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Fox’s “Empire” emerged as the biggest broadcast hit of last season by combining a soap opera sensibility with an infectious R&B soundtrack. Co-creator Danny Strong looks back on the drama’s meteoric rise and reveals its secret recipe for success.This story first appeared in the September 23, 2015 issue of Variety. It’s also a major secret weapon, because every eight or nine minutes, there’s a musical number, and we’re so fortunate that our songs have been so good.

The fact that we were able to tell this 12-episode storyline, and keep it at the level we wanted — and people responded so well.
I was worried that just (having) music plotlines would not be able to sustain a weekly narrative, so I wanted to have multiple genres — musical, family soap opera, gritty urban drama, a crime plot and a business plot all running at the same time. The tricky part — and the part that we’ve been successful at — is making the songs develop the character, so that the show doesn’t stop for a song; the story is continuing through song.

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