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In 1982, the arcade videogame industry makes three times as much money as the movie biz, with double the number of videogame arcades than there were in 1980. After seeing Walt Disney's ground breaking animated film "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", a 6 year-old Don Bluth has found his calling. After four years of development, Dragon's Lair is released to arcades July 1, 1983 as the first marketed game to feature laserdisc technology. But even as the game becomes a cultural phenomena it is apparent there are problems, both technical and conceptual.
The animation for the sequel is started almost as soon as the Dragon's Lair artwork is finished. Laser games rapidly split into two factions: limited decision animated stories, and video footage shooting games.

One of the many animated game contenders is Cliff Hanger, licensed by Stern Electronics from Taito in 1983 for release in North America. Dyer and RDI are still kicking, producing another arcade animated laser game called Thayer's Quest in 1984, offered as a conversion kit for Dragon's Lair and Space Ace cabinets. Even though laserdisc games succumb to a thousand Dirk-like deaths, Dragon's Lair lives on. 3 comes out in 1983, Gottlieb is enjoying a big hit with its "conventional" arcade game Q*bert, featuring a furry, big-nosed creature jumping through a M.C. O'Brien, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Escher inspired playfield turning tiles different colours while being chased by a coiled snake.

Dude, Demolition Man, Elvira and Scared Stiff), to develop a laser game that would replicate the feel of a 1950's martian movie.
Spinning off a tale from its Shadoan roots, head writer and designer Victor Penman, along with Darlene Waddington and Marty Folger, pen a story to chronicle the struggles of the valiant, but rather clumsy, knight Dirk the Daring. During the creation of the animation, actual models are built of Dexter's space ship StarPac and Ace's Space Cycle, which are then filmed and incorporated into the hand-drawn cells to be recoloured.
Frisby and the Rats of NIMH", which had been rejected as a possible movie project by Disney.

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