supplement guide, vitamin lists, workout demos, and a ton of little known training techniques that will help you build an amazing six pack and radically transform your body faster than ever. The “Ab Domination” ab workout program is jammed packed with 53 pages of beginner through advanced total body & abdominal workouts, giving you over 12 weeks of razor sharp ab carving workouts.
There is also a comprehensive Exercise Index where you’ll get pictures of each exercise so you can see exactly how to do the exercise properly. If you are sick and tired of not knowing what to eat to burn belly fat, then you must discover the 12 Dirty Diet Secrets that will help you burn fat for life – all while eating delicious foods! Plus, you get advanced meal plans for men and women to help you burn belly fat and get 6-pack abs!
Finally, a comprehensive 12 week fat blasting and muscle building workout program that will shock your muscles into responding.
You’ll be down at least 10-40 lbs of ugly fat and be getting comments from all your friends.
The supplement Industry like all industries, is so full of confusing marketing terms designed to baffle people with BS, that it’s hard to make informed decisions as to what to buy or which companies to trust.
Powerful companies use a number of terms to trick consumers into purchasing their products. This workout manual is jammed packed with tons of my unique and never-before released exercise combos for your abs…but it does not include a single crunch!
I will personally guide you, step by step, through my personal meal plan process and reveal my best nutrition tips.
These nutrition truths will clear up any confusion you may have about the proper way to eat for maximum fat loss and help you finally be able to achieve consistent results. While nutrition should always be your main focus, there are quite a few natural supplements out there that can definitely help you get the results you want, faster.
Keep in mind that these aren’t really the type of supplements you can find at your local supplement store…and many of them can be found in your own backyard!

This is one of the most valuable bonuses I could ever possibly give you as part of this program. With many other similar programs out there, you have no chance of getting your questions answered by the actual program creator or author. The best part about it is, you wont be talking to a virtual assistant or some intern on my staff. A: The 6 Pack Secret is a dynamic, scientifically designed training program that uses the most effective training styles in the world to help you lose fat and build six pack abs. A: Fat doesn’t discriminate when it comes to who gets fat and who doesn’t and neither does this program.
Of course some men may have to use more weight than some women, but the training and nutrition strategies are essentially the same. The ONLY thing that may be somewhat different is that women typically lift lighter weights than men, and require fewer daily calories. You see, ab exercises are resistance exercises, and just like any other resistance exercise, if you can perform it for high repetitions (30 or 50 or even 100) reps (especially day after day) it typically won’t do very much to improve your body composition. The 6 Pack Secret is based around total body training that involves compound, multi-joint, total body movements because training this way will promote a much greater hormonal response than any single abdominal exercise could ever produce.
A: If you ever want to see your abs it is essential that you completely understand diet and nutrition. Bear in mind that you will achieve maximum fat loss potential if you use free weights (dumbbells and barbells) at your local gym because you will have a lot more options. I have a set of the BowFlew Select Tech Dumbbells and they are one of the best investments I have made. Let me just put it this way: I know the impact this program has had on the people I have worked with personally, and I know its value. And so I offer a completely awesome and totally bullet-proof 60 day guarantee for a refund.
I’m so confident in The 6 Pack Secret that I can do this because I know it flat out works. I used to believe that I knew what I was doing in the gym because I played football and high school and I always lifted weights and was active.
The 6 Pack Secret Program Manual – 240 pages of revolutionary fat burning secrets and workout strategies used by the world’s top fitness models.
If you’ve gotten this far, chances are you’re pretty interested in getting ripped six pack abs if you are a guy…or a flat, toned tummy if you are a female.
These little known nutrition secrets, mindset tricks, and workouts will give you everything you need for long term success. There aren’t many fitness sites out there where the “guru” will put his or herself out there. PS > With my full 60 Day No questions asked money back guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose but ugly body fat. Please read our super awesome disclaimer: Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that all fitness websites identify what a "typical" result is. Who Is It For?Anyone, man or woman, young or old, can use this program to get the results promised. About The AuthorBecause Tyler Bramlett is the creator of a popular fitness website that receives over 150,000 visits a month, and he has created 3 successful fitness programs, his continuous focus is on fitness, which makes him an expert in the field.But, after he had his little girl, he stumbled across Dr. When I created the Adrian James 6 Pack Abs Workout, I wanted it to be the best fitness app on the market. As I noted in the introduction to the Adrian James 6 Pack Abs Workout, the goal should be to train your abs three to five times a week. Once you’re familiar with the Adrian James 6 Pack Abs Workout, it’s time to switch things up. The Adrian James 6 Pack Abs Workout allows you to select your favourite exercises, combining them to create a personalised workout. When I created the Adrian James 6 Pack Abs Workout, I envisioned it helping others get ripped. If you’ve yet to try the chart-topping app used by celebs, sports stars, military personnel and gym-goers around the world, why not give it a go?
Like it or not, the old saying that 'abs are made in the kitchen', is probably one of the most truthful statements in the fitness industry. Not only is protein going to form the key building blocks you need to build muscle tissue, but it's also going to provide you with a better feeling of fullness than eating just carbohydrates alone would for example.
While it's true that eating fat will increase your calories fast, as long as you keep it between 20-30% it can be one of the best things to get 6 pack abs fast. Interestingly, some diets high in fat can get you 6 pack abs fast because your body learn to metabolize fat for energy. The price of this product is less than what you would pay for a couple of beers on a night out with friends. You can’t follow the same plan as a fitness model with amazing genetics or a pro bodybuilder who is pumped full of expensive steroids. Now you know why so many supplements and powders get those amazing “5 page feature article” and great reviews! All you need is a solid nutrition plan based on eating natural, healthy, inexpensive, yet flavorful foods and combine that with a good training program. Diets are temporary fixes and all they do is stress you out, give you terrible cravings, make you feel trapped, and ruin your social life. This sort of nonsense always seems to be the first lie your trainer will tell you when they actually have no clue how to help you. All measurements of body fat percentage were taken in a BODPOD which is one of the most accurate forms there is. The great news is I actually gained 4lbs of muscle while doing these workouts and eating plans. You’ll also get verbal exercise descriptions and program details for each workout (sets, reps, tempo, rest, etc).
It is a healthy and safe way of eating that will still cause you to lose pounds of body fat EACH week. If you are ready for a challenge and want to take your body to a new level of muscularity and lose body fat, this advanced program is for you. Follow the unique brand new training protocols and start dialing into single digit body fat levels while spending less than an hour in the gym.
After reading through these files you’ll never be fooled by corrupt supplement marketers or purchase scammy supplements again. You’ll see exactly how I modify and put together my diet plan to ensure its burning the maximum amount of fat daily.
There isn’t a single program around that you won’t have questions about after reading through all of the information. It teaches fundamental as well as high level principles of training and nutrition (hormonal balancing, holistic training, etc) that relate specifically to fat reduction and muscle building. All human beings have the exact same bones, and muscles, and therefore both men AND women should apply similar training strategies in order to burn fat and build muscle and lean out.
Men AND women can both benefit equally from this program, and in fact, some of the best results I’ve seen with The 6 Pack Secret have come from female users!
Because most people typically judge the overall effectiveness of an ab exercise based on the level of ‘burn’ they feel. That’s why we have included two in depth, scientifically based meal plans with this program. If you cannot make it to a gym or just can’t stand gyms I suggest you invest in a set of home dumbbells such as the BowFlex Select Tech Dumbbells. I can workout anywhere I choose, and since I live so close to the beach I workout on the sand often! You see, while this program may be advanced in nature, the fundamental principles taught are definitely suitable for a wide range of fitness levels and starting points. We want you to get the most you possibly can out of of the program so we’ll always take the time to help you if you’re struggling with anything. I can’t tell you what they are here, but I guarantee you’re going to love them!
But before you go any further I just want to say that I have been in the fitness industry for a long time and I am a REAL PERSON.

From healthy nutrition secrets and unique total body workouts that ignite your body’s natural fat burning capabilities…to mindset and lifestyle tricks that you can use to help you stay lean, strong, & healthy for life. They are the exact same methods I use to keep my body at a healthy and strong 5% body fat year after year and work as a professional fitness model here in sunny Los Angeles.
Because my name and reputation is on the line I have made every effort to give you EVERY tip, every strategy, every secret, and every last detail about how fitness models lose stubborn fat in the quickest ways known to man. That is a truth that most of us face at one point or another, usually after we have put in hours of gym time with little results. James Vegher, who has 20 year’s experience in physical therapy, and discovered the truth about abs and how the expert advice he knew and gave was wrong!
If you are dissatisfied with the results, customer support, ease of access, or anything else, you can get your money back within 60-days of purchase.
Each session only takes 5-15 minutes, so it’s easy to incorporate an abs workout into your regular fitness routine – even if you’re pressed for time. Having tried out all 18 exercises, across all three difficulty levels, you’ll be ready to experiment. Merging the intermediate and advanced exercises can create an intense session, but there are limitless options here. A reason to push yourself harder and to augment your hard work with good diet and nutrition. Celebrity chefs have no qualms about putting their name to sauces they’d never dream of using at home. Deciphering which are the best methods to getting 6 pack abs is going to be critical to your having success with this goal.
Protein is more "expensive" than any other macronutrient meaning that your body will burn more calories breaking down protein compared to carbs and fats. The important point here is that dietary fat helps keep your insulin level stable, which, when high enough can actually cause fat gain itself. I don’t care if your mama, cousin, uncle, sister, brother, girlfriend, boyfriend, trainer etc says you can’t do it. You’ll get the answers you need about getting started, motivation, supplements, nutrition, injuries, or just about anything else you can think of – I’ve got you covered! The same tried and true exercises that boost the metabolism and build up your fat burning hormones are still the same ones that they were 50 years ago.
These meal plans are based on a combination of research, science, and tweaks that have personally worked for me in the past. We know that the nutrition aspect of fitness can be very confusing, so we have simplified everything for you. In fact, the workouts are written using a combo of home bodyweight exercises and weight training in the gym, but if you can’t get to a gym you can still get excellent results at home as well! If you follow it exactly as outlined, don’t skip workouts, and follow the meal plans, literally anyone at any fitness level and experience massive success.
And if it’s not everything I’ve told you it is, I’ll give you a full refund and allow you to keep the entire system just for giving it an honest try.
I don’t know I guess it was denial, but I always thought that I was in pretty decent shape. But if you find that it’s not for you, you have a full 60 days to let us know and we’ll happily refund you in full. If you stick with me…there is absolutely no reason you can’t build a head turning body in just a short period of time.
So, when we heard about a new secret to creating the abs of your dreams, we had to check out the system and do a 0-6 Pack Abs review. He even noticed that his baby girl was doing the proper core moves that he had recently learned.
If you can consistently exceed 100 points a week, it’s not a question of if those abs will start to show – it’s when.
While every exercise is effective, following them in the same order every day can get repetitive. Press the shuffle button to mix things about or create a custom workout to isolate specific abdominal muscles. I’ll squeeze a 10-minute custom workout in at the start or end of a gym session, performing all the intermediate and advanced exercises. The freaks you see in the magazines have far superior genetics than regular people like you and I and unless you are genetically gifted or taking dangerous steroids many of these workouts could put you in the hospital (and possibly even kill you).
You can’t starve yourself if you want to be lean & ripped…your muscles need fuel to grow!
I shifted his program a bit to fit my TDEE and also incorporated a bit of macro cycling for lifting and cardio days. All you need is basic equipment, a strong desire to succeed, and the willingness to put the concepts taught in the program into action. However, since purchasing your e-book my workouts seem like they are supercharged and I am stronger and full of energy.
We know there is something out there that only a select few seem to know about getting real results while working out, and we want to have that information!It didn’t take us long to see that this was an ab workout worth doing. Remember, it was created in part by a physical therapist whose goal is to make you stronger and better.Moreover, if you have never worked your abs before, then this is the best ab workout system that you could ever stumble upon. This came as a shock to him, considering he was making his living off personal training and thought he knew everything about getting strong abs, but he took the information and tweaked his career to produce better results for his clients and, now, thanks to 0-6 Pack Abs, for you. As for those who’ve yet to try the Adrian James 6 Pack Abs Workout, well, just hear me out. You can use the app on the mats at the gym or, on sunny days, prop your phone against a tree and workout in the park. It was discovered through an incredible coincidence, and it has changed the shape of many people’s lives when it comes to seeing the ab results they have been looking for. Not a six pack quite yet, but from small pouch belly to a two pack is a major accomplishment!
If you want to know what you get, how it was created, and whether or not it will work for you, then keep reading.What Do You Get For Your Money?You get the complete 0-6 Pack Abs system that contains everything you need to know to get the abs you want while reducing your waistline. This guide helps you understand what you need to do and gets you set on your way immediately.2. Video LibraryAll of the exercises are put on video so you can easily watch and learn, and most importantly – master the moves. And the best part is that this system is created for the human body, which means that anyone can use it and start seeing results. Every single core activation exercise is in these videos, and you can either watch them separately or all in one sitting, depending on what you need to learn and want to perform.3. Level 1 Manual, Video and MP3Choose the way you learn best – manual, video, or MP3, and start learning how to do a sequence of core exercises that will start to get you the results you want.
This section will help you reactivate your core and build a strong ab foundation for the rest of the levels.4. Level 2 Manual, Video and MP3Again, choose the way you learn best, and then build upon the Level 1 exercises that you learned.
In this level, you will learn how to build a stronger and more coordinated core for better results.5. Level 3 Manual, Video and MP3Build upon the last 2 levels and learn how to hold your exercises longer and make them even more challenging.
This removes any plateauing in results, and you will start to see abs appear that you have likely never seen before.6. Level 4 Manual, Video and MP3This is the level that is going to give you the end results that most people want.
Your abs will already be great at this point, thanks to the other three levels that helped you create solid foundations to build upon, and now you can activate your abs even further.7. Each one is just a little bit harder than the last to help you build upon your current results and push yourself and your muscles even further. Each workout only takes a few minutes to complete, which makes them doable by anyone with any lifestyle.

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