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June 12, 2015I get quite a few requests to review products, many of them I turn down and many of them I love and cannot wait to share with you. When Leigh-Ann from Rainbow Magic told me about this wonderful Book and DVD set by Carmen Clews, I already thought it was pretty rad. For the past month Mikayla has been doing her Magic Mat session every single night just before bedtime. Its time to share in an incredible secret and to find ultimate happiness for the rest of your life. My favourite part is at the end, where you are in your safe bubble and encouraged to think about everything that makes you feel happy and warm inside. This really is an amazing product to buy for your child, I will recommend it over, and over and over again… and at only R150,00, a small price to pay for a peaceful soul. Do yourself a favour and check out all the other amazing products on offer at the Rainbow Magic website, you can also like their Facebook page for all the latest updates or follow them on Twitter! Like Mikayla, my little one goes through the exact same thing of getting over stimulated through the day. I have two boys and this will really be a great way to clam them down and its an awesome gift. Id love ti win simply because my girls are real busy bodies and it would be something fun and relaxing for them to do together before bed Aaaaand I cant watch anymore Barbie! I would really love to win this being doing my own little version with my daughter with leaning the alphabet.
Never in my wildest dreams could I have foreseen the significant impact it would have on our lives.

She gets herself so hyped up during the day that she instantly crashes at bedtime and then wakes up with nightmares all night long.
The images are lovingly designed with attention to detail and capturing the essence of fun and how to perfectly practice and play one’s imagination out on the mat! She is a full-time working mom to two of the most gorgeous, yet tiring kids you will ever lay eyes upon.
Night time is a horror for me cause I cant even remember when last I had a decent night’s sleep.
She fractured her leg and has just come out of the moonboot, for 8 weeks so was not mobile at all. She loves it and will always ask me “Mom can we do yoghurt” love her tooo bits! Def a must have for busy little minds, not only to calm them but to improve their consentration and the added bonus they get to stay supply,fit and healthy while having fun.
I am battling with her at night as she is extrememly restless with crying and shouting in her sleep.
I would love to win this for my daughter Zoe who is ADD, and I know this yoga will help her to focus and concentrate in school which in turn will help her to get better grades. She is a very busy three year old and would most definitely benefit from the calm and relaxing benefits associated with yoga.
I fell in love with Yoga about 2-years ago and it has helped me deal with many stressful situations and has also greatly improved my quality of life. I completely understand as I am exactly the same… It is like our brains never really switch off.

Thank you for all the dear creatures that share the Earth with us and are our friends and companions.
She maintains her sanity by blogging at Caffeine and Fairydust and rocking from side-to-side in her bath tub at night (with a glass of bubbly - no one ever said you can't be fabulous while having a nervous breakdown). I will definately do this with her as I can also benefit from joga and the togetherness of these exercises. I want to encourage Erin to be healthy and happy with her body and encourage her to move daily! Her sleep has been much less restless, the nightmares are few and far between and it calms her. I have always thought it would be so amazing to share the magic of Yoga with my 4-year old – unfortunately, being a full time working mom I just never had the time to take her to kiddies yoga classes, let alone the time to find one.
I felt so calm and grateful afterwards and I just knew that if I gave the right encouragement and guidance my kids would greatly benefit from it.
It is also super handy to have the book as well as the DVD, some kids don’t handle screen time just before bed too well and unfortunately load shedding is still a reality!

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