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Whether it was at Marvel, Homage, Top Cow, or even Zenescope, Keu Cha has drawn some of the sexiest women and most demonic beasts in comics. So far Keu Cha has funded the production of Hex out of his own pocket, paid for through other gigs. There are bountiful incentives for those backing the project, all of which are quite awesome. Lana, princess of the last kingdom to fall before this unholy army, must flee her home and travel into the black heart of the growing necropolis that the rest of the realm has become.
Lana will come face-to-face with Ruyn, the monster that has long haunted her dreams, a being consumed by his own uncontrollable rage. The Kickstarter campaign for Hex: The Lost Tribe also features a few great stretch goals that all provide extra goodies for supporters who bid $20 or more.
You saw all our live tweets announcing amazing creative teams, incredible new titles, and generally building up the hype of DC’s Universe Rebirth, but now you can watch the entire panel (potentially again) by clicking the video steam below! DC Entertainment is coming to WonderCon this year in a big way, as this is right before the comic publisher rolls forward with their new relaunch of #1 comics they’re titling DC: REBIRTH!
WonderCon has moved yet again, but it’s guaranteed to have the fans move with it this year while bringing in a large number more thanks to the new location of Los Angeles!
The major comic companies get enough reviews and press, it’s time for the creator-owned and indie series to get some love and judgment. When comic fans hear the name Garth Ennis the first thing they think of is probably extreme violence, derogatory language, nudity, or generally just Preacher, his popular Vertigo comic series. Frank Miller is back on Batman for a brand new piece in his Dark Knight series at DC Comics, Dark Knight III: The Master Race.
It may not be everything you saw in the leaked San Diego Comic Con trailer, but it’s certainly more with a surprising addition of what appears to be story.
Deadpool has long been a comic character that has no problem breaking the fourth wall, talking to his audience, poking fun at himself, and mocking his own creators, publishers, and now film distributors.

We do not host or upload any video, films, media files, TVHAY.ORG is not responsible for the accuracy, compliance, copyright, legality, decency, or any other aspect of the content of other linked sites. Starting out on the series Darkchylde back in 1996, Cha has been drawing comics for over 15 years with some great works in titles like Witchblade, The Darkness, Rising Stars, and more.
But for anyone who has ever made a comic, you are familiar with the fact that this makes the process very slow as you work other gigs just to fund your project while also paying bills and supporting family and lifestyle.
Incentives range from personalized digital wall paper and PDF versions of the book to Kickstarter variant covers and original artwork! A vast legion of undead soldiers, amassed from the remains of generations before, ravage the land.
Out there amongst the ruin lies perhaps the only chance for the world’s salvation: the mythical, mysterious Lost Tribe, a forgotten band of powerful warriors who carry with them a curse. Does this creature hold the key to saving Lana’s people or will their encounter unleash an ancient evil capable of destroying creation itself? He is a huge fan of all things comics, kung fu, beautiful, and with a high alcohol content. Home of the stars, movie studios, and several comic publishers, expect this show to have a fair number of Geeky celebrities present.
With titles like The Boys, The Pro, The Authority, Crossed, and Punisher Max under his belt there is certainly a theme to his writing style. This Deadpool movie might not be all just blood and jokes like many of us happily thought, but it still looks brilliant!
Cha has the first issue done and the script ready for several other issues, but 3 issues need to be completed to meet Diamond Comic Distributors’ solicitation guidelines, allowing the comic to be sold to comic shops around the world. Cha is offering up original pages from Hex as well as artwork by superstar artists like Joe Benitez (Wraithborn, Lady Mechanika) and Randy Queen (Darkchylde, Cyberforce). They are lorded over by an ambitious necromancer who will not stop short of domination over all that is known.

If the campaign reaches that donation level, all the $20+ supporters will get a free Billy Tan (Spirit of the Tao, Ultimates) print of Lana and Ryun. If you would like to know more about the series, check out the comic’s Facebook page here. However, if the campaign reaches a total of 30k, supporters can expect an additional print by Leinil Yu (Superior, New Avengers)! And if you want to know more about the characters and world of Hex: The Lost Tribe, check out its official website here, or view an awesome Character introduction video down below that shows sketches and details about the characters taken from the Hex Preview sketchbook.
Set in a dying kingdom, on the brink of destruction by an army of deathless warriors, the fate of the people lies in the hands of a princess.
Spreading the word and donating funds on kickstarter will allow Cha to work heavily on Hex and pay those who are helping move the process along to get this comic in the hands of the masses. And as we mentioned there are variant covers for the #1 issue of Hex: The Lost Tribe, the 3 variant covers are limited purely to Kickstarter backers and feature artwork by Cha, Benitez, and Queen. As Cha put it, “The more funds we raise, the more issues we can publish and eventually get to a place where the series is self-sustaining through retail sales. Hex: The Lost Tribe is sure to be a visually astounding tale, in the style of greats like Frank Frazetta, and Cha has already been moving around the convention scene spreading the word at places like Emerald City Comic Con and Austin Comic Con. There is no way we can make Hex an on-going series in comic stores if we don’t meet our [Kickstarter] goal amount and more.” That is why they are releasing the first issue through Kickstarter and giving pledgers exclusive opportunities to own a special oversize edition, variant covers of the 1st issue, limited edition prints, original art, and access to Cha himself! But now Cha is moving to a much grander scale to get this project into print and your hands. Moving to kickstarter, the artist is now asking your help to fund this beautiful project and make Hex: The Lost Tribe a reality.

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