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This Irish cartoon, which was nominated for the Best Animated Featureprize at the 2010 Oscars, is an enchanting alternative to the 3D computer-animation which has become the norm. Set in the ninth century, its young hero is learning how to illuminate manuscripts, but his stern uncle is more concerned with an imminent Viking invasion. This is the main define statement for the page for english when no template defined file exists.
The Secret of Kells is an animated feature out of Ireland (from studio Cartoon Saloon) but was made in conjunction with Les Armateurs, a french studio that also brought us The Triplets of Belleville (which is screening as part of SIFF for FREE this Saturday, May 29th at 9PM at Juanita Beach Park).
It was written by Celtic monks around 800 AD and gets its name from the Abbey of Kells where it was kept for most of its existence.
The film follows a boy, Brendan, who is in training to be a monk in the Abbey of Kells, presided over by his Uncle the abbot. The animation was a mixture of traditional cell animation and 2D and 3D computer animation. The cat was very well animated and I would watch the movie again just for her, but by far the most interesting character is Aisling, the forest fairy, and the film suffers after she leaves.

It seemed to make the film very simplistic: Celtic culture=good, everyone else, whether Vikings or any other enemy=bad. This title might contain multiple covers, scroll down to check the gallery or hit next button after opening gallery. The stylised, kaleidoscopic artwork is like a cross between an Asterix book and a stained-glass window. As we know, all children love cartoon and Disney DVDs Collection must be the first choice for them. It’s a story loosely based on the history of the Book of Kells, an illuminated manuscript of the four gospels of the New Testament. The artists obviously tried to mimic the real book’s illustrations in their use of ornament and flatness. The filmmakers purposefully depicted the Vikings as anonymous evil robots, which I recognize as an attempt on their part to make them a more general enemy, but was this wise? When you were a kid, you must also love them for their funny stories or cute and beautiful character. All these DVDs are 100% aunthentic, which means that the quality is up to standard, but the price is quite low.

It’s famous because of the complex and detailed illustrations that accompany the text. The different techniques worked together perfectly and you were left with a sense of wonder whenever something moved. Eventually the abbey of Kells is faced with an attack by the Vikings which look like evil robots, and the famous half-completed book must be saved. A lot of scenes use two perspectives in one, for example the interior of the abbot’s tower which you can see on the left. The chalk drawing of the barricade under construction is a bird’s eye view, while the rest of the room is head-on. They also employed a lot of ingenious story-telling devices to depict the passage of time or a character traveling from one place to another, such as dividing the screen into three parts (triptych, get it?) and having Brendan hopping over a rock in the first tier, crossing a field in the second, etc.

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