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The history of nail painting goes back to the ancient times, when it represented social status in addition to its aesthetic purpose. Another ancient civilization, the Incas preferred figurative nail art, and they decorated their nails with pictures of eagles and other animals. After the fall of Roman Empire, nail polish disappeared from European fashion, and it was the renaissance period that bought it back to European aristocracy. 48% of Secret Outlast Completely Clean Scent Clear Gel Antiperspirant customers would probably recommend their friend to purchase the product.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. On the basis of ancient Egyptian manuscripts it is evident that Egyptian women polished their nails.

Popular nail colors were not the question of current trends, rather techniques and social relevance.
Women used to polish their nails with a cloth and oil which would give them a shiny appearance and a red tint.
Queen Cleopatra wore bright red nails, and it was her privilege, because no one else was allowed to wear the same color.
The Chinese applied enamel on their fingers, and left it to sit for a few hours, resulting a pink shade of the nails. They also used a mixture made with egg whites, beeswax, Arabic gum and gelatine to paint their nails. By the turn of 19th century nail polish and coloring became popular in France, England, Italy and United States, but it was in the early 20th century when nail polish became truly widespread, with businesses dealing with manicure service appearing in France at great numbers (especially in 1920s and 30s).

They took it quite seriously: if a member of a lower class was caught wearing an “illegal” nail color, she would be sentenced to death penalty.
Another mixture they used was made by combining orchid, mashed rose, impatiens petals and alum. Members of the royal family and the court originally used red and black, and later, during the Chou Dynasty, silver and golden powders were used to color the nails.

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