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After the conclusion of The Secret of Cabot House: Emogene Takes A Lover quest, meet Jack outside Parsons State Insane Asylum. If you decide to put Lorenzo to bed, speak to Jack after and return to Cabot House a week later for your reward. If you signed up using a 3rd party account like Facebook or Twitter, please login with it instead.
The modern Fallout video games’ greatest strength are how they manage to tell zany, engaging, and memorable self-contained stories through side-quests which often outshine the main narratives. Right after you escape Vault 101 in Fallout 3, you quickly come across the first town, Megaton, and the first tough decision you can make that defines the experience to come.
This Fallout: New Vegas quest has you meet up with none other than The King himself (an Elvis Presley lookalike) and decide the fate of his cybernetic dog Rex.
An unmarked quest, Our Little Secret is probably the most disturbing side-mission you can do in Fallout 3, and it best highlights the harsh reality of a postapocalyptic world. Set in Fallout 4’s Diamond City, The Silver Shroud has you impersonate a 1950s gangster superhero and go full vigilante. In Fallout 3, The Superhuman Gambit puts you at the center of a war between a superhero and villain, the Mechanist and the AntAgonizer.
Another Fallout 4 quest, The Secret of Cabot House explores the science-fiction side of Fallout and introduces an interesting and fun concept. Do you like the sound of planning a complicated assassination on the president of the New California Republic? Beyond the Beef has you attempting to save a wealthy Brahim baron’s son after he gets kidnapped by the White Gloves Society, a secret society that once resorted to cannibalism.
Arguably the most thoughtful and impactful quest in Fallout 3, Oasis has you decide the fate of the only settlement in the wasteland to have actual plant life growing. Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. Shortly after completing the quest a€?Emogene Takes a Lovera€?, back in the Cabot House, youa€™ll find Jack talking to Edward who in the Asylum over the radio. Youa€™ll find more samples of the Mysterious Serum on the desk and from the dead body of Lefty, the named raider who were trying to free Lorenzo. Raiders have taken over the facility, and you're tasked with helping Jack regain control of the place.

Who can forget the hulking tree named Harold in Fallout 3’s Oasis or the Elvis Presley wannabe The King in Fallout: New Vegas? You see Megaton has a dormant atom bomb lying around that you can either arm and later detonate or disarm.
Set in a quaint little town called Andale, you slowly discover that it’s anything but normal. When you first find the town of Canterbury Commons, you’ll see both the Mechanist and the AntAgonizer engaging in a vicious brawl that ends with them escaping to their hideouts. While the rest of the world has to contend with living in the wasteland and fighting with Deathclaws and raiders, the Cabot family is living comfortably and happily in the pristine and sizable family house. You’ve to infiltrate their ranks, James Bond-style, by asking to join them and help one of the members, Mortimer, turn the group into cannibals again. Once you stumble upon Oasis, you meet a man named Tree Father Birch who is part of a cult that worships Harold as their God. You can either save the Cabot Family and get a different reward from Jack a week later, or you can join Lorenzo and take out the Cabot Family.
But more important, these quests force you to make tough decisions, allowing you to leave a permanent impact on the world and characters.
Both choices, driven by the mysterious Mister Burke and the town’s sheriff, come with their ups-and-downs. Kent is nostalgic about the good-ol’ days in 2071, when he and his family would watch the old The Silver Shroud TV show as the hero goes up against crazy baddies, like Captain Cosmos. Once the dust settles, Uncle Roe, a Canterbury Commons citizen, asks you to handle the ordeal.
You discover exactly why the Cabots have been holed up in their home, and it definitely isn’t because of shyness or fear.
You see the commander-in-chief Aaron Kimball is a real piece of work, and Caesar, the leader of a totalitarian slavery society based on the ancient Roman Empire called Caesar’s Legion (Caesar is kinda evil, too), wants Kimball to die. Harold was just some random victim of something called the Forced Evolutionary Virus, which had him growing a tree on his head. Your reward for doing this is a weekly supply of the Mysterious Serum directly from Lorezo.
Though future quests in Fallout 3 are definitely more exciting, it’s the moral choices at the center of Power of the Atom that make it great.

What follows is a whimsical comic book-inspired adventure that has you examine both of the characters’ weaknesses, find their lairs, and ultimately choose which side you want to be on. Oh, and you also discover that the Cabots have been alive for hundreds of years but haven’t aged a bit. You wear a disguise and plan different ways to kill him while he’s out in the open in the entire area of the Dam. You can ask questions and learn more about the serum and why the Asylum is frequently attacked by raiders.
Otherwise, turn on the four field generators to flood the containment cell with zeta radiation.
This is the only quest that makes you feel like a superhero in Fallout 4, and it ends in a bittersweet and poignant way that expertly shows you the difficulty of making this new world a better place. Even after completing the quest, depending on how you pull off the rescue, you can still go from being hated to idolized by the White Gloves. The crux of the quest is the tough choice you’ve to make between killing Harold (who wants to die and stop being tortured) or helping the cult potentially expand his reach and cover the entire wasteland with plants. In the same room where you found the wounded Edward, youa€™ll also find the Charisma Bobblehead on the table beside the terminal. Once Lorenzo is killed, open the containment cell and get the issue of the Massachusetts Surgical Journal inside. Hea€™ll also ask you to return to him after a week for you to receive the unique gamma gun, Lorenzoa€™s Artifact Gun from Jack. You can understand their actions, which makes choosing the fate of Andale that much more tough. You’ve plenty of ways to kill either character, and the whole affair ends being one of the funniest quests in the entire game.

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