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Running through the end of September, The National Gallery of Art’s film program series has recently started presenting “The Other Eden: Ireland and Film,” a collection of films loosely associated with the emerald isle.
The world of the film is seen through the eyes of Fiona (Jeni Courtney), a young girl who has been sent to a small fishing village to live with her grandparents. With a long tradition of making movies that are steeped in political mire, films set in Ireland tend not to use their beautiful landscape to their advantage. The Secret of Roan Inish will screen on September 10 at 2:00 in the East Building concord of the National Gallery of Art. With new shows added, Garth Brooks extends special relationship to Las VegasGarth Brooks and Las Vegas go together like friends and low places. Exclusive: ‘Selfless’ the official sidequel to Paul Inman’s debut novelToday marks the publication day of Paul Inman’s debut novel Ageless. The National Gallery’s hand-picking of certain disparate Irish films certainly represents some odd choices, but their choice to include John Sayles’ The Secret of Roan Inish (1994) is an excellent one.

When she arrives, she is regaled with over-the-top stories from her family and other villagers. Roan Inish makes sure not to follow that model, and becomes one of the most beautifully shot films in recent memory. The Gallery’s website, including other films playing throughout the month, can be found here. Humans strive for immortality, yet when one possesses it, one begins to ask: Is immortality a blessing or a curse? Her grandfather tells her a story of how the family left the island of Roan Inish and lost her baby brother along the way.
Cinematographer Haskell Wexler shoots the coastal town interiors and seaside shots with an almost dreamlike quality. Based on mythical stories of the selkies from Irish folklore, it follows the tale of a young girl in search of her little brother, who the family tells her, was swept away by the sea to be raised by a selkie.

She later believes that she sees him, and tries to convince her family that he’s still around. It perhaps creates a landscape that is stereotypically Irish, but it’s a stereotype that the Irish have always been happy to project themselves. It relies on the fantastic and otherworldly imagery to make its story all the more believable.
The tales Fiona imagines are only slightly heightened and surreal from that of her own reality.

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