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The biggest thing children look forward to after loosing a tooth is the visit from the Tooth Fairy!
After you place your order, you will get to personalize your letter, choose your stationary and letter format.
It shows the little ones stepping out of the baby stage and growing into little boys and girls.
Not only do you get special coloring page but we're also including our very own customized growing chart!

These adult teeth are permanent and you want to make sure you take really good care of them. As I was flying over to leave you my surprise I saw (pet's name), what a good pet that you have. I have been very busy lately there are so many boys and girls losing their teeth just like you.
My wings get a little tired from all the flying but I love visiting all the children and leaving them special surprises.

The dentist makes sure there are no problems with your teeth and if there are they fix them right away.

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