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Music superstar Reba McEntire leads this heartwarming turn-of-the-century story that sparkles with the spirit of Christmas.
When a handsome drifter named Harry Withers (Thomas Ian Griffith) drives some thieves from Rose’s property, she befriends the stranger. I loved shooting this because we were in the northwest part of Canada – Kamloops and Vancouver. I loved working with Thomas Ian Griffth and Ronny Cox, who was also a recording artist at one time.
When you let the other person speak first, you allow them to actively participate in the feedback conversation, giving a better chance of success – both in making sure the feedback is positively received and that it is actually used.
The most powerful feedback you can give is the feedback you ask the other person to give themselves.

For more resources on building valuable leadership skills (including giving feedback), check out the Bud to Boss workshop here.
Good lesson…and very valuable when considering the feedback process for after action reviews and tactical debriefings. Kevin Eikenberry is a world renowned leadership expert, a two-time bestselling author, speaker, consultant, trainer, coach, leader, learner, husband and father. 101 Ideas You Can Do Today to Improve Productivity & Unleash Your Leadership Potential!
Reba McEntire plays a single mother struggling to raise a child and keep up payments on her ranch in this Christmas-themed TV Western set in a small, economically depressed Oregon township. As Christmas approaches, a single mother (played by Reba McEntire) struggles to raise her son and keep up the payments on her Oregon ranch, which is difficult since she's heavily in debt.

In danger of losing her cattle to rustlers and her ranch to the loan collector, Rose cares for her ailing young son, Toby, while holding an unshakable belief in the goodness of people. So in this episode of Remarkable TV, I’m sharing the biggest secret to giving better feedback.

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