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What is the difference between a business appraisal, evaluation, or valuation, and why should you care? The resulting deliverable, or appraisal report, will have a very clear ‘scope of service’ – be it for a lender to determine collateral value for a loan, a court to determine value in a dispute, an estate for reporting to the IRS, or to be an objective report to be relied on between two or more individuals or businesses. In real estate, that could include location, condition, age, demographics, land use laws, style, obsolescence, construction quality, traffic, neighborhood, encumbrances, leases, and more.
In business, it may require looking at the financial performances, management, customers, the marketing, personnel, policies and procedures, vendors, leases, production, legal issues, trends, accounting, and more. The reason I bring this up, and you should care, is because the result of a good appraisal or valuation is often dependent upon how well the evaluation was performed.
Valuations – Valuations are usually not to be used as evidence in litigation, for interaction with governments, for use for more than one individual or business. One of the most important things to know about a valuation is it’s as good as the person that is delivering it. If you’re looking for a most probable selling or asking price for your business or commercial real estate, our team at Magnusson Balfour would like to talk to you. Magnusson Balfour is excited to be part of this year’s Maine Restaurant & Lodging Expo on Wednesday, April 1 in Portland, Maine.
You may already have your vision in place and are attending the Expo to start pricing out vendors, see what your competition may be, or just get a general sense as to what’s involved in running your own restaurant. If you are in the food and lodging industry and are interested in attending the Expo, click here. In real estate there are things you can do in spite of the external causes mentioned above that can cause a change in value -both up and down. Internal factors play a greater role in businesses: profitability, innovation, management, inventories, efficiencies, pricing, regulation, marketing, sales, personnel, research, development, training, supervision, operation efficiencies, vendor relationships, and so on. There is a saying among business purists that you should run your company “as if you’re going to sell it tomorrow”. It’s not really a question of stay and grow or sell and go; it’s how to best position a business until it sells. Some businesses file a Schedule C for tax returns as they are run as sole proprietorships.  One thing that can get confused in the owner’s mind is that the net income of the business is overstated, for the net income includes both the compensation for the owner’s time, effort and expertisein addition to the net profit of the business. Often a business has gotten to the point of having little or no debt.  With no interest and principal payment it certainly helps the bottom line look great, yet the equity in the business might be assumed to be bigger than it is if a simple times earnings approached is used. Other matrixes to look at to measure growth in addition to the financials performance are numerous.  You might take a look at a few by taking the Sellability Score for some guidance. Magnusson Balfour is here for your exit planning, business valuation, and business selling needs. A person needs the cash down payment, a good credit score, an appropriate resume showing skills to run the acquired business, Cash Credit, Character, and Competency – often referred to as the first 4 C’s of lending. The business loan is based on a business plan for start-ups or the history and projections for mature companies.  The first two things looked at are Cash Flow and Collateral. If a bank receives a loan request with heavy assets, perhaps with real estate, they look to the collateral should things go bad.
One of the fundamental tenets of sellability is how well your company would perform if you were unable to work for a while.
Running a business would be fun if you were able to spend your days on strategic thinking and big picture ideas. Each month you open your brokerage statement to see how your portfolio is doing—not because you want to sell your portfolio, but because you want to know where you stand on the journey to financial freedom.
Imagine that your first-born graduates from college and as a gift you give him your prized 1967 Shelby Ford Mustang. You thought you were giving your child an incredible asset, but instead it’s an expensive liability he can’t afford to keep, nor can he sell it without feeling guilty. You may be planning to pass your business on to your kids or let your young managers buy into your company over time.
Are you curious about how sellable your company is and what you would need to tweak to sell it when you’re ready?
Understanding Square Footage: When leasing commercial space you need to consider how the actual square footage is measured.
Modified Gross Lease: There are more eloquent definitions, but the one that makes the most sense to customers is anything that isn’t a Gross or NNN lease. In addition to the measurement of the square feet and type of lease, there are other considerations as to how the lease is presented or executed.
When looking for space, of course price is important, but don’t be shy about asking what is included and what is not.
Residential and Commercial Brokers both have the same licensure and are considered equal in the eyes of the Real Estate Commission. While Commercial and Residential Brokers are free to advertise their listings to the general public, Business Brokers must adhere to strict confidentiality. In many small towns and rural areas, Residential and Commercial Real Estate is often sold by the same broker; there simply isn’t enough business for the specialization.
When it’s all said and done, you are looking for expertise.   The generalist just might not cut it.

Q: Why when I call a broker about a business I’ve seen listed on the internet, they give me the runaround instead of just sending me the information?
A: Unlike housing where your income helps determine how much a bank will lend, when buying a business, it is the income of the business that determines how much the bank will lend.
Q: I understand why I have to pay for the equipment, furniture, and inventory of a business, but why would I pay more? Our family loves this show and Adrian is an inspiration to us all with his wholesome, no nonsense approach to food.
If you have a mental illness and the experience of living with a diagnosis is greatly impacting on your life, this book is for you. The website will be shut down on April 4th, 2016, with registered users no longer able to access shortlists, My Picks, or receive weekly digest emails. Born from a desire to find the new and the niche in telly, LocateTV grew from the tombstones of old to the wonderfully rich site it is today, with the unique ability to connect you with the TV you want to watch always at the heart of our mission.
We are heartbroken that after just over seven glorious years it is time for us to hang up our TV guide hat. Corporate secret business concept with businesswoman with finger to lips for quiet or keeping secret. SGB Club hosts weekly webinars on all aspects of running and maintaining a successful grooming business and has 60 past webinar and resources for your to watch in your own time. Secret Groomers Business also offers 1:1 Business Coaching, OHS Compliance Assistance and Business Audit Packages. Evaluation is a process of looking either beyond the numbers or the basis for which the numbers are based on.
Whether you’re a restaurateur looking for a new location or an aspiring chef ready to open your first restaurant, you should plan on stopping by and seeing us at Booth 327. With over 50 years of combined experience, we have comprehensive knowledge and the specialized expertise our clients need to succeed. Part of this process is deciding whether or not to acquire an existing food establishment or if you would prefer owning or leasing the space you plan to house your business. Business owners often tell me that they want to wait a few years so their business or real estate will be worth more before they sell it.
All of these things can affect the value of a business but nowhere in there did I mention time. Perhaps you could use the service to determine if there is a gap between your expectations and the market or as a benchmark measuring tool to see if the changes you make over time are adding appropriate additional value to the business.
In other words, have all your customer, vendor, and employee contracts in place, train your employees so that you’re irrelevant, streamline your systems and workflow and, most importantly, maximize your cash flow. Instead, most business owners spend the majority of their day on the minutia: the government forms, the employee performance reviews, bank reconciliations, customer issues, auditing expenses. Creating a sellable business also allows you peace of mind, knowing that you’re building something that—just like your stock portfolio—has value you could choose to make liquid one day.
Your heavily indebted child takes it on the road, but after a few miles the engine starts smoking.
These are both admirable exit options, but if your business is too dependent on you, and it hasn’t been tuned up to run without you, you may be passing along a jalopy.
Making your business sellable often requires significant changes and a prospective buyer is going to want to see how your business has performed for the three years after you have made the changes required to make your business sellable. Leases in this area are usually classified into three categories: Gross lease, Modified Gross lease and Triple Net lease (commonly to as a NNN lease). No additional rent shall be charged for real estate taxes, insurance or operating expenses as well as utilities, (heat & electric). With a Modified Gross lease, no additional rent shall be charged for real estate taxes, insurance or operating expenses. Some Leases include the real estate taxes and property insurance in the base year, but then the tenant is required to pay the increase from that year forward. Don’t fall into the trap of comparing one space against another by the stated lease amount alone.
Although all assist in property selection, arranging financing, recommend appraisers and inspectors, and are skilled negotiators, the path and approach can vary greatly within each specialty.
If a business was publicly advertised as being for sale think about the potential devastation to employee morale, the advantages competitors might take and the customer concern of why the business is for sale. Join Adrian on a delectable journey into the world of all things meaty and delicious, as he reveals the secrets of some of the world's most famous meat dishes, offering tricks and tips that make it easy for anyone to prepare and cook the perfect cut of meat.
If you have a comment or query you would like LifeStyle to respond to, please use our feedback form. We are eternally grateful to everyone who had supported the site over the years, from vendors, content editors and developers, to our fantastic users — you made our passion a reality. Evaluations require investigation, inspection, interactions, analysis, and a broad understanding of the interrelationships between many variables. These owners say it in such a way that if anyone else doesn’t see that to be true then they just don’t understand. Strong tenants, strong rents, good tenant relations, high occupancy rates, exemplary maintenance, capital improvements, tenant mix, acquiring expanded zoning and use options, reducing operating expenses and better efficiencies all improve the value of real estate – not time.

Denial of market conditions or realities of a current market on the expectation that time will take care of it is ludicrous.
So now in effect there are two sets of qualification rules, one for the bank and one for the SBA.  What does this mean? Again to further protect the interest of shareholders they often look to the SBA for a loan guarantee. Making your company less dependent on you by building a management team and creating just-add-water systems for employees to follow means you have the ability to spend time away from your business.
The boring details of company ownership suck the enjoyment out of owning a business—and it is exactly these tasks you need to delegate into someone else’s job description if you’re ever going to sell. Therefore, if you want to sell in five years, you need to start making your business sellable now so the changes have time to gestate. These are general descriptions but it’s important to read the details of the lease in order to be clear as to what you will be paying for during your lease term. However, the tenant will be responsible for the proportionate share of increases of such over a base year. In some cases, it includes repairs to the building, a fee to manage the building and other operating expenses of the building such as elevator maintenance and inspections. To compare apples to apples you need to know exactly what’s included and what’s not by breaking out the expenses, itemizing them and coming up with a projected overall occupancy cost. Residential Brokers focus on selling homes, mass marketing their listings to create as much awareness as possible, and matching homes with clients seeking new residences.
This is why confidentiality is key and nobody understands that better than a Business Broker.
Employees become squirrelly, customers skittish, priority with vendors can be lost, and competition may take unfair advantage.
Secret Meat Business is a series not just for carnivores, but for anyone keen to get more (and better tasting) iron into their diet.
That’s why in residential real estate it is sometimes referred to as a ’ Broker Price Opinion’.
On the other end, there are highly trained, experienced individuals, daily involved in the field of which, dare I say, are more in tune to the market than many appraisers. Just like in real estate there are external factors that affect the direction of a business. This is a situation that might have been avoided if they had remained focused on growing the business as measured in equity vs. While those goals are important, there is another objective that may have an even bigger payoff: building a sellable business. Think of the world of possibilities that would open up if you could choose not to go into the office tomorrow. If you have started looking for space on your own, you may be overwhelmed by what you’re finding. Square footage is usually measured from the outside of an exterior wall to the middle of an interior wall or outside wall to outside wall.
Commercial Brokers focus on selling and leasing office buildings, retail space, warehouses, industrial properties, etc. It’s because the economy improved, unemployment improved, interest rates have been dropped and held low, rents have gone up, the market corrected with fundamentals not just expectations, etc. Again the economy, the industry, competition opening up or closing, traffic and demographic changes, technologies, and the workforce can impact the value of a business. Get different results, offer a different product mix, change personnel, change pricing or cost, enter or leave niche markets, etc.
If renting a full floor, does it include the stairwell, elevator, storage areas, mechanical areas, etc.? A Modified Gross lease is a mixed bag; the landlord and the tenant both pay for some of the operations of the building as further spelled out in the lease. Someone who owns both the business and the location may actually need to hire a Business Broker that has a real estate license.  Most likely a Business Broker that also is active in Commercial Real Estate would be the best choice. It wasn’t time, it was a multitude of factors that initially caused the market to drop over time and also improve over time, but time wasn’t the reason for the changes. If not, are these areas included in the CAM charges (Common Area Maintenance) or are they included in the load factor based on the percentage of the space leased?
You might contact our Business Advisory Division to explore this and other options with you. An understanding of the make up of the ‘square foot’ calculation needs to be understood by all parties.

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