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Between FTM (first-time mom) and SAHD (stay-at-home dads) is a world of language that can be both welcoming and intimidating. Linguist Gretchen McCulloch explains that the rise of this sociolect (aka a variety of language spoken by a particular social group) is pretty common. For the record, a recent study found that the self-imposed stress to appear as the perfect parent has spilled over to dads. Mothers used DH (dear husband) to soften a complaint about their families when they were stressed.
As technology and social channels have evolved, so too has the sociolect of parents—and the pressure to appear in the best light.
Julia Beck, founder of Forty Weeks, a consultancy focused on expectant and new mothers, notes that #familystyle has risen along with the uptick in photos of families in coordinated or matching gear.
One of the findings that surfaced from Facebook’s global study of parents on its platform was how positively they viewed their family life. Ciaran Blumenfeld, who is the founder of Hashtracking and Momfluential, has seen hashtags started by an individual and built into a brand. US government sources have revealed to the New York Times growing concerns that Russian naval vessels may be threatening the global internet infrastructure. The problem with that plan, of course, is that in the modern world, connection is synonymous with success. Also, both the US and Russia possess submarines capable of tapping undersea cables without leaving such obvious traces of their own presence.
I completely agree, US propaganda has been working on overdrive the last 3 years, especially around Russia. Probably just an effort to create more profit in the military industrial complex as apposed to inciting a real conflict between other nations.
In the past 24 hours, 59 sorties were carried out, targeting 94 terrorist sites in the provinces of Hama, Idlib, Latakia, Damascus, Aleppo and Deir ez-Zor. Konashenkov said a large ammunition dump belonging to the Jabhat al-Nusra terror group has been destroyed in Syria’s Damascus province. Russia is a shell of a country, and Putin is literally squeezing the last drops of goodness out of it.
It’s just about the bar being set lower in poorer countries (areas) than in richer ones.
Most of Eastern Europe is in this situation with plenty of women being impressed with the fact that you’re a westerner with cash.
Russia is a great place to steal a fortune, but once you get it, get your money and your family to safety in the US or Europe.
I think maybe it has something to do with the fact we’re used to having full access to the seas with little to nobody to compete against. Is it really propaganda, or is it just fear having somebody else that might be able to compete again in an arena we’ve dominated for quite some time?
Is the occupation of Transnistria, Crimea, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Eastern Ukraine, and the Kyril islands “propaganda”, too?
Did you see how they forced Russia to take the sovereign territory of another country that Russia personally guaranteed twenty years ago?
Vladimir Putin has taken a number of isolationist actions, banned imports of a number of foreign-made goods, and embarked on a campaign to re-establish a Russian sphere of influence as opposed to being a member of a modern free-trade economy. Russia has pursued a number of policies and practices in recent years that isolate it from the rest of the world. Again that author took an idea and ran with it as far as it could go romanticizing a lot of it and then fudging up other bits.

It still doesn’t explain their readiness to interact with the middle east, nor their role in setting up the SCO. As bad as this sounds, this is nothing compared to what the US has been doing to the whole world since passing of the Patriot Act. Without knowing the full data on what *Russia* has been doing, I don’t think we can draw that comparison. And there is a huge logic gap between ships following cable paths and the assumption that they intend to cut it.
Messing with the cables at all posses significant risk to all countries that use the cables. And if the Russians are cut off from those bank transactions by getting kicked out of SWIFT, for example, why wouldn’t they cut off the cables? The fathers surveyed reported that trading anecdotes about kids was fine, but talking about achieving work-life balance, not so much. Hashtags have become just as prevalent as abbreviations thanks to Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.
Eighty-three percent of parents globally describe their family as loving, and over three-quarters (77%) say their family is happy.
Russian ships have been seen tracing out the routes of the trans-oceanic cables that carry the vast majority of the world’s internet traffic around the world. At the extreme end of the path of censorship is North Korea, a country where radio transceivers come welded so they can only receive the government channel, and where it’s thought millions may currently be starving.
The fact that Russia is moving significant numbers of surface ships suggests they are doing something else. They are desperately trying to make Russia look like the bad guy with the aim of reving the old soviet union whilst they deflect attention away from their own militaristic actions.
No, she could have left anyway but she needed some insurance and assurance of any sort before actually leaving. All of a sudden, with China and Russia building up their naval assets again, we’re spooked and we see it has potentially hostile. The US humiliated Russia by forcing them to break their own treaty agreement in annexing Crimea.
Again wanting to spy on vk and the guy running away due to it (props to the guy for doing so) doesn’t really say isolationist. That said, I agree with you that the Snowden leaks left the US precious little ideological ground to stand on. In honor of the 150th anniversary of his death, we've collected a few of his most inspiring quotes. But nearly half (48%) also confessed to being concerned about their finances, while 39% reported being crunched for time.
And there have been plenty of helpful hashtags for parents to search and identify with their individual child’s needs. Blumenfeld has also witnessed a community spring up around postpartum depression, which is helping influence those struggling through it with their return to work, as well as support for it as part of a larger health care issue.
In other words, be cautious if you are a working parent and posting with hashtags that you can’t get to work if your kid is sick, and you made a different excuse to your supervisor.
Russian ships seem to be deliberately staying close enough to these cables to use their attached submersibles, which the US says could descend and sever the lines — or perhaps tap them.
Russia has had trouble stabilizing its economy in recent years, so any move to further cut off the outside world will be risky.
Or perhaps the full scale tapping of the internet that happens in 100’s of exchanges all over the world?

And I can promise you that in the US, from coast to coast, there were plenty of women around to throw themselves at me in bars or clubs of all sorts for as little as a free drink or casual fun… or more.
Similarly, Russia was welcomed back into the civilized world in 1991, but no one expected the level of corruption that existed in Russian society.
The United States, for most of its history, was very isolationist, this changed dramatically only after WW2. Cutting the cables would disrupt international banking and global financial markets mostly likely creating a global recession.
The sheer number of ships involved has been described by senior diplomats as comparable to the Cold War.The issue stems from the fact that these ships seem to be threatening these deep-sea cables in the deep sea, as opposed to near shore where the vast majority of natural or accidental damage occurs. At the least, it forces the country to double down on old-world pillars like oil and gas, or good old fashioned goods production. Some women will sell themselves to men for financial gain because they know this works on men. Putin was actually welcomed when he came into office because he was thought to crack down on corruption. Which may be exactly what Putin is after; to level the economic playing field with all these sanctions hitting the Russian Economy. If you don’t understand these acronyms it may be because they have been cultivated by a select group of people.
In fact, many were in use in the early days of the web, in the 1990s, when niche groups had only Listserv to communicate with members. A piece of the internet backbone, severed miles undersea, could potentially take weeks or months to find and repair.
And of course this will be even more true if the women are poor or the country is poor and when the women look great so they have all the qualities to get your attention and easy money. It was not until it became obvious that he had co-opted the oligarchs and increased corruption that Russia became a pariah.
You can often find American engineers driving trucks in Russia because there is not enough work for educated Americans in technology. Analysts did say that the ships could be trying to find the location of secret cables laid down, mostly the US, for military or other private uses.
Whether a purely malicious move meant to sow economic chaos, or a strategic prelude to some more direct military action, shutting down the global internet could be an incredibly powerful move. It is sad really, so it kind of makes sense how they believe Putin’s neo-Soviet silliness. In other words, Russia may be actively researching whether it can maintain certain modern abilities with a a Russian-bloc intranet and only semi-permeable junctions of interaction with the outside world.
The US has once again shifted into wait-and-react mode — absolutely not the sort of place that the US likes to be. He’s been very outspoken about what he calls the imperialism of the West in the former Soviet countries, both military and cultural. More to the point, it’s difficult to maintain a narrative of victimhood when your citizens can readily consume the internal cultural offerings of a population that genuinely has no interest in conflict.
Despite firewall and filtering efforts, Western European and US media are far more accessible to modern Russians than 30-40 years ago.

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